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101 Complementarity in marriage: evidence from perception and behavior and associations with interaction and relationship outcomesThe principle of complementarity, as applied to the Interpersonal Circumplex, states that behaviors along the affiliation dimension "pull" for correspondence (i.e., match) from interaction partners, while behaviors along the control dimension pull for reciprocity (i.e., opposite). Interpersonal theo...Affiliation; Behavior; Complementarity; Control; Marriage; Relationship quality2012-05
102 Complex spatial updating in simulated low visionCritical to low vision navigation are the abilities to recover scale and update a three-dimensional representation of space. In order to investigate whether these abilities are present under low vision conditions, we employed the triangulation task of eyesclosed indirect walking to previously vie...Space perception; Three-dimensional test of visualization skills2010-02
103 Confirming the dissociative subtype of posttraumatic stress disorder in a sample of traumatized justice-involved youthRecent neurobiological, epidemiological, and psychological research has provided evidence for a dissociative subtype of PTSD. However, much of the current evidence base has only included samples of adults with acute trauma exposure, and the literature has not yet determined if there are systematic d...adolescents; dissociative subtype; PTSD2016
104 Consequences of being unable to categorize: the impact of racial ambiguity on spontaneous trait inferencesImpression formation is a ubiquitous socio-cognitive process underlying perceptions, judgments, and interactions with other people. Dominant theories regarding impression formation processes underscore the importance of social categorization (e.g., by race or gender). However, limited research has e...2018
105 The conservation of the natural resources of the United States, as a national problemsConservation of the natural resources is the most important problem confronting the world to-day. It concerns vitally the wealth, power, and progress of the world, and the provision for posterity. In the United States, by far the richest country in natural resources, the problem ha special signific...Conservation of natural resources -- United States1913
106 Constraining the greenland firn aquifer's ability to hydrofracture a crevasse to the bed of the ice sheetSpanning 1.7 million km2 with glacial ice that exceeds 3,000 m thick in the interior, the Greenland ice sheet plays a large role in Earth's response to climate change. A recently discovered firn aquifer within the ice sheet has the potential to buffer or enhance sea level rise by retaining or output...crevasses; fluid dynamics; Greenland ice sheet; groundwater flow; hydrofracture2016
107 Contentious politics and political stability in contemporary China: an institutionalist explanationThe Communist regime in China survived the collapse of the Soviet Communist Bloc in the early 1990s. Since then, China has sustained rapid economic growth with an annual growth rate of 8%. However, in recent years, we have witnessed increasing social protests in Chinese cities and rural areas. The i...Contentious politics; Political stability; The multilevel reasonability structure2013-08
108 Contentious politics in Turkey: The changing patterns of political participation in protest, 1945-2007This dissertation analyzes popular participation in contentious politics such as protests, demonstrations, and other forms of disruptive actions in Turkey. It seeks to explain how and when the patterns of popular engagement in protest have changed during the last six decades by quantitatively and sy...Political participation; Social movement; Turkey2015
109 Contraceptive Care in Jail: Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated WomenThis dissertation explores women's contraceptive access while incarcerated in jail. In many U.S. jails, women's hormonal contraceptive methods are discontinued and not reinitiated prior to release, and most jails do not provide women in their custody the opportunity to initiate a contraceptive metho...Sociology; Women; Prisoners; Birth control; Reproductive sterilization2018
110 The contribution of verbalization to motor performancePrevious studies have shown that verbalization, in the form of self-guided instruction, is an effective cognitive strategy used to enhance motor skill acquisition and motor performance. However, past research has not explicitly examined which aspects of motor output are affected (whether beneficial...Cognitive strategy; Motor learning; Motor performance; Verbalization; Working memory2010-08
111 Control of nonlinear, adaptive systemsDifferences in property characteristics of natural and engineered systems, such as transparency, linearity, and adaptability, are likely to result in differences in human ability to control these systems. This study explored human performance on a simulated control task, in which system character...System theory; Transparency; Linearity; Adaptability2007-10-19
112 Coping processes in National Guard/Reserve service members and their partnersService members who serve in combat are at elevated risk for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and partners of service members with PTSD symptoms are at increased risk for psychological distress. Studies have identified coping processes as one potential factor influencing how individuals deve...Veterans; Post-traumatic stress disorder2009-06-15
