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101 Mathews, V. JohnA phase likelihood-based algorithm for blind identification of PSK signalsThis paper presents a phase likelihood-based method for automatically identifying different phase-shift keying (PSK) modulations. This method identifies the PSK signals as the hypothesis for which the likelihood function of phase difference between nearby samples of the received signal is the maximu...2014-01-01
102 Regehr, JohnA practical logic framework for verifying safety properties of executablesWe present a novel program logic, Lf , which is designed on top of a Hoare logic, but is simpler, more flexible and more scalable. Based on Lf , we develop a framework for automatically verifying safety properties of executables. It utilizes a whole-program interprocedural abstract interpretation to...2011-01-01
103 Hansen, Charles D.A practical workflow for making anatomical atlases for biological researchAn anatomical atlas provides a detailed map for medical and biological studies of anatomy. These atlases are important for understanding normal anatomy and the development and function of structures, and for determining the etiology of congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, for biologists, generat...2012-01-01
104 Gouraud, HenriA programmer's guide to PDP-10 eulerThis manual describes the EULER language as implemented on the DEC PDP-10 computer. EULER is a block-structured language, similar to Algol-60 but simplified by omitting type declarations and by altering the way procedures are defined and called. PDP-10 EULER includes features for list-and array-mani...EULER language1970
105 Whitty, Kevin J.A pulse-width modulation controlled wire-mesh heater apparatus for investigation of solid fuel pyrolysisA novel wire mesh heater apparatus has been developed to study the devolatilization of solid fuels under pressurized conditions at well-controlled heating rates on the order of 1000 K/s. The apparatus combines direct current and pulse-width modulation with a fast-acting and high current-capacity re...2012-01-01
106 Watkins, Gary ScottA real time visible surface algorithmWith the increasing use of computer graphics, a need is growing for a processor capable of displaying solid objects. Environmental simulation and architectural modeling are only two areas that would benefit from such a diplay processor. This dissertation describes an algorithm designed for such a ...Surface algorithm1970
107 Simpson, Jamesina J.A review of progress in FDTD Maxwell's equations modeling of impulsive subionospheric propagation below 300 kHzWave propagation at the bottom of the electromagnetic spectrum (below300 kHz) in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide system has been an interesting and important area of investigation for the last four decades. Such wave propagation is characterized by complex phenomena involving nonhomogeneous and aniso...2007-01-01
108 Lawton, Evert C.A review of shear stress sign convention in interpreting Mohrs circleThe pole of planes method is a popular technique for interpreting Mohr's circle to determine the stresses (normal and shear) on planes of differing rotations in 2-D space. A survey of undergraduate textbooks on soil mechanics shows differing viewpoints on the sign convention for interpreting the she...2012-01-01
109 Kirby, Robert MichaelA scalable, efficient scheme for evaluation of stencil computations over unstructured meshesStencil computations are a common class of operations that appear in many computational scientific and engineering applications. Stencil computations often benefit from compile-time analysis, exploiting data-locality, and parallelism. Post-processing of discontinuous Galerkin (dG) simulation solutio...2013-01-01
110 George, LalA scheduling strategy for shared memory multiprocessorsAn efficient scheduling strategy for shared memory multiprocessors is described. The rapid dissemination of tasks to available procesors and ready queues is crucial to the performance of any parallel system. Such overheads determine the attainable speedup and performance of the system. Poor techniq...Shared memory multiprocessors1990
111 Fujimoto, Richard M.A shared memory algorithm and proof for the alternative construct in CSPCommunicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a paradigm for communication and synchronization among distributed processes. The alternative construct is a key feature of CSP that allows nondeterministic selection of one among several possible communicants. Previous algorithms for this construct assume...Shared memory algorithm; Communicating Sequential Processes; CSP1987
112 Furse, Cynthia M.; Gandhi, Om P.A simple convolution procedure for calculating currents induced in the human body for exposure to electromagnetic pulsesAbstract-The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) and frequency dependent finite difference time-domain (FD)2TD methods have been previously used to calculate internal electric (E) fields and induced currents for exposure of the anatomically based model of the human body to electromagnetic pulses (E...1994
