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101 AIDS knowledge and attitudes in a Utah seventh and eighth grade population1988-12Textir_etd
102 AKT and mTOR in the Heart2012-12Textir_etd
103 Albert Lasker Awards Ceremony, 20012001Image/MovingImageir_uspace
104 Alcohol, Stress, and Decision Making2013-08Textir_etd
105 Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone regulation of tumor necrosis factor and interleukin 1-indicible biologic responses1989-06Textir_etd
106 Alteration of murine mammary tumor metastasis and growth by cytomegalovirus infection1980-06Textir_etd
107 Altered enzymes in drug-resistant variants of mammalian tissue culture cells.1973-11Textir_uspace
108 Altered frontal cortical volume and decision making in adolescent cannabis users2010Textir_uspace
109 Alveolar rhabdomyosarcomas in conditional Pax3:Fkhr mice: cooperativity of Ink4a/ARF and Trp53 loss of function.2004-11-01Textir_uspace
110 American Thoracic Society - Device Standards (Editorial)1975Textir_uspace
111 An Analysis of Granulocyte Kinetics in Blood and Bone Marrow1964Textir_uspace
112 An Analysis of knowledge engineering process.1991-06Textir_etd
113 An Analysis of Leukocyte Radioactivity Curves Obtained with Radioactive Disssopropylflourophosphate (DFP)1959Textir_uspace
114 An analysis of PHA-4 and its cofactors during pharynx development in C; elegans2006-05Textir_etd
115 An Application of automated decision logic in diagnostic radiology.1980-06Textir_etd
116 An Approach to Evaluating the Completeness of a Medical Knowledge Base1989Textir_uspace
117 An assessment of airborne N-nitrosamine formation in the presence of explosives and diesel powered equipment in an underground mine.1982-03Textir_etd
118 An Assessment of factors contributing to hospital utilization: and a look at deficiencies in the Utah projection process of hospital bed demand.1980-06Textir_etd
119 An Audit of Repeat Testing at an Academic Medical Center: Consistency of Order Patterns with Recommendations and Potential Cost Savings2018Textir_etd
120 An efficient pipeline for high-performance information extraction of support clinical natural language processing2019Textir_etd
121 An evaluation of a passive nitrous oxide monitor.Textir_etd
122 An Evaluation of Mitochondrial DNA Resequencing Array Mitochip Version 2.0 in Comparison with Sanger Sequencing2012-08Textir_etd
123 An Evaluation of Radiosulfate as a Granulocyte Label in the Dog1966Textir_uspace
124 An Examination of Chiropteran HoxD Regulation from an Evolutionary Perspective2008-05Textir_etd
125 An experiment in using interactive computer graphics in teaching transient transmission-line theory1970Textir_uspace
101 - 125 of 2,470