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101 Saragsyan, AhotMitochondrial Pyruvate Metabolism Induces Pseudohypoxia and MitophagyMolecular biology; Cellular biology; Biochemistry2017dissertation
102 Olson, Kristofor AksamitMitochondrial Pyruvate Metabolism in Cancer and Stem Cells of the Colon Epithelium2016-05dissertation
103 Coonrod, Emily M.Molecular basis of mitochondrial fission and fusion in S; cerevisiaeProteins; Cytoplasmic; DNA, Mitochondrial2006-08dissertation
104 Ding, LiMolecular cloning, characterization, and regulation of diacylglycerol kinasesProtein kinases1998-08dissertation
105 Nguyen, Tammy TranMoving Mitochondria: Analysis of Mitochondrial Rho GTPase, Miro2013-12dissertation
106 Li, JunMutational studies on differential proteasome activation by the 11S regulatorsProteasomes; Oligomerization2001-08dissertation
107 Kalia, RaghavNucleotide-Mediated Allostery and Receptor Binding by The Mitochondrial Fission DynaminBiochemistry; Biophysics2018dissertation
108 Speyer, Joseph FrederickOn the mechanism of aconitase.Metabolism; Mitochondrial1954thesis
109 Hall, Peter F.On the mechanism of action of interstitial cell-stimulating hormoneHormones1961-09thesis
110 Wu, XiaoyingPAS Kinase: Roles in the Regulation of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism2015-08dissertation
111 Cardon, Caleb MichaelPER-ARNT-SIM kinase regulates nutrient utilization and growthGrowth; Kinase; Metabolism; Nutrient; PAS; TOR; PER-ARNT-SIM kinase; Bioenergetics2011-12dissertation
112 Redman, Joseph StapleyPotency and Pharmacokinetic Enhancement of D-Peptide HIV-1 Entry Inhibitors2012-12dissertation
113 Spackman, Darrel H.Preparation and properties of leucine aminopeptidaseMetabolism1954-06dissertation
114 Morris, Shayne KennethProbing the topoisomerase II mechanism using mutants and inhibitorsATP hydroysis; DNA transport; Topoisomerase; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology2000-12dissertation
115 Noall, Matthew WilcoxProgestational hormone in human placentaProgestational Hormones; Physiology1952thesis
116 Madison, James Thomas.Properties of beef pancreas ribosomes.Cell Fracationation; Homogenate1962-06thesis
117 Yamashita, Lindsey DaleProstaglandin regulation of cyclic nucleotides and carbohydrate metabolism in isolated cells from rat liverPhysiology; Metabolism;Cyclic1978-06dissertation
118 Saccomanno, LisaProtection of cytoplasmic double-stranded RNA from adenosine deaminases that act on RNA in Xenopus laevisGenetics1998-08dissertation
119 Siath, Daniel John.Purification and characterization of an expressed peptide representing the regulatory domain of the gamma subunit of phosphorylase kinase.Tryptophan; Calmodulin1997-03thesis
120 Hough, Ronald FredPurification and cloning of the Xenopus laevis double-stranded RNA adenosine deaminaseGenetics1997-08dissertation
121 Chen, Raymond Feng-ChuPurification and properties of DPN-linked isocitric dehydrogenases of bovine heartDehydrogenase; Isocitrate Concentrations1963-08thesis
122 Harvey, Richard AlexanderPurification and properties of riboflavin synthetase from yeastVitamin B2; Yeast1964-06thesis
123 Ferro, Ari MichaelPurification and some properties of adenosine triphosphate: nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferace from pig liverAdenosine Triphosphate; Purification1973-08dissertation
124 Paul, Michael SeanPurification of inosine monophosphate by thin layer chromatography and detection of inosine monophosphate within cellular messenger RNAInosine; Thin layer chromatogrpahy1999-08thesis
125 Francis, James NicholasPushing the envelope: enhancing the potency of D-peptide HIV entry inhibitors by membrane localizationCholesterol; D-peptide; Gp41; HIV; HIV entry2012-12dissertation
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