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101 Lewis, Colin JosephRitual and moral education: a confucian contributionThis dissertation argues that an element of classical Confucianism, the notion of ritual (li 禮), can make substantial contributions to contemporary work in moral education. Specifically, I argue that one of the most plausible contemporary theories of learning and development, that of Lev Vygots...Cognitive Science; Comparative Philosophy; Confucianism; Education; Ethics; Moral Psychology2017
102 Anderson, JackPractical reason and the economic account of choice: an examination and defense of the possibility of choosing via trimodal comparisonsIn this dissertation, I defend the thesis of comparability, understood as the claim that agents are always able to choose by taking one of three deliberative stances: regardless of what the choice options are, agents possess the capacity to prefer one option to another or to be indifferent between t...Philosophy, religion and theology; Constitutive objection to comparability; Thesis of comparability; Utility theory2016
103 Vaughn, AnnaMaking sense of the molyneux problem: a defense of lockeIn 1688 William Molyneux posed a question to John Locke: Suppose a man was born blind and knew objects like globes and cubes by touch alone, if he were suddenly to receive his sight, would he be able to point to the globe and the cube and call them by name when seeing them for the first time? Both ...Common Sensibles; Judgment; Locke; Molyneux Problem; Perception; Resemblance2016
104 Braden, Sarah KatherineScientific inquiry as social and linguistic practice: language socialization pathways in a ninth-grade physics classEnglish Language Learners (ELLs) in K-12 schools in the United States. have lower standardized test scores and lower high school graduation rates than their native-English speaking peers. Similar performance gaps exist for Latino/a students when compared to White non-Latino/a students, even if they ...Education; English Language Learners; K-12 language minority students; Physics lab; STEM; Science assessments2016
105 Haynes, RachelStudents' discrimination of german contrasts after 1 year of dual immersionResearch has demonstrated that an early age of onset may be advantageous for second language acquisition. Generally, such studies use subjects who have learned the target language through naturalistic immersion. However, few studies explore the phonological acquisition of students in immersion educa...Dual Immersion; Education; German; Second Language Acquisition2016
106 Polatis, Kandra NoelGuardians of empire: hygiene, modernization, and female education in the landscape of colonial manchuriaThis thesis explores how Japanese state planners and educators envisioned the relationship between gender, space, class, and hygiene in colonial Manchuria between 1900 and 1938. It examines Japanese colonists’ view of northeast China as a diseased, uncivilized frontier. This belief helped the...China; Colonialism; Dairen; Gender; Japan2016
107 Zamir, ChelseyA pigeon with two nests: a case of first- and second-generation iraniansFollowing the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Iranians migrated to the United States in substantial numbers. Ever since this large-scale migration to the United States, first-generation Iranian immigrants have struggled to adapt to every-day life in America while retaining their culture and identities. ...Culture; First-Generation Iranians; Identity; Immigration; Second-Generation Iranians2016
108 Yin, YulinFraming the sharing economy: a transnational framing analysisWith the development of globalization, the sharing economy - a business model that refers to peer-to-peer based access to goods and services - has caught media attention worldwide but remains understudied by communication scholars. Based on framing theory, this study uses an international perspectiv...Content Analysis; Framing; Sharing Economy2016
109 Bi, JinBilingualism and cognitive control: a comparison of sequential and simultaneous bilingualsIt has been acknowledged in the research on bilingualism that bilingual speakers, regardless of age, exhibit enhanced cognitive control capacity (e.g., interference control) as compared with their monolingual peers. Behavior and imaging studies suggest that these effects are the result of a shared n...age of acquisition; bilingual; cognitive control; interference control; language proficiency; response inhibition2017
110 Keller, Jemina A.An investigation of k-5/6 preservice teachers' knowledge and beliefs about the utah core state standards and english learnersThe State of Utah adopted the Utah Core State Standards (UCSS) in 2010, and realized full implementation at Local Education Agencies (LEAs) during the 2013-2014 school year. During this same period of time, minority enrollment statewide increased by nearly 60,000 students (USOE 2015). Many of these ...Common Core; Education; Language; Linguistics2016
111 Al-thawahrih, Jamil NofalArabic second language learners' use of word order and subject-verb agreement for actor role assignmentStudies have shown that English speakers use first noun strategy in NVN word order to interpret these sentences as SVO, and that they use second noun strategy in VNN and NNV word order to interpret sentences as VOS and OSV, respectively (Harrington, 1987). In contrast, Taman (1993) found that Arabic...Arabic l2 learners; pyscolingusitics; Second language acquisition2016
112 Richards, Matthew StevenMountaintop removal, activism, and the commitment to progress in industrial sacrifice zones: the socialization of class in west virginiaThis dissertation project analyzes tensions between class and rhetoric conflicts over coal in West Virginia, particularly contemporary conflicts over Mountaintop Removal (MTR) in the state. In it, I focus on how class animates rhetorics of resistance, identity, and control, (re)examining and recalib...Appalachia; Class; Coal; Coal Mining; Socialization of Class2016
