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101 Supranuclear Paralysis of UpgazeThis 84 year old woman carried the following diagnoses: 1. Extrapyramidal movement disorder; Parkinson's disease vs. Progressive supranuclear palsy 2. Hypertension 3. Recurrent left Bell's palsy In 1992, the patient and her family noted that she was drifting to the right when driving. She progress...Image/MovingImage
102 Congenital NystagmusThis 14 year old boy was born one month premature weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces. The top of his head failed to close until age 6. In addition he had only half a clavicle and stunted growth. Diagnosis: Cleidocranial dysostosis. He was referred by his endocrinologist for evaluation of difficulty ...Image/MovingImage
103 Unilateral Horizontal Gaze PalsyThis 56 year old woman with known adenocarcinoma of the breast presented with the recent onset of horizontal diplopia and deviation of her left eye inwards. Her oncologist referred her for a neuro-ophthalmic evaluation. This 56 year old woman with known adenocarcinoma of the breast presented with...Image/MovingImage
104 Pendular Horizontal OscillationsThis 37 year old woman has had progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) affecting the cerebellum and brainstem for 6 years. Neurological examination: Titubation Dysarthria Incoordination of the extremities Ataxic gait Spastic paraparesis with generalized hyperreflexia and extensor plantar responses. ...Image/MovingImage
105 Supranuclear Paralysis of DowngazeJohn Trojanowski and I published this case in Neurology in 1980.(12) At that time, it was one of the first of five reports in the literature of the pathological localization of lesions in the midbrain that are responsible for selective supranuclear paralysis of downgaze. This case is of particula...Image/MovingImage
106 Bilateral Sixth Nerve PalsyThe patient is a 22 year old man. Five days prior to admission (PTA) he developed a sore throat, non-productive cough and a temperature of 99.8 during the day and chills and diaphoresis at night. Four days PTA he had double vision in primary gaze, difficulty with his balance and gait, and a tinglin...Image/MovingImage
107 Congenital Nystagmus - Latent NystagmusThis boy was not recognized to have nystagmus until he accidentally discovered that he had blurred vision in one eye while pulling a sweater off over his head and blocking the vision of one eye. An ophthalmologist saw him and diagnosed latent nystagmus. He had no strabismus or any other ophthalmol...Image/MovingImage
108 Benign Essential BlepharospasmThe patient is a 60 year old estate manager with a history of retinal laser therapy, dry eyes and age related bilateral ptosis. He carries a diagnosis of hilar lymphadenopathy due to sarcoid and has had cancer of the kidney. He presented in 1995 with a 6 month history of frequent blinking and sp...Image/MovingImage
109 Bilateral Internuclear OphthalmoplegiaThe patient is a 25 year old woman who was in excellent health until 4 days prior to admission when she noted blurred vision and horizontal double vision on lateral gaze to right and left. Past History: Negative for strabismus as a child. No previous episodes of transient neurological symptoms. Fa...Image/MovingImage
110 Bilateral Ptosis Facial DiplegiaThe patient is a 47 year old attorney who was transferred from an outside hospital to the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for treatmebnt of the Miller Fisher variant of the Guillian Barré syndrome (GBS). On the morning of September 14, 1993, the patient awoke feeling dizzy and he was unsteady ...Image/MovingImage
111 Progressive External OphthalmoplegiaIn 1995 I published this case alongside eleven personal cases, three with the Kearns-Sayer Syndrome (KSS) and five with Progressive External Opthalmoplegia (PEO). Am J of Neuroradiol:16 (5);1167-1173. The patient was under the care of Dr. Raymond Adams from age 13 years. In 1991, at age 40 years...Image/MovingImage
112 Supranuclear Paralysis of DowngazeThe patient is a 64 year old man with no major past medical history who, on the day of admission, suddenly developed loss of vision in both eyes and then was unable to open his eyes on his own unless he used his hands. Holding his eyelids open his vision was very blurry. Within minutes he lost con...Image/MovingImage
