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101 A'cappella Choirs with Utah Youth Symphony, 19621962mc_mcmImage
102 A. B. Caldwell sitting in Fire Truckmc_mcmImage
103 A. O. and Hattie Ann Powell Jacobson circa 19351935mc_mcmImage
104 A. O. Jacobsonmc_mcmImage
105 A. O. Jacobson standing beside his 1923 touring carmc_mcmImage
106 Abbie L Davidsonmc_mcmImage
107 Ad for Smith Market 57th Anniversarymc_mcmImage
108 Ada Russell McDonaldmc_mcmImage
109 Ada Russell McDonald with sister Iva Russellmc_mcmImage
110 Address approximately 5003 State Streetmc_mcmImage
111 Adelia Lucille Larsen Hancock standing in front of The Duck Inn circa 19381938mc_mcmImage
112 Adison family sheds, March 15, 1948mc_mcmImage
113 Aerial view after the demolition of the smokestacks2000mc_mcmImage
114 Aerial view after the demolition of the smokestacksmc_mcmImage
115 Aerial view of 5300 South, East of State Street 19851997-10-18mc_mcmImage
116 Aerial View of Murraymc_mcmImage
117 Aerial view of Murray from top of smokestack at ASRCO, 19181918-02-20mc_mcmImage
118 Aerial view of Murray Golf Course 19851985-10-15mc_mcmImage
119 Aerial view of Ore Sampling Mill, 20032003mc_mcmImage
120 Aerial view of Ore Sampling Mill, 20032003-06-02mc_mcmImage
121 Aerial view of Ore Sampling Mill,20032003-06-02mc_mcmImage
122 Afternoon Kindergarten class at Liberty Elementary 1958-19591958; 1959mc_mcmImage
123 Airplane Crash at Good Time Videomc_mcmImage
124 Airplane Crash at Good Time Video, 1996mc_mcmImage
125 Airplane Playgound in Murray Park Undatedmc_mcmImage
101 - 125 of 4,154