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101 DeTar, CarletonZero temperature string breaking with staggered quarksThe separation of a heavy quark and antiquark pair leads to the formation of a tube of flux, or "string", which should break in the presence of light quark-antiquark pairs. This expected zero-temperature phenomenon has proven elusive in simulations of lattice QCD. In an extension of work reported ...Flux tube; String breaking; Wilson loop; Staggered quarks2001-03
102 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Ehrenfreund, Eitan A.Excitation dynamics in disubstituted polyacetyleneWe studied the excitation dynamics in films of disubstituted polyacetylene, a degenerate ground-state conjugated polymer, using psec transient and steady-state spectroscopies. The polymer is found to support charged and neutral topological soliton excitations concurrent with a strong intrinsic p...Excitation dynamics; Disubstituted polyacetylene; Laser action1999-05
103 Mishchenko, EugeneThermal conductivity of a two-dimensional electron gas with Coulomb interactionWe demonstrate that forward electron-electron scattering due to Coulomb interaction in a two-dimensional ballistic electron-gas leads to the (T ln T)21 temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity, which is logarithmically suppressed compared to the usual Fermi-liquid behavior.Coulomb drag; Coulomb interaction2003-01
104 Rogachev, AndreyInfluence of high magnetic fields on the superconducting transition of one-dimensional Nb and MoGe nanowiresThe effects of a strong magnetic field on superconducting Nb and MoGe nanowires with diameter ~10 nm have been studied. We have found that the Langer-Ambegaokar-McCumber-Halperin (LAMH) theory of thermally activated phase slips is applicable in a wide range of magnetic fields and describes well the ...Nb; MoGe; Superconducting transition; Langer-Ambegaokar-McCumber-Halperin; LAMH; Phase slips2005-01
105 Wu, Yong-ShiWu repliesThe preceding Comment [1] on my Letter [2] and Haldane?s Letter [3] cites three old papers by Anghel [4], which contained an unfounded claim that the thermodynamics derived in Ref. [2] for a generalized ideal gas, based on the generalized Pauli principle proposed in Ref. [3], is physically inconsis...Quantum states; Quasiparticle excitation; Species; Subspecies; Species subdivision2010
106 Sokolsky, PierreAn analog light scattering experiment of hexagonal icelike particles. part II: experimental and theoretical resultsThe scattering properties of hexagonal icelike crystals as measured in the analog manner by the experimental apparatus described in Part I are presented. The crystals are made out of sodium fluoride (NaF), which has an index of refraction similar to that of water ice. The experimentally determined...1999
107 Ailion, David CharlesNew two-point calibration method for platinum resistance thermometers for the range 75-400KIn this paper we describe a new method for calibrating high quality platinum resistance thermometers to ±0.01 "C over the temperature range 75-400 K. This method requires resistance measurements at only two temperatures (liquid nitrogen and the ice point) in contrast to other methods which require ...Platinum; Resistance thermometers; Physics instruments1969
108 DeTar, CarletonEquation of state for two flavor QCD at Nt=6We calculate the two flavor equation of state for QCD on lattices with lattice spacing a=(6T)21 and find that cutoff effects are substantially reduced compared to an earlier study using a=(4T)21. However, it is likely that significant cutoff effects remain. We fit the lattice data to expected forms ...Phase transitions; Quark-gluon plasma; Dynamical quarks1997-06
109 Symko, Orest GeorgeBackground signals in SQUID magnetometersSince a SQUID magnetometer is an extremely sensitive device capable of detecting minute magnetic flux changes in a sample, it will also detect unwanted signals from materials near the magnetometer. The presence of temperature dependent "background signals" limits the accuracy of measurements of ...SQUID magnetometer; Background signals1974
110 Symko, Orest GeorgeSpin-glass behavior in dilute magnetic alloys with hcp structureA simple physical model is presented for calculating the magnetization of dilute magnetic systems with hep hosts which incorporates elements of both crystal-field theory and the molecular-field theory of spin-glasses. To permit the computation of the Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida contribution, the i...Spin-glass behavior; HCP structure; HCP alloys; Dilute magnetic systems; Molecular-field theory; MgMn; ZnMn1982-05
111 Gerton, JordanPhase-contrast imaging of atomic superfluid state in degenerate gas of 6Li atomsThe recent experimental realizations of Bose-Einstein condensation in trapped ultracold atomic gases composed of bosonic alkali atoms has generated a broad interest in studying different properties of these degenerate atomic Bose systems. Although the degenerate atomic gas composed of fermionic atom...1998
112 Mattis, Daniel C.Phonons and phase transitions of heliumWe find a new collective shear-wave-like mode above Tλ, merging with the longitudinal acoustic mode at a higher critical temperature. The speed of the new sound wave is predicted to vanish near Tλ as s ∞ (T -Tλ)½ .1973-06