113 Saccadic Initiation Deficit of Horizontal SaccadesThe patient is a 78 year old left handed woman with a diagnosis of a left parietal infarct in 1995, bilateral carotid artery stenosis and hypertension. She was first seen in August 1997 for evaluation of involuntary movements of the lower face in the setting of rapidly progressive dementia and was...Image/MovingImage
114 Supranuclear Paralysis of UpgazeThe patient is a 49 year old woman who was in good health until January 17, 1991. When, at work one morning, she had an acute attack of light headedness and double vision and collapsed on the floor without loss of consciousness. She developed a severe retro-orbital headache. She was taken to t...Image/MovingImage
115 Fisher's One and a Half SyndromeThe patient is a 56 year old woman who was seen by a Stroke Consult on the cardiac unit because she had difficulty opening her left eye and diplopia looking to the right. On examination she had ptosis OS and "a partial ophthalmoplegia" sparing the pupil. Diagnosis Partial left third nerve palsy....Image/MovingImage
116 Bilateral Internuclear OphthalmoplegiaThis patient was seen at the Yale Eye Center at the age of 37. She had a long history of multiple sclerosis. At age 22, she had an acute attack of optic neuritis in the left eye which recovered fully within three weeks. Some months later she had a recurrent episode in the same eye, which also ...Image/MovingImage
117 Progressive External OphthalmoplegiaIn 1995 I published this case alongside eleven personal cases, three with the Kearns-Sayer Syndrome (KSS) and five with Progressive External Opthalmoplegia (PEO). Am J of Neuroradiol:16 (5);1167-1173. This patient with KSS is still alive in 2009. In 1968, at the age of 15 he presented with a hi...Image/MovingImage
118 Dressing ApraxiaThe patient is a 72 year old right handed woman who presented in November 1995 with the sudden onset of impaired coordination of visual and motor skills following an inner right ear infection. One of her problems was difficulty sitting on a chair as she tended to place her body incorrectly. By lat...Image/MovingImage
119 Alexia Without AgraphiaThe patient is a 69 year old left handed man with a history of hypertension, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and atrial fibrillation. Treated with coumadin, adjusted to keep the INR between 2 and 3. On the morning of admission he awoke at 4 a.m., sat momentarily on the side of the bed and then...Image/MovingImage
120 Supranuclear Paralysis of UpgazeThe patient is a 71 year old woman who was admitted to the Cardiac Unit following an acute "rush to the head", diaphoresis, and palpitations. She felt she was about to faint. She described seeing gold rings in her vision for a few minutes. Past History: Partial complex seizures since 1987. Th...Image/MovingImage
121 Sixth Nerve PalsyThe patient is a 45 year old pharmaceutical executive who, nine days prior to admission, flew back from San Francisco after a hectic business trip feeling jet lagged and fatigued. Inspite of this, four days later, he did a day trip to New York. On the following morning, a Saturday, he awoke with ...Image/MovingImage
122 Paraneoplastic Ocular FlutterThe patient is a 58 year old woman with known hypertension. In 1994, two weeks prior to admission she had a dramatic change in behavior with insomnia, agitation and depression. This was accompanied by "ringing of hands and anxiety for no apparent reason". She became anorexic, lost 15 pounds ...Image/MovingImage
123 Duane's SyndromeThe patient is a 7 year old boy born two weeks premature with transposition of the major arteries of the heart, four holes in the heart, and an absent spleen. He had cardiac surgery at age 2 days and at age one year and his development was excellent thereafter. At age 6 months, it was noted that th...Image/MovingImage
124 Third Nerve PalsyThis patient is a 46 year old woman from Portugal who was admitted to the Massachusetts General Hospital in September 1986 with ophthalmoplegia of the left eye (OS) and signs of aberrant reinnervation of the third nerve. She presented, in August 1985, with an episode of diplopia. The diplopia was s...Image/MovingImage
125 Third Nerve PalsyThe patient is an 85 year old man with hypertension and Type II diabetes mellitus. He presented with a ten day history of drooping of the left eye, unaccompanied by eye pain or headache. With the lid elevated he had double vision in all directions of gaze. He came to the Massachusetts General Ho...Image/MovingImage
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