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101 Ailion, David Charles; Morris, Alan H.Asymmetric spin echo sequences. a simple new method for obtaining NMR 1H spectral imagesThe nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signal decay produced by reversible tissue-induced dephasing of the magnetization components in the transverse plane (reversible tissue-induced dephasing) was measured and expressed as a function of a new transverse relaxation time T'2 (T2 prime) for samples of ...Asymmetric spin echo; Signal decay; Chemical shift; Tissue characterization; Lung aeration; Fatty liver1985
102 Saam, BrianAsymptotic and intermediate long-time behavior of nuclear free induction decays in polycrystalline solids and powdersFree induction decay (FID) measured by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in a polycrystalline solid is the isotropic average of the FIDs for individual single crystallites. It has been recently proposed theoretically and verified experimentally that the long-time behavior of single-crystal FIDs has t...2012-01-01
103 Williams, Clayton C.Atomic force microscope-force mapping and profiling on a sub 100-Å scaleA modified version of the atomic force microscope is introduced that enables a precise measurement of the force between a tip and a sample over a tip-sample distance range of 30-150Å. As an application, the force signal is used to maintain the tip-sample spacing constant, so that profiling can be ...Attractive force; Silicon wafer1987
104 Williams, Clayton C.Atomic scale trap state characterization by dynamic tunneling force microscopyDynamic tunneling force microscopy (DTFM) is applied to the study of point defects in an inter-layer dielectric film. A recent development enables simultaneous acquisition of DTFM, surface potential, and topographic images while under active height feedback control. The images show no clear correlat...2014-01-01
105 Beckerle, Mary C.Atrial natriuretic peptide promotes cardiomyocyte survival by cGMP-dependent nuclear accumulation of zyxin and AktThis study delineates a mechanism for antiapoptotic signaling initiated by atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) stimulation leading to elevation of cGMP levels and subsequent nuclear accumulation of Akt kinase associated with zyxin, a cytoskeletal LIM-domain protein. Nuclear targeting of zyxin induces r...Zyxin; Akt; Cyclic guanosine monophosphate2005
106 Mishchenko, EugeneAttraction-repulsion transition in the interaction of adatoms and vacancies in grapheneThe interaction of two resonant impurities in graphene has been predicted to have a long-range character with weaker repulsion when the two adatoms reside on the same sublattice and stronger attraction when they are on different sublattices. We reveal that this attraction results from a single energ...2014-01-01
107 Gesteland, Raymond F.; Ives, Jeffrey T.; Stockham, Thomas G.Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolutionAn automated reader for electrophoresis based DNA sequencing methods is described that provides fast and accurate sequence determination. Digitized sequencing lanes are processed with homomorphic blind deconvolution in preparation for peak detection, interlane alignment, peak refinement and base cal...Sequence Analysis; Electrophoresis; Automated Film Reader; Homomorphic Deconvolution1994
108 Lee, Hyo JongAutomatic mesh analysis technique by knowledge-based systemThe finite element analysis technique has been recognized as a very important tool to solve various engineering problems, such as structural analysis, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics. The key point to the technique is discretization of the domain of interest into many finite elements. A good resul...Mesh analysis; Mesh generation algorithm1989
109 Gondolo, PaoloAxion cold dark matter in nonstandard cosmologiesWe study the parameter space of cold dark matter axions in two cosmological scenarios with nonstandard thermal histories before big bang nucleosynthesis: the low-temperature reheating (LTR) cosmology and the kination cosmology. If the Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaks during inflation, we find more allow...2010-01-01
110 Gondolo, PaoloAxion cold dark matter in view of BICEP2 resultsThe properties of axions that constitute 100% of cold dark matter (CDM) depend on the tensor-to-scalar ratio r at the end of inflation. If r ¼ 0.20 þ0.07 −0.05 as reported by the BICEP2 Collaboration, then "half" of the CDM axion parameter space is ruled out. Namely, in the context of single-fie...2014-01-01
111 Jorgensen, ErikAxon regeneration genes identified by RNAi screening in C. elegansAxons of the mammalian CNS lose the ability to regenerate soon after development due to both an inhibitory CNS environment and the loss of cell-intrinsic factors necessary for regeneration. The complex molecular events required for robust regeneration of mature neurons are not fully understood, part...2014-01-01
112 Jorgensen, ErikAxons break in animals lacking B-spectrinAxons and dendrites can withstand acute mechanical strain despite their small diameter. In this study, we demonstrate that β-spectrin is required for the physical integrity of neuronal processes in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Axons in β-spectrin mutants spontaneously break.2007
113 Bastiani, MichaelAxons break in animals lacking β-spectrinAxons and dendrites can withstand acute mechanical strain despite their small diameter. In this study, we demonstrate that β-spectrin is required for the physical integrity of neuronal processes in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Axons in β-spectrin mutants spontaneously break.Mutants; Dendrites; Morphology2007
