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101 Metos, Julie M.Assessing the Influence of High School Practices and Community Characteristics on Adolescent Obesity2012-05dissertation
102 Loewen, Jaycie L.Astrocyte mechanisms of glutamate homeostasis in temporal lobe epilepsy2018dissertation
103 Mann, N. ClayAttempt at the integration of indigenous and Western medicines in BoliviaBolivia; Medical Care; Andean Mountains1990-06thesis
104 Humphreys, Gregory BlaineAttenuation of Decapentaplegic Signaling Via a Localized Chondroitin-Sulfated Signaling Sink2014-12dissertation
105 Prigge, Molly Beth DuBrayAtypical Neurodevelopment in Auditory and Language Cortex and the Corpus Callosum in Autism2012-08dissertation
106 Lin, Ming-ChinAuditing the use of LOINC® to support interoperability across three large institutionsInformation Technology; Bioinformatics2014dissertation
107 Jonsen, Matthew DavidAuto-inhibition of DNA binding in the transcription factor Ets-: a mechanistic and structural studyPurification; Mutant Proteins1999-12dissertation
108 Dalto, Joseph DesmondAutomated Collection of Infusion Pump Data: Nurse Usage and Perceptions1997-12thesis
109 Rowe, Kerry GeneAutomated patient query for use in pulmonary medicineMedicine - Data processing; Medical records - Data processing1987-12thesis
110 Li, Yu-Chuan.Automated probabilistic transformation of a large medical diagnostic support system.Medical Diagnostic; Iliad1995-03dissertation
111 Adams, Isabelle M.Automated QRS detection in the presence of noise.Monitoring, Physiologic1984-08thesis
112 Young, Wang Hsueh-fenAutomated respiratory care charting: artifact rejection and data reduction.Data Processing; Medicine1993-06thesis
113 Crockett, David K.Automated screening of metabolic disorders using pattern recognition of GC-MS full scan spectra from urine organic acidsMetabolism Errors; Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders; Urine Organic Acids2002-08thesis
114 Howe, StephenAutomatic data acquistion from blood gas analyzersMedical Informatics Computing; Software1991-12thesis
115 Patterson, OlgaAutomatic Domain Adaptation of Word Sense Disambigation Based on Sublanguage Semantic Schemata Applied to Clinical Narrative2012-05dissertation
116 Orton, Janette AndersonAutomation of performance measuresHealth Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation2003-05thesis
117 Fidel, Philip Anthony.Automation of urinalysis.Analysis; Automation1970-06thesis
118 Wyckoff, Elizabeth ElinorAutoregulation of phage P22 scaffolding protein synthesisGene Expression; Purification1984-12dissertation
119 Haack, Andrew KraftAversion and Reward: Two Opposing Drives Mediating Alcohol-Seeking Behavior2015-08dissertation
120 Rawson, Randi L.Axon Degeneration in C. Elegans2014-08dissertation
121 Hardy, Melissa ElizabethAxon Guidance and Sorting in the Zebrafish Retinotectal System2010-08dissertation
122 Suli, Arminda.The axon guidance molecule netrin is required in the quidance of dendrites and vascular endothelial gells.Nervous System; Neurogenetics; Cardiovascular System2007-08dissertation
123 Okawa, Ruthe A.Bacteriologic aspects of chronic pulmonary emphysemaMicrobiology; Ethylene Oxide1962-08thesis
124 Fisher, Colleen MelissaBALB C Mice: A Novel Model for Borrelia Burgdorferi-Induced Lyme Arthritis2017-08thesis
125 Osman, Farouk Ahmed Ahmed.Basic studies on a new sugar-tolerant yeast.Yeast; Nitrogen Fixation1965-06thesis
101 - 125 of 1,318