113 Beilin, CarenSpainSPAIN, an anti-travelogue, challenges the imperative that we learn lessons, particularly when we travel. The spectacle of the contemporary female-penned travel memoir is often of a woman’s lesson. Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick writes about this spectacle as it relates to the criticism surrounding Jane...2016
114 Wilcox, Ramona StevensonThe Lancelot story in literatureThere are tales and tales and tales, but never will the favorites of the early tide of youth be entirely supplanted by modern inventions. A fair example is the old Aurthurian material. Even today there are people sufficiently interested to spend a vast amount of time and labor attempting to trace ...Lancelot (Legendary character)1913
115 Palmer, Robert H.Development of English courts and appeal in English courtsThe development of English courts and of English appeals is so intimately connected with the political history of England that is almost impossible to give anything like an adequate account of the English judiciary without giving at least its political setting.Courts - England - History; Appellate procedure - England - History1909
116 Farnsworth, Florence LottCarlyle and Emerson: Their philosophy of lifeThroughout history the great problem has been the relation of Man to the Universe, but until modern times the Universe was the important subject of though and Man, only an incident. With the advent of Christianity, however, this attitude was changed, and Man as an individual with a claim to divinit...Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881; Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-18821909-06-02
117 Jarrow, Judith FosterEvolution of the novel in modern Tunisian literatureThe writer's purpose in this study is to trace the evolution of the Arabic novel in Tunisia. Six writers and their works were studied in an effort to determine the development of the novel in contemporary Tunisian literature.Arabic literature -- Tunisia -- History and criticism1972-06
118 Wood, David LyleAbortive Panacea: Brazilian military settlements: 1850 to 1913Nineteenth century Brazilian statesmen thought that in the institution of military settlement they had a pair of seven league boots with which they could bestride their nation's untamed interior, broadcasting colonial nuclei much like a sower would spread seeds on virgin soil. While Brazil's backlan...Brazil - Military policy1972-06
119 Wonn, Ruby M.The influence of Marlowe on Shakespeare with a comparison of the dramatic and poetic merits of their works, and parallelisms in characterizationsIn marvelling at the tremendous power and beauty of a master mind we are too prone to consider it the result of purely inward forces and inborn talent, rather than, as is often the case, the result of external forces and influences, great or small, which have acted in such a way as to call forth and...Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 - Influence - Shakespeare; Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 - Criticism and interpretation; Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 - Criticism and interpretation1905
120 Baker, Matthew J.Environmental journalism and Utah's national parks, 1919-1971This dissertation contributes to the understanding of the evolution of environmental journalism by examining news coverage of Utah's five national parks from 1919 to 1971. Specifically, it looks at coverage from two newspapers published in Utah, The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, and two ou...National parks and reserves--Utah; New York times; San Francisco Examiner; Salt Lake Tribune (Firm); Deseret News (Firm)2008-08
121 Heath, Steven HarveyHenry Eyring mormon scientistThis study is a biography of the Mormon scientist Henry Eyring. It deals principally with Eyring's involvement in science and some with his role as a prominent Mormon. Eyring's ancestry and early life in Mexico and later in Arizona are discussed first and provide a basis for understanding his role i...Eyring, Henry, 1901-1981; Chemists--Utah--Biography; Scientists--Utah--Biography1980-06
122 Leparmentier, JenniferNovel feature processing by children and adultsThe common notion that "younger is better" for acquiring second language (L2) phonology is typically supported by empirical evidence. However, there is no clear explanation for this trend, and few direct comparisons of the process by which adults and children acquire L2 phonology. Research comparing...Second language acquisition; Grammar, Comparative and general--Phonology; Children--Language acquisition2007-05
123 Zwick, Michael JeffreyKim Il Sung's language policy as a vehicle of juche and a performance of cultural superiority over South KoreaKim Il Sung's language purification policy, calling for the elimination of all loanwords, was born out of the juche (self-reliance) ideology. Promoting language purity was a way to unite the North Korean people in a feeling of cultural superiority over the traitors in the South whose relationship wi...Juche; Kim Il Sung; Korea; Language Policy; Linguistics; North Korea2016
124 Teumer, Andrew S.Qianxi gazetteer production during Guizhou's tumultuous nineteenth centuryRecent scholarship has explored the expansion of the Ming and Qing States into the southwest borderlands which became Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces. While many scholars have focused on the effect this expansion had on both the area's non-Chinese inhabitants and the imperial officials and military of...chinese borderlands; gazetteer production; guizhou; han identity; miao rebellion; qianxi2016
125 Sainsbury, Derek RalphThe cadre for the kingdom: the electioneer missionaries of Joseph Smith's 1844 presidential campaignThe consequences of Joseph Smith's assassination, during his 1844 presidential campaign, shaped the rest of nineteenth-century Mormonism. Historians have documented Smith's murder, the subsequent succession crisis, and exodus to the Great Basin. Yet, no one has examined in detail the hundreds of m...1844; Campaign; Joseph; Mormonism; Presidential; Smith2016
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