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101 The Clinically Struggling Failing StudentDyer, Jane2012
102 Utah's Report Out on CANS (Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science)Pepper, Ginette2012
103 What's New in Community Engaged Learning at the U of U?Winemiller-Basinger, Nancy2012
104 Writing Effective Professional Letters of EvaluationWildermuth, Amy2012
105 The Self Evaluation StatementClark, Lauren2012
106 Finding Evidence for PracticeMurphy, Patricia2011
107 Grief and the Holidays, 20112011
108 Qualitative Research Addressing Somali Bantu Resettlement ExperiencePenney, Debra; Smith, Yda2011
109 A Survey of Provider Experience with Management for IUD Insertion and a Cautionary Tale of Adopting Off-Label MedicationsWard, Katie2011
110 Adolescent Health Literacy in a Special Population Juvenile CorrectionsHolstein, Barbara; Clifton, Jennifer2011
111 Aging and Dying in Prison Needs and Implications for Prison HospiceCloyes, Kristin2011
112 A Theoretical Framework and Practical Approaches for a Concept-Based CurriculumHardin, Pam; Richardson, Stephanie2011
113 Engaging Diverse Populations in Community-Based Participatory Health Research Building Community, Building ScholarsCartwright, Elizabeth2011
114 Case Studies How to Use the Advocate System with Selected Student Conduct IssuesHollister, Lynn; Scheese, Carolyn; Radmall, Carrie2011
115 Integrating Health Literacy Concepts into Undergraduate and Graduate CurriculaChase-Catarini, Sue; Evershed, Sherrie; Gibson, Mary2011
116 Dealing with Chronic Pain and Grief Caused by Death: Suggestions for Clinical PracticeDysvik, Elin; Furnes, Bodil2011
117 Distance Learning Communities: What We Know About PhD Nursing EducationBlack, Andrew2011
118 Global Health for Nursing: International Student PlacementsDeneris, Ann; Cutting Amy2011
119 Ban the 1-10 Scale: An Innovative Approach to Labor PainRoberts, Leissa2011
120 Barriers to Simulation UtilizationHanberg, Allen2011
121 The Barekuma Community Collaborative Development Project: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Global Health DevelopmentDickerson, Ty; Crookston, Benjamin2011
122 Reducing Health Disparities in the US Mexico Border Region Community Academic PartnershipsMcEwen, Marilyn2011
123 Nighttime Sleep Characteristics of Hospitalized Children with CancerLinder, Lauri2011
124 WHRAG Research Projects and Experiences 2011-12Latendresse, Gwen; Dyer, Jane; Murphy, Patricia; Sward, Kathy; Deneris, Ann; Roberts, Leissa; Rothwell, Erin; Wong, Bob2011
125 Reinventing Ourselves as Mid-Career FacultySmith, Jackie; Zsohar, Helen2011
101 - 125 of 164