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101 Recent Trends in the Ijmuiden Research Programmes1984uu_afrcText
102 Incineration of Hazardous Waste in a Mobile System1984uu_afrcText
103 The Incineration Characteristics of DichloromethaneThe Incineration Characteristics of Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2)1984uu_afrcText
104 The Characteristics of Vortex Combustors for Incineration Purposes1984uu_afrcText
105 Liquid Injection Incineration an Ultimate Solution to Hazardous Waste Combustion1984uu_afrcText
106 An Experimental Analysis of Flame Stability of Open Air Diffusion Flames1984uu_afrcText
107 Hazardous Waste Fired Steam Generator: A New Concept1984uu_afrcText
108 Modeling of Destruction Efficiency in a Pilot-Scale Combustor1984uu_afrcText
109 Coal/Water Slurries: Fuel Preparation Effects on Atomization and Combustion1984uu_afrcText
110 Operation of a Modular, Movable Waste Incinerator on a Site1985uu_afrcText
111 Development of a Slit Burner1985uu_afrcText
112 Sensitivity of Combustion Calculations to Devolatilization Rate Expressions1985uu_afrcText
113 Ignition Modes of PMMA Under Convective Heating1985uu_afrcText
114 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Measurements of Temperature and Species Concentrations in Coal-Particle-Laden Combustion Flows1985uu_afrcText
115 The Influence of Size Distribution Characteristics in Heterogeneous Combustion1985uu_afrcText
116 A Numerical Study of Entrained Coal Gasification with The Conchas Spray Code1985uu_afrcText
117 Application of Advanced Computer Models for Performance Analysis of Boiler Combustion Chambers1985uu_afrcText
118 Cars Measurements in Coal Combustion Environments: Practical Considerations1985uu_afrcText
119 Char Combustion Kinetics of Kentucky No. 9 Coal as Applied to Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion1985uu_afrcText
120 Physical Modelling of Industrial Combustion Systems1985uu_afrcText
121 Furmo A Numerical Model for Predicting Performance of Three-Dimensional Pulverized-Fuel Fired Furnaces1985uu_afrcText
122 Freeboard Combustion and NOx Modeling of a 6x6 Fluidized Bed Combustor1985uu_afrcText
123 Combustion Control Using Infrared Tunable Acoustooptic Filters as a Smart Sensor for On Line Determination of Gas Temperature and Composition1985uu_afrcText
124 A Non-Intrusive Sodium Line Emission Pyrometer for Coal Combustor Temperature Measurement1985uu_afrcText
125 Analytical Evaluations of Ignition Options for a Coal/Water Slurry Fueled Engine1985uu_afrcText
101 - 125 of 994