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101 Warner, Homer R.Left Ventricular VideometryBiomedical Informatics1974
102 Warner, Homer R.A Computer System for the Cardiovascular LaboratoryBiomedical Informatics1974
103 Warner, Homer R.Can Automation Make Interactive Medical History Taking Feasbile and Acceptable?Biomedical Informatics1974
104 Gardner, Reed M.Percutaneous Indwelling Radial-Artery Catheters for Monitoring Cardiovascular FunctionBiomedical Informatics1974
105 Gardner, Reed M.Indewlling Arterial Catheters (Letter)Biomedical Informatics1974
106 Gardner, Reed M.Eight-Channel Data Set for Clincal EEG Transmission Over Dial-Up Telephone NetworkBiomedical Informatics1974
107 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Intensive Care Monitoring at LDS Hospital - Progress and DevelopmentBiomedical Informatics1974
108 Capecchi, Mario R.Selective degradation of abnormal proteins in mammalian tissue culture cells.The degradation rates of several missense mutants of hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (EC in mouse L cells are compared to those of the wild-type enzyme. Although the rates of total protein breakdown in the mutant cell lines are identical to that of the parental L cell line, ...Gene Expression Regulation; Mice, Transgenic; Microscopy, Fluorescence1974-12-01
109 Warner, Homer R.Assessment of Ventricular Function in Coronary Artery Disease Using Nitroglycerin and Computerized Analysis of Left VentriculogramsBiomedical Informatics1975
110 Warner, Homer R.On Confiding in ComputersBiomedical Informatics1975
111 Warner, Homer R.HELP - A Computer System for Medical Decision MakingBiomedical Informatics1975
112 Gardner, Reed M.The Place of Computers in Medicine (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1975
113 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Blood Gas Interpretation and Reporting SystemBiomedical Informatics1975
114 Gardner, Reed M.American Thoracic Society - Device Standards (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1975
115 Gesteland, Raymond F.; Atkins, John F.Origin and destiny of adenovirus proteinsLytic infection of human cells by adenovirus proceeds by a temporal expression of genes. Classically two phases have been defined: an early phase, which includes events occurring before the onset of DNA synthesis (8 hours), and a late phase, including events whose existence depends on the onset of...Protein Biosynthesis; DNA, Viral; Adenoviridae; RNA, Viral; Time Factors1975
116 Capecchi, Mario R.Purification and characterization of mouse hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase.Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HGPR transferase) (EC has been purified approximately 4500-fold to apparent homogeneity from mouse liver. The procedure involves the use of affinity chromatography and was designed to be readily adaptable to small scale isolations. The enzyme ...Buffers; Centrifugation, Density Gradient; Chromatography, Affinity; Chromatography, Gel; Chromatography, Ion Exchange; Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide Gel1975-01-31
117 Capecchi, Mario R.Yeast super-suppressors are altered tRNAs capable of translating a nonsense codon in vitro.tRNA isolated from two different yeast super-suppressor strains translates a known nonsense mutation in vitro, whereas tRNA from a closely related nonsuppressing strain does not. Suppression was assayed by translation of RNA isolated from an amber coat mutant of bacteriophage Qbeta (GB11) in a prote...Codon; Escherichia coli; Protein Biosynthesis1975-11
118 Gesteland, Raymond F.Simian virus 40-specific polypeptides in Ad2+ND4- infected cellsA comparison of the proteins synthesized in human cells at late times after infection with adenovirus (Ad2) and with the adeno-simian virus 40 (SV40) hybrid viruses revealed polypeptides of 30,000 and 92,000 molecular weight specific for the hybrid viruses Ad2+ND1 and Ad2+ND4, respectively. Cell-fre...Molecular Weight; Peptide Biosynthesis; RNA, Messenger; Viral Proteins1976
119 Warner, Homer R.Computer Analysis of Phase Parameters in Left Ventricular ContractionBiomedical Informatics1976
120 Warner, Homer R.Integration of Computer Support for Institutional Practice: The HELP SystemBiomedical Informatics1976
121 Warner, Homer R.Quantitating Left Ventricular Dynamics From Single Plane VideometryBiomedical Informatics1976
122 Warner, Homer R.Computerized Medication Monitoring SystemBiomedical Informatics1976
123 Gardner, Reed M.Medical Device Legislation: Its Professional ImplicationsBiomedical Informatics1976
124 Normann, Richard A.Oscillations in rod and horizontal cell membrane potential: evidence for feed-back to rods in the vertebrate retina1. Rods and horizontal cells were studied with intracellular recordings in the retina of the toad, Bufo marinus; 161 cells were from the eyecup preparation and thirty were from the isolated perfused retina. 2. Of these cells, 39% exhibited either transient or sustained oscillations of membrane poten...Retina; Photoreceptors; Toads; Adaptation, Ocular1976
125 Gardner, Reed M.Testing Spirometers -ATS StandardsBiomedical Informatics1977
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