113 Stevens, KennethA single chip low power asynchronous implementation of an FFT algorithm for space applicationsA fully asynchronous _x000C_fixed point FFT processor is introduced for low power space applications. The architecture is based on an algorithm developed by Suter and Stevens specifi_x000C_cally for a low power implementation. The novelty of this architecture lies in its high localization of compo...1998
114 Mathews, V. JohnA stability condition for certain bilinear systemsAbstract-This correspondence derives a simple sufficient condition for the output of a discrete-time, time-invariant bilinear system to be bounded whenever the input signal to the system is bounded by a finite constant.1994
115 Mathews, V. JohnA stability result for RLS adaptive bilinear filtersAbstract- This letter considers recursive least squares (RLS) adaptive nonlinear filtering using bilinear system models. It is shown that the extended RLS adaptive bilinear filter, as well as the equation-error RLS adaptive bilinear filter, are guaranteed to be stable in the sense that the time aver...1994
116 Mathews, V. JohnA stable adaptive Hammerstein filter employing partial orthogonalization of the input signalsAbstract-This paper presents an algorithm that adapts the parameters of a Hammerstein system model. Hammerstein systems are nonlinear systems that contain a static nonlinearity cascaded with a linear system. In this paper, the static nonlinearity is modeled using a polynomial system, and the linear ...2006
117 Mathews, V. John; Dubow, JoelA stable adaptive Hammerstein filter employing partial orthogonalization of the input signalsAbstract This paper presents an algorithm that adapts the parameters of a Hammerstein system model. Hammerstein systems are nonlinear systems that contain a static nonlinearity cascaded with a linear system. In this work, the static nonlinearity is modeled using a polynomial system and the linear f...2002
118 Baxter, Brent S.A standard magnetic tape format for digital image exchangeThis proposal describes a simple yet flexible magnetic tape format for exchanging digital image information. Multi-dimensional arrays of raster scan data are stored as sequential files, with descriptive information related to the sefiles stored in an initial directory file. Directory information is ...Raster scan data1981
119 Myers, Chris J.A standard-cell self-timed multiplier for energy and area critical synchronous systemsThis paper describes the design of a standard-cell self-timed multiplier for use in energy and area critical synchronous systems. The area of this multiplier is bounded by N rather than N2 as seen in more traditional combinational parallel array designs, where N is the word size. Energy has a polyn...2001
120 Furse, Cynthia M.A stochastic FDTD method for statistically varying biological tissuesTHE analysis of radio wave absorption is a continuing concern for the cell phone industry due to health effects (and associated regulations) of the person using the cell phone [1,2]. The amount of allowable power absorbed has a strong impact on the design of the phone (antenna, electromagnetic inte...2011
121 Simpson, Jamesina J.A stochastic FDTD model of electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetized ionospheric plasmaCommunications, surveillance, and navigation capabilities rely heavily on accurate knowledge of electromagnetic (EM) signal propagation characteristics through and reflected by the Earth's ionosphere. Satellite communications, over-the-horizon radar, and target direction finding are a few example ap...2013-01-01
122 Mathews, V. JohnA stochastic gradient adaptive filter with gradient adaptive step sizeAbstract-This paper presents an adaptive step-size gradient adaptive filter. The step size of the adaptive filter is changed according to a gradient descent algorithm designed to reduce the squared estimation error during each iteration. An approximate analysis of the performance of the adaptive fil...1993
123 Henderson, Thomas C.A study of Pierce's group generatorPierce describes an approach to map learning with uninterpreted sensors and effectors. As part of that, he describes a sensor grouping generator operator that attempts to arrange similar sensors into groups. Here we review that work and place it in a more strenuous statistical validation framewor...Pierce's group; Map learning; Sensor grouping generator2010
124 Furse, Cynthia M.A study on the efficiency of transparent patch antennas designed from conductive oxide filmsAbstract? A study on the efficiency of transparent patch antennas designed from indium tin oxide (ITO) films is presented to provide design guidelines for patch type transparent antennas. The trade-offs between optical transparency and antenna efficiency is analyzed by considering typical materia...2011
125 Ricci, RobertA survey of computing migration2010-02-26
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