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101 Balen, John Adrianus vanPlant cover types of the upper Bear River drainage, Utah.The primary objective of this thesis is the cartographic representation of the dominant plant cover types, and a spatial interpretation of the zonal community types , within the upper Bear River drainage. The upper Bear River drainage is located within the western section of the Uinta Mountains, Uta...Vegetation mapping1973
102 Bastian, Tyler JohnsonPrehistoric copper mining in Isle Royale National Park, MichiganThis report attempts to summarize what is known about prehistoric copper mining on Isle Royale. The data are derived from publications, museum collections, and field research.Indians of North America; Economic conditions Excavations (Archaeology); Michigan; Isle Royale Indians of North America; Michigan1963
103 West, Glen OrvalThermal and Phase-Change Wave Propagation and Velocities Subject to Shrinking Core Phenomena for Melting and Freezing Packed-Beds of Encapsulated Phase-Change MaterialsTh is research focuses on heat transfer between a fluid and a packed - bed comprised of encapsulated phase - change materials (PCMs). The objective of this work is to develop and validate models that can be used to predict the propagation of melting and freezing fronts and sensib...Mechanical engineering; Thermodynamics; Energy2017
104 Topping, Gary RexZane Grey's West : essays in intellectual history and criticismThis is a series of essays on various aspects of Zane Grey's novels. Their goals are to evaluate Grey both as a writer and as a thinker and to place his books in the context of broader intellectual and literary movements. A brief introductory chapter reviews the recent interpretive literature on Gre...Grey, Zane, 1872-19391977
105 Wood, Joseph SnowThe Mormon settlement in San Bernardino, 1851-1857Writing a paper of this length has been a new experience that has been both frightening and invigorating.Mormons; California Mormons; Colonization; California1968
106 Reid, Leslie WayneA history of the education of the Ute Indians, 1847-1905.The purpose of this study is to record the events in the development of Ute Indian education in Utah between the years 1847 and 1905. What the Mormon Church and the federal government contributed in this respect through educational contributions at different times especially between the years 1847 a...Ute Indians; Education1972
107 Bourne, John MichaelEarly mining in southwestern Utah and southeastern Nevada, 1864-1873 : the Meadow Valley, Pahranagat, and Pioche mining rushes.For the people of Utah, the changes wrought by the influx of miners and prospectors as a result of the discovery of gold in California were viewed as both good and bad. The Mormons welcomed the chance to sell supplies for needed cash, but resented attempts by people they viewed as outsiders to explo...Mines and mineral resources -- Utah -- History Mines and mineral resources -- Nevada -- History Utah -- History -- 19th century1973
108 Faddies, Thomas BlairBrecciation in the Ontario mine, east flank ore bodies, Park City district, Utah.A study of the brecciation in the Ontario Mine, East Flank Ore Bodies indicates a variety of structural types of brecciation are present. These are; (1) tectonic breccias, (2) bedded or stratiform breccias, (3) breccia pipes, (4) pebble dikes, and (5) igneous contact breccias. Multiple ages of brecc...Mines and mineral resources -- Utah -- Park City District Ore deposits -- Utah -- Park City district Brecote1973
109 Langtry, Shirley Ann DanielsHousing selection: a study of the geographic and sociologial factors influencing housing choice in a sub-community of Salt Lake CityThe research study looked at the geographical and sociological factors influencing housing selection in a sub-community of Salt Lake City. Attention was focused on the low income to determine if cultural supports present in a blighted or slum neighborhood outweighed the physical aspects of bad housi...1972
110 McCoy, William DennisA reinterpretation of certain aspects of the late quaternary glacial history of little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, UtahHolocene and late Pleistocene deposits in the cirques and at the mouths of Little Cottonwood and Bells Canyons are reexamined. Stratigraphy, radiocarbon dating, lichenometry, and relative age dating methods provide evidence for a new age interpretation of glacier and rock glacier deposits. Of the re...1977
111 Kirkham, John SpencerA study of negro housing in Salt Lake County1968
112 Hall, Henry JohnsonDiet and disease at Clyde's Cavern, Utah : as revealed Via PaleoscatologyTwenty coprolites recovered from the excavation of Clyde's Cavern, Utah, were examined for dietary components, dietary change through time, and evidence of parasites. The samples are representative of possibly three prehistoric cultures of Utah; Late Archaic (ca. 1120 B.C.-ca. A.D. 1, Levels 1 and 2...1972
