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101 Teaching the concept of precycling: a campaign and evaluation1996Textir_uspace
102 Maternal speech to three-month-old infants in the United States and Japan1990Textir_uspace
103 A relational perspective on the development of self and emotion2001Textir_uspace
104 Psychophysiological correlates of primary and trauma-related acquired callousness in a sample of detained youth2016Textir_etd
105 Longitudinal analysis of the role of insomnia in suicide risk amongst suicide ideators and attempters2016Textir_etd
106 It's not all about the erection: examining sexual functioning and patterns of sexual activity after radical prostatectomy2016Textir_etd
107 Familial advanced sleep-phase syndrome: a short-period circadian rhythmvariant in humans1999Textir_uspace
108 Preschool assessment of attachment: construct validity in a sample of depressed and nondepressed families.1997-07Textir_uspace
109 Category-specificity in sexual arousal/interest as a complex function of sex and sexual orientation2008-01-30Textir_etd
110 Cardiovascular reactivity during stressful social interaction in Mexican American women: effects of language and interaction partner ethnicity2012-05Textir_etd
111 Caregiver burden in spouses of National Guard/Reserve service members deployed during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom2009-05-07Textir_etd
112 Choosing good news or bad news: task importance and task diagnosticity as moderators of optimists' and pessimists' preferences for positive and negative feedback2008-10-28Textir_etd
113 Children's and adolescents' narrative accounts of harming: assuming and mitigating blame2013-08Textir_etd
114 Children's narrative accounts of being hurt: self-referential focus and consideration of the perpetrator's experience2013-08Textir_etd
115 Do different types of negative events lead to distinct adaptive functioning threats?2015Textir_etd
116 The Role of Glucose and Fatigue in Cognitive Control and Sustained Attention: An Electroencephalographic Assessment2018Textir_etd
117 Objective Cognitive Functioning in Self-Reported Habitual Short Sleepers Not Reporting Daytime Dysfunction: Examination of Impulsivity via Delay Discounting2018Textir_etd
118 Research in review: the development of nurturance in young children1988Textir_uspace
119 Interrupted time-series analysis and its application to behavioral data1980-12Textir_uspace
120 Visual perception without awareness in a patient with progressive posterior cortical atrophy: impaired explicity but not implicit processing or global information2002Textir_uspace
121 Dynamic systems approach to the life sciences2008Textir_uspace
122 Part task and variable priority training in first-year anesthesia resident education: a combined didactic and simulation-based approach to improve management of adverse airway and respiratory events2008Textir_uspace
123 Considerations in the choice of interobserver reliability estimates1977Textir_uspace
124 The relationship between motivation & Engagement in online lessions: the role of performance goalsText; Imageir_uspace
125 The role of GABA-ergic interneurons in CA1 and dentate gyrus for sequence learning2010Text; Imageir_uspace
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