114 Wu, Yong-ShiBPS R-balls in N = 4 SYM on R × S3, quantum Hall analogy and AdS/CFT holographyIn this paper, we propose a new approach to study the BPS dynamics in N = 4 supersymmetric U(N) Yang-Mills theory on R × S3, in order to better understand the emergence of gravity in the gauge theory. Our approach is based on supersymmetric, space-filling Q-balls with R-charge, which we call R-ball...2006-06-01
115 Poulter, Charles Dale; Jiang, YunfengBTS1 encodes a geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeProtein prenylation utilizes different types of isoprenoids groups, namely farnesyl and geranylgeranyl, to modify proteins. These lipophilic moieties attach to carboxyl-terminal cysteine residues to promote the association of soluble proteins to membranes. Most prenylated proteins are geranylgeranyl...Amino Acid Sequence; Cloning, Molecular; Gene Expression1995-09-15
116 Symko, Orest GeorgeBackground signals in SQUID magnetometersSince a SQUID magnetometer is an extremely sensitive device capable of detecting minute magnetic flux changes in a sample, it will also detect unwanted signals from materials near the magnetometer. The presence of temperature dependent "background signals" limits the accuracy of measurements of ...SQUID magnetometer; Background signals1974
117 Sokolsky, PierreBackward production in π-p→pπ+π-π- at 8 GeV/c*We have studied backward baryon and meson production in π'p → pπ+pπ +π-π- at 8.0 GeV/c using a streamer chamber triggered by the detection of a fast forward proton. Our data sample (1227 events) displays prominent N*p and N*f quasi-two-body production. These states are investigated with rega...1976-01
118 Hughes, Kelly T.Bacterial flagellin-specific chaperone FliS interacts with anti-sigma factor FlgMFlagella are extracellular organelles that propel bacteria. Each flagellum consists of a basal body, a hook, and a filament. The major protein of the filament is flagellin. To prevent premature polymerization of newly synthesized flagellin molecules, FliS, the flagellin-specific chaperone, binds fla...2014-01-01
119 Olivera, Baldomero M.Bacteriophage Mu DNA replication in vitroAn in vitro system for bacteriophage Mu DNA replication using lysates on cellophane discs is described. Mu replication was monitored by DNA hybridization. Using a thermoinducible Mu Iysogen, 30-50% of all DNA synthesis in vitro was Mu-specific.Bacteriophage Mu1983
120 Adler, Frederick R.Balance of terror: an alternative mechanism for competitive trade-offs and its implications for invading speciesThis article uses models to propose an explanation for three observations in community ecology: the apparent overreaction of prey to attack by specialist predators, the existence of a common trade-off among components of competitive ability in communities of unrelated competitors, and the ability of...Models; Curve; Native1999
121 Mattis, Daniel C.Band theory of ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism, and spin wavesIntra-atomic exchange (Hund's rule mechanism) and Heisenberg nearest-neighbor exchange are examined for their role in the ferromagnetism of metals with degenerate bands. The equations of motion of spin waves valid near T=0°K are derived, and a number of branches are found. When the equations are ...Orbital degeneracy; Indirect exchange theory; Band theory1964
122 DeTar, CarletonBaryon density correlations in high temperature hadronic matterAs part of an ongoing effort to characterize the high temperature phase of QCD, in a numerical simulation using the staggered fermion scheme, we measure the quark baryon density in the vicinity of a fixed test quark at high temperature and compare it with similar measurements at low temperature and ...Baryon density; Staggered fermions; Quark plasma1994-06
123 Ehleringer, James R.Bayesian integration of isotope ratio for geographic sourcing of castor beansRecent years have seen an increase in the forensic interest associated with the poison ricin, which is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. Both light element (C, N, O, and H) and strontium (Sr) isotope ratios have previously been used to associate organic material with geographic...2012-01-01
124 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineBelow-gap excitation of ∏-conjugated polymer-fullerene blends: implications for bulk organic heterojunction solar cellsWe used a variety of optoelectronic techniques such as broadband fs transient and cw photomodulation spectroscopies, electroabsorption, and short-circuit photocurrent in bulk heterojunctions organic solar cells for studying the photophysics in ∏-conjugated polymer-fullerene blends with below-gap...pi-conjugated polymers; Fullerene blends; Below-gap excitations; Bulk heterojunctions; Bulk organic heterojunction solar cells; Photophysics2008-07
125 Coley, Phyllis D.Beneficios y costos de defensa en un arbusto del neotrópicoLOS beneficios y costos son de importancia capital para las teorfas de optimization de las defensas de las plantas. El beneficio es la ganancia de aptitud para reducir el herbivorismo; el costo es la perdida de aptitud al comprometer recursos en defensa. Evaluamos los beneficios y los costos de def...Psychotria horizontalis; Isla de Barro Colorado; Costos de defense; Celdas de exclusion; Herbivorismo; Defensa de las plantas; Taninos; Dureza; Tropicos; Benefit; Beneficios2007
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