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101 KIT : an experimental solid modelling systemThe purpose of this research is to develop an experimental environment for solid modelling which can provide a wide range of graphics primitives and operations toward making the modelling process more flexible The system can handle different types of representations and combine them with an extended...computer graphics; KIT; solid modelling system1985-06
102 A visual Lisp debugging environmentGraphics provides a useful tool for visualizing the behavior of computer programs. Diagrams can be be used to illustrate both the control structure of the program and the data structures operated upon by the program.; The integration of graphics into two traditional debugging tools, a program steppe...debugging; computer science; LISP1989-12
103 Computer Illustration of Three Dimensional Sculptured SurfacesThe information content in computer generated images is often overwhelming to visually interpret. To better communicate the overall shape information of a given model, current techniques for creation of wireframes, shaded renderings. and painted images need to be augmented and used cooperatively. A ...computer graphics; computer generated image1990-08
104 Rule Based Process Planning System for Hole Feature MachiningTraditional mechanical design and manufacturing methods are being replaced by computer aided systems that automate the process. However, existing computer aided process planners do not generate optimal process plans and lack modeling ability. A rule based expert system is proposed in this thesis to ...CAD/CAM systems; production planning; machining; holemaking1989-05
105 Z [infinity] : a framework for reactive autonomous agent specification and analysisWe propose a framework for the specification and analysis of autonomous agents. In general, such agents require several levels of behavioral specifications, including low-level reflex actions, midlevel controllers to deal with the physical aspects of the world, and high-level representations for goa...robots; control systems; real-time programming languages; graphical interactive tools; robotic systems1994-12
106 Models for Stochastic Texture GenerationThis work explores current models of textures for image synthesis and analysis, with an emphasis on generation of stochastic textures. Digital signal processing techniques are applied to create a general and robust model for the generation of stochastic textures. Martingale sequences are analyzed, a...computer graphics; models of texture; image synthesis; image analysis; stochastic textures1985-12
107 Sketching with constraintsThe goal of this thesis is to provide a simple and intuitive user interface to a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. A simple modeling system was built to demonstrate the utility of the ideas presented here. There are three main parts to this system. The first part is the interpretation of sketched ...user interfaces; computer systems; computer-aided design; CAD system1994-06
108 Modelling complex objects with generalized sweepsRecently, constructive solid geometry (CSG) techniques have been generalized to include set operations on certain sculptured surface solid models. This advancement has reemphasized the need for modelling techniques that create vasod objects. The definition of a valid object is somewhat cumbersome in...computer-aided design; computer graphics1985-12
109 The Efficient Modeling of Processor Behavior and PerformanceSimulation models of digital computers span a broad range of capabilities. At one end are drastically simplified models that are very efficient. At the other end are executable register transfer models with a typical simulation overhead of two or three orders of magnitude. The Simon Simulation and D...computer simulation; microprocessors; direct execution simulation; computer performance models1985-12
110 Optimization as Transformations: A Compiler ParadigmThis thesis describes the high-level transformation phase of a prototype PSL compiler. EPIC The transformations are separated into two classes: machine dependent code generation, and machine independent code optimization. The code generation phase transforms an intermediate representation of a progr...PSL compiler; EPIC; machine dependent code generator ; machine independent code optimization1985-08
111 A User Interface Model and Tools for Geometric DesignPoor user interfaces discourage potential users from effectively utilizing the design capabilities of geometric modeling systems. Because of the complex nature of the underlying representations in such systems, a well structured user interface model, as well as useful and intuitive design tools, are...user interface; computer systems; computer-aided design
112 Design of a Self-Timed, Pipelined, Floating Point Multiplier in Gallium ArsenideThis thesis presents the design of a self-timed, floating point multiplier in Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology. It implements the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) single precision standard. Self-timed design methodology offers some advantages over a synchronous approach, esp...gallium arsenide; floating point multiplier; GaAs; GaAs technology1994-06
