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101 Western name authority file: Linking people and corporate bodiesPresentation about Digital Library Services grant at the ALCTS Linked Library Data Interest Group at ALA Midwinter in Denver, Colorado.Regional authority control; Metadata2018-02-10
102 Organization and structure of cataloging units in academic libraries research projectThis research project has been designed to gather information about the past, current, and future organizational structures of academic library cataloging units.Cataloging; Libraries2016-05
103 Massive newspaper migration - Moving 22 million records from CONTENTdm to SolphalUtah Digital Newspapers is a pioneering digital newspapers program at the University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library. Recently, a small project team completed a successful migration away from CONTENTdm onto a home-grown system called Solphal, built using open-source applications. The migration p...Digital libraries; Systems migration2017
104 The SIMP Tool: Facilitating Digital Library, Metadata, and Preservation Workflow at the University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott LibraryThis article presents a case study of the Submission Information Metadata Packaging (SIMP) tool developed at the University of; Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library. The Library designed this platform-independent tool to facilitate the deposit of descriptive; metadata and derivative formats into CONTE...Metadata; Workflow - Management; Digital Libraries2014
105 Book review: "Cataloging collaborations and partnerships"As acknowledged by the editor of this work, there is not a lot of published information on collaboration within cataloging units. To help increase the amount of library literature on this topic, the editor of this book placed a call for articles that were brought together into a triple issue of CCQ....Cataloging2014
106 A review of "Introduction to indexing and abstracting" by Donald B. Cleveland and Ana D. ClevelandIntroduction to Indexing and Abstracting by Donald and Ana Cleveland has been used in Library and; Information Science classrooms for many years. The latest edition of this text has been updated to; include more information about the current indexing environment where many people seem to favor; onli...Indexing; Abstracting2014
107 Book review: "Digital humanities in the library: Challenges and opportunities for subject specialists"Digital Humanities in the Library was written "to help subject librarians understand the possibilities of digital humanities and to help them navigate relationships among faculty, students, and digital humanities librarians, and themselves" (xi). There have previously been several books published on...2013
108 A Clean Sweep: The Tools and Processes of a Successful Metadata MigrationIn 2016, the University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library migrated digital asset management systems from CONTENTdm, a vendor provided solution from OCLC, to Solphal, a homegrown system utilizing several open source tools. During the migration, issues with metadata led to a large-scale metadata c...Digital libraries; Systems migration2017
109 Authority control in a digital repository: Preparing for linked dataIn an effort to identify an automated means for updating and standardizing metadata within a digital collection, the University of Utah's Marriott Library and Backstage Library Works partnered to develop a service that would replicate the benefits of an automated MARC21 authority control project for...Authority files (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2013
110 Use existing data first: Reconcile metadata before creating new controlled vocabulariesThe use of controlled vocabularies is essential in the creation of metadata for digital collections in order to provide consistency and ease of use for patrons and researchers. The University of Utah has been working to clean up metadata for digital collections to ensure that data adheres to best pr...Authority files (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2015
111 Predicting electricity consumption for commercial and residential buildings using deep recurrent neural networksThis paper presents a recurrent neural network model to make medium-to-long term predictions, i.e. time horizon of ≥ 1 week, of electricity consumption profiles in commercial and residential buildings at one-hour resolution. Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for a significant fr...Building Energy Modeling; Machine learning; Recurrent neural networks; Deep learning; Electric load prediction2017
112 Energy demands for commercial buildings with climate variability based on emission scenariosThe impacts of a changing climate are wide-ranging in both impact and scope. This paper investigates the effect that realistic climate variability would have on building energy demands in Salt Lake City, UT to inform planning for air quality impacts. Energy demand scenarios were derived using climat...BEM; EnergyPlus; Emissions; Climate; Energy2017
113 RDA is herePresentation given at the J. Willard Marriott Library's Research and Learning Services (RLS) Forum, Salt Lake City, UT.Resource description & access2012-12-06
114 RDA is coming to the Marriott LibraryPresentation given at the J. Willard Marriott Library's All Staff Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.Resource description & access2012-09-19
115 Linked DataPresentation given at the J. Willard Marriott Library's Digital Library Retreat, Salt Lake City, UT.Linked data; Metadata2012-09-07
116 Exposing Hidden Digital Collections: DAMS Migration to Better Meet our Users' NeedsPresentation given at Hidden Collections California, an event sponsored by Backstage Library Works, Irvine, CA.Digital libraries; Systems migration2017-05-10
117 Western Name Authority File: Preparing Charles Savage for Linked DataPresentation given at the 2017 OLAC Conference, Linked Data Initiatives Panel, in Richmond, VA.Name authority records (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2017-10-28
118 Utah Digital Newspapers UpdatePresentation given at the Mountain West Digital Library Digitization Committee Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.Newspapers2017-06-09
119 Preservation Appraisal and Selection How We Determine What Actually Needs to be PreservedPresentation given at the ALCTS Digital Preservation Interest Group meeting at the American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.Digital preservation2017-06-25
120 J. Willard Marriott Library's Digital Asset Management SystemPresentation given for a Mountain West Digital Library webinar.Digital libraries; Systems migration2017-07-26
121 Linking people: Developing collaborative regional vocabulariesPresentation given at the Linked Library Data Interest Group, American Library Association Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.Name authority records (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2016-06-25
122 Authority Control for Digital CollectionsPresentation given at the Authority Control Interest Group, LITA/ALCTS, American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.Authority files (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2015-06-28
123 PREMIS of our not so SIMP-le story: Implementing preservation metadata using homegrown and vendor solutionsPresentation given at the ALCTS Preservation Metadata Interest Group, American Library Association Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.PREMIS (Project); Metadata2016-06-25
124 Roles and responsibilities of cataloging units in academic libraries research projectPresentation given at the ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group, American Library Association Annual Conference, Orlando, FL.Cataloging; Libraries2016-06-26
125 Authority control for digital collections: Preparing for linked dataPresentation given at the Library 2013 Conference.Authority files (Information retrieval); Linked data; Metadata2013-10-18
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