113 Berry, Michael SabineThe evans mound: cultural adaptation in Southwestern UtahThe information resultant from three years of excavation at the Evans Mound (42In40) are used to derive a prehistoric subsistence model for southwestern Utah. The model is based on paleobotanical, palynclogical,. and settlement data, and augmented by limited recourse to ethnographic analogy. The imp...1974
114 Ebert, Carl EugeneAn historical review of the rehabilitation program in UtahThe purpose of the study was to present a history of the rehabilitation program in Utah. It covers the national law that authorized federal-state participation in rehabilitation along with national laws modifying the program. The State Acceptance Act along with amendments is included. The study cont...1975
115 Hsieh, Kuo-TaiPhenomenological model of the hydrocycloneA mathematical model of the hydrocyclone based on the physics of fluid flow has been developed. The model itself is a large computer code that solves the governing Navier-Stokes equations in the vorticity-stream function formulation numerically. Turbulent closure is effected by employing a modified ...Separators (Machines); Mathematical models Fluid dynamics1988
116 Hamilton, Charles MarkAuthorship and architectural influences on the Salt Lake TempleThe question of ultimate architectural origins for the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a problem that cannot be easily solved as a number of factors enter into the process of initial concept; design, and construction of the building. The solution lies with a co...Salt Lake Temple Church architecture; Designs and plans Mormon temples; Utah; Salt Lake City1972
117 Gillmor, Carroll M.Recent historiography of English feudalismFeudalism; Historiography; Feudalism; Great Britain1965
118 Garrett, Anna LeeThe University of Utah Press, 1949-1976A university press generally publishes four kinds of books: important books by and for scholars, books by scholars interpreting for general readers, materials for scholarly study and reference, and regional works. Its primary role, however, is the publication of the results of research by scholars--...University of Utah; Press University presses -- Utah -- Salt Lake City1976
119 Hickman, Martin BerkeleyUtah constitutional lawUtah -- Constitutional law Utah -- Constitutional history1954
120 Gappa, Joseph A.Army ROTC and coping with change : a methodologyThe purpose of this study was to develop and test a statistical methodology for comparing 52 variables derived from identified problem areas in contemporary Army ROTC programs. An analysis of variance was the first major step in this methodology and served the purpose of comparing successful to subs...United States; Army; Reserve Officers' Training Corps1976
121 Erickson, Joseph GlenThe life and educational contributions of Dr. George ThomasDr. George Thomas had a long career as an educator in Utah. During his life he occupied several very important educational positions. His most important position, which he held for twenty years, was that of president of the University of Utah. The importance of this position was brought out very wel...Thomas, George, 1866-19511954
122 Cracroft, R. PaulSusa Young Gates : her life and literary workToo long have Americans accepted western colonization in terms of a kaleidoscopic assortment of boundlessly bountiful land in slabs such as "The Oregon Territory" or "The Mississippi Valley," of romanticized. men like Daniel Boone, Buffalo Bill, and Jim Bridger, of soul-stirring slogans : "Fifty-fou...Mormon women; Biography1951
123 Pelton, William HarveyInterpretation of induced polarization and resistivity dataComplex resistivity and dielectric data may be interpreted quite simply in terms of relaxations. Ridge regression inversion has been used to fit various simple relaxation models to complex resistivity measurements of mineralized and clay-bearing terrestrial rocks, and to dielectric measurements of r...Earth resistance (Geophysics) Polarization (Electricity)1977
124 Gillies, Richard E.A history of Lincoln County, Nevada, 1776-1874Local history has the tendency to become vague and colored with incredulity when not recorded. Certainly there is much to be written concerning any area. When a mining region is studied with all its fortune and misfortune, we find most individuals anxious to recall the colorful or the odd occurrence...Lincoln County (Nev.); History1959
125 Roy, SyamantakStudies on Impurity Removal in Alternative Titanium ExtractionTitanium is often referred to as "wonder metal" due to its superior properties. At present, titanium is predominantly produced through Kroll's process which is complex, expensive, and needs much higher specific energy than the thermodynamic requirement and that restricts titanium's widespread use. ...Engineering; Mining; Materials science2017
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