113 The cost of saliency: how salience interacts with relevance to support or impede information searchTechnological innovations have increased the ability to collect and store information. However, these innovations potentially create a psychological problem because the increasing amounts of information must be managed within the still limited human cognitive processing capacity. One common data vi...Cognitive processes; Information search; Perception; Stimulus salience; System context2010-08
114 Creating spatial data infrastructure to facilitate the collection and dissemination of geospatial data to aid in disaster managementThe 2012 Great Utah Shakeout highlighted the necessity for increased coordination in the collection and sharing of spatial data related to disaster response during an event. Multiple agencies must quickly relay scientific and damage observations between teams in the field and command centers. Spatia...Disaster management; Geographic information systems; GIS; SDI; Spatial data infrastructure; Volunteer geographic information2015-05
115 Crime and punishment: effects of the labor market on incarceration in the United StatesThis dissertation examines the causes of the dramatic expansion of the U.S. prison population with a specific emphasis on its relationship with the labor market, from both a theoretical and an empirical point of view. It argues that this relationship is shaped by the social polarization between two ...Economics; Labor economics; Sociology2018
116 Cross-national comparison of policies and attitudes toward the disabled: the effects of deinstitutionalizationPolicy changes influence public opinion and the lives of those impacted by new programs and requirements they create. Deinstitutionalization has been an important part of American disability policy and the subject of much debate and discussion. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stands as ...People with disabilities; Disabling environments2008-02-06
117 Crossing borders, crossing seas: the Philippines and continuities in migrationThis study assesses how the composition of migrant workers from the Philippines varies with migration prevalence within Filipino communities. In doing so, this study tests the hypothesis of past cumulative causation scholars that increased migration prevalence results in a decline in migrant selecti...Cumulative causation; Massey; Migration; Philippines2011-05
118 Current account sustainability and capital flows case of TurkeyThis thesis applies Granger Causality Tests to balance of payments accounts of Turkey between the first quarter of 1992 and the last quarter of 2009, in order to test effectiveness of current account sustainability indicators that are derived by two major theoretical conceptions about current accoun...Causality; Current account sustainability; Financial lIberalization; Granger tests; Turkey2012-08
119 Daily feedback improves sun protection among patients with an elevated risk of skin cancerEvery year, over two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer. The primary method recommended for skin cancer prevention is reducing ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure. However, consistent daily sun protection is often inadequate, even among higher risk patients. This study tested both 1) th...2016
120 Debtors in consumer bankruptcy: navigating 2005 bankruptcy reformIn response to rising consumer bankruptcy filing rates, federal bankruptcy reform under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Prevention Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) reduced households' demand for bankruptcy through a variety of measures that made it less generous. To evaluate impacts of reform beyon...Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act; BAPCPA; consumer finance; policy evaluation2013-05
121 Decision tree classification of dambo wetlands using remotely sensed multispectral and topographic dataWetlands are the greatest single source of atmospheric methane (CH4), an important greenhouse gas. While the CH4 emissions from the expansive dambo wetlands of tropical Africa are likely substantial, they have not been reliably measured or estimated. Vegetation, topography, and soils vary among the ...Vegetation mapping,Uganda;Wetland ecology, Uganda; Methane,Environmental aspects, Uganda;Remote sensing,Uganda2008-08
122 The decline in state funding of public higher education in the United States: competing budget priorities and state variationsState and national policy makers for 150 years have promoted public access to higher education, supported through state tax funds and more recently through federal direct appropriations and tax expenditures. In the past 3 decades, state tax funding of higher education has declined, resulting in incr...Higher education funding; Medicaid funding; State budgets2014-12
123 Deconstructing neuropsychological practice effects: contributions of learning and response to task noveltyPractice effects (PEs) have recently gained popularity in research as a potential indicator of early cognitive decline in older adults. A majority of studies demonstrate decreasing PEs with cognitive decline, presumably due to declining memory; however, some studies have demonstrated larger PEs in ...cognitive decline; novelty; practice effects2014
124 The defeat of urban renewal in Salt Lake City1969
125 Delinquency's treatment: why interactions produce policy and identity in secure juvenile facilitiesOfficial policy narratives in the juvenile-justice system have historically vacillated between orientations to punish and rehabilitate. Yet research suggests that despite dramatic policy changes, the primary narrative of the juvenile-justice system is one of continuity. This dissertation examines ...ethnography; identity; juvenile justice; procedural justice; public policy; secure confinement2017
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