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101 Pronghorn 2 vocalization 090924uu_wssSound
102 Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge at dawn (100515)uu_wssSound
103 North American River Otter vocalization 090804uu_wssSound
104 BearRiver Migratory Bird refuge morning (100515) 2uu_wssSound
105 African Clawed Frog underwater callsuu_wssSound
106 Sandhill Crane and geese in the Hayden Valley of Yellowstone National Park 090529uu_wssSound
107 Cicadas in Range Creek Canyon, Utah 090628uu_wssSound
108 Western Grebe (100515)uu_wssSound
109 Elk in northern Utah 090924uu_wssSound
110 Pronghorn 1 vocalization 090924uu_wssSound
111 Columbia Spotted Frog underwater vocalizations 1 in Washington 090411uu_wssSound
112 Boreal chorus frogs and northern leopard frogs (100515)uu_wssSound
113 Black-crowned Night-Heron flight calls (100515)uu_wssSound
114 Beaver vocalizationsuu_wssSound
115 Sage Thrasher (Washington) 090505uu_wssSound
116 White-throated Woodrat foot thumpsuu_wssSound
117 Interview with Dr. Rex Cocroft on the subject of seismic sounds among insectsuu_wssSound
118 American Coot various pops and calls (100515)uu_wssSound
119 North American Porcupine 090814uu_wssSound
120 Columbia Spotted Frog underwater vocalizations 2 in Washington 090411uu_wssSound
121 Bobcat greeting vocalization 090804uu_wssSound
122 Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge near photography blind (100514) 1uu_wssSound
123 Unidentified - Possible vocalizations of a Mountain Beaver (Sewellel)uu_wssSound
124 Snowy Egret flight calls (100515)uu_wssSound
125 Interview with Damian Elias on the subject of spider soundsuu_wssSound
101 - 125 of 475