113 Reactive Behavior Design ToolsThe behavior of sensor based autonomous agents can be stratified into three basic levels. The first is low-level motor and sensor control, the second is mid-level reactive processes and the third is high-level end goals of the robotic device. The middle level of control, reactive processes, is the a...robots; control system; reactive behaviors; COSPAN1992-01
114 Spacetime Control of Linked FiguresThis dissertation describes the development of techniques to automate the creation of physically-based, goal-directed motion of synthetic creatures, More specifically, the research concentrates on developing an underlying mathematical representation for constraints and objectives imposed on a creatu...computer animation; spacetime control; animated figures; creature motion1992-06
115 Automated Routing Tools for the PPL Design MethodologyA router, suitable to the needs of the PPL design methodology currently available at the Universsity of Uath, is described. The goal is to give the designer automatic routing capabilities, taking care of the often time consuming and messy aspect of point to point connection by hand, as is currently ...PPL design methodology; automated routing tools; computers; computer programming; automatic routing capabilities; Magic [14]; PPL router; PPL design environment1986-08
116 Analysis of Functional Programs using Attribute GrammarsAn attribute grammar combines the standard context-free grammar that defines the syntax of a programming language with attributes that define semantic aspects of the language. This information makes attribute grammars very useful for performing the semantic analysis of programs. Functional programmi...programming languages, functional programs; attributed grammar1985-08
117 Sequencing computational events in heterogeneous distributed systemsDistributed systems are growing in number, size, and complexity. Some technological advances have been made to program these systems, most notably the remote procedure call. However, the nature of heterogeneous distributed systems allows for much more complex interactions and new programming technol...electronic data processing; distributed processing; high-level algorithms1990-06
118 Carr-Distributed_C++
119 Numerical Control Milling Machine Toolpath Generation for Regions Bounded by Free Form Curves and SurfacesThe search for strategies and methods to automatically generate toolpaths for Numerical Control (NC) machines from mechanical parts modeled by computer aided solid design systems has met with only limited success to date, mainly in applications to simplified models. Problems that occur when the exis...computer graphics; computer-aided design; numerical control machines; toolpath generation1989-06
120 CAD based biomedical modeling and visualizationA framework for the representation, modeling, visualization and static analysis of natural systems has been developed. This framework provides the following aspects of a system: geometry, function, simulation, and graphic visualization. This approach shows how it is possible to explore higher level ...1992-08
121 Parallel Distributed Simulation of Elastic WavesA parallel distributed algorithm to simulate the propagation of waves through elastic media is presented and tested. The algorithm is based on a fourth-order finite difference solution of the elastic wave equation in three dimensions and incorporates a staggered grid formulation to solve for the di...computers; computer programming; algorithm; elastic media; parallel distributed algorithm; fourth-order finite difference solution1994-07
122 Localization in outdoor static terrain (LOST)This thesis considers problems that arise while combining these strategies with a feature based approach to the localization problem. A subset of strategies were simplified and implemented, along with key feature based concepts. This experimentation has helped to point out and clarify some aspects o...localization problem; LOST; localization; computers1995-12
123 Numerical weather prediction model for distributing computing systemsThe objectives of this research are twofold: One is to develop and implement a spectral numerical weather prediction model using parallel algorithms. The other objective is to examine a parallel paradigm that allows users to write parallel scientific algorithms easily and efficiently.weather predictions; spectral numerical weather predictions; weather prediction model; parallel algorithms; computers1991-08
124 A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computationThis dissertation reports on the development of a prototype programming environment for a graphical programming language to support data-driven style of computation. Emphasis is on the need for tools to assist in the development of nontrivial graphical programs.graphical programming language; data-driven style; computation; computers1983-03
125 Constraint driven synthesis of hardware designDesign synthesis (or Synthetic Design) is an attractive alternative to manual design, due to the obvious benefits of decreased development time and correctness by construction. Unfortunately, the price for this automation has frequently been inefficient designs and a narrow range of application. The...design synthesis; constraint driven synthesis; constraints; computers1983-08
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