113 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineDetection of electronic excited states in conjugated polymers by picosecond transient strain spectroscopyWe describe a new type of spectroscopy based on picosecond transient strain in absorption photomodulation that can be used to detect and identify both allowed and forbidden optical transitions in solid thin films. We have applied the new spectroscopy to a variety of conducting polymer films such as ...Picosecond transient strain spectroscopy1995-02
114 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineMagneto-optical studies of photoexcitations in C61We have used a variety of cw optical and optically detected magnetic-resonance techniques to characterize long-lived photoexeitations in methanofullerene (C6 1) as a dispersion in polystyrene glass, at temperatures below 10 K. We identify triplet excitons with zero-field-splitting (ZFS) parameters...Photoexcitations; C61; Methanofullerene1993-12
115 Wu, Yong-ShiRemarks on fractional statisticsSome issues in the theory of fractional (or intermediate) statistics are discussed with an eye on possible applications to the quantum Hall effect: spins and statistics of clusters, invariant characterization of statistics, and the effect of space topology.Fractional statistics1985-01
116 Kieda, David B.High resolution charge measurements of UH cosmic ray nuclei using a direct imaging Cherenkov ground-based observatoryThe accurate determination of the elemental composition of cosmic rays at high energies is expected to provide crucial clues on the origin of these particles. Here we discuss a technique that has become possible through the use of modern ground-based Cherenkov imaging detectors. We combine a measure...Cherenkov light; Quark star; UH nuclei; Magnetic monopole2003
117 Mishchenko, Eugene; Raikh, Mikhail E.Electrostatics of straight and bent single-walled carbon nanotubesResponse of a single-walled carbon nanotube to external electric field, F, is calculated analytically within the classical electrostatics. Field-induced charge density distribution is approximately linear along the axis of a metallic nanotube and depends rather weakly, as ln(h/ r), on the nanotube...Electrostatics2006-10
118 Symko, Orest GeorgeExchange interactions and magnetic dimension in Cu(L-alanine)2A study of the magnetic properties of the copper (II) complex of the amino acid L-alanine [CU(Lalanine) 2] is reported. The susceptibility of a powder sample has been measured between 0.013 and 240 K. A linear-spin-chain model with antiferromagnetic exchange coupling J = -0.52 K fits well the susce...Cu(L-alanine)2; Exchange interactions; Magnetic dimension1991-01
119 Rogachev, AndreyDetermination of the superconductor-insulator phase diagram for one-dimensional wiresWe establish the superconductor-insulator phase diagram for quasi-one-dimensional wires by measuring a large set of MoGe nanowires. This diagram is roughly consistent with the Chakravarty-Schmid-Bulgadaev phase boundary, namely, with the critical resistance being equal to RQ ¼ h=4e2. Deviations fr...One-dimensional wires; Superconductor-insulator phase diagram; MoGe; Chakravarty-Schmid-Bulgadaev; Phase boundary2008-11
120 Ailion, David Charles; Morris, Alan H.Asymmetric spin echo sequences. a simple new method for obtaining NMR 1H spectral imagesThe nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signal decay produced by reversible tissue-induced dephasing of the magnetization components in the transverse plane (reversible tissue-induced dephasing) was measured and expressed as a function of a new transverse relaxation time T'2 (T2 prime) for samples of ...Asymmetric spin echo; Signal decay; Chemical shift; Tissue characterization; Lung aeration; Fatty liver1985
121 DeTar, CarletonQuenched hadron spectroscopy with improved staggered quark actionWe investigate light hadron spectroscopy with an improved quenched staggered quark action. We compare the results obtained with an improved gauge plus an improved quark action, an improved gauge plus standard quark action, and the standard gauge plus standard quark action. Most of the improvement ...Staggered quarks; Chiral symmetry; Flavor symmetry1998-07
122 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineDirectional emission from asymmetric microlaser resonators of ∏-conjugated polymersA ∏-conjugated polymer film was fabricated into an asymmetric microlaser resonator having a quadrapole deformation with irregular boundaries and a Q factor of 600. At high excitation intensities above the threshold for lasing, we observed multimode laser emission spectra and directional emission a...Directional emission; Asymmetric microlaser resonators; pi-conjugated polymers; DOO-PPV; poly(dioctyloxy) phenylene vinylene2004
123 Wu, Yong-ShiSuppression of local degrees of freedom of gauge fields by chiral anomaliesA path-integral quantization is presented for the chiral Schwinger model on a Riemann surface. Gauge invariance is maintained by integrating over all gauge potentials without the usual gauge fixing. All local degrees of freedom of the gauge field are suppressed after the integration of the anomalous...Chiral anomalies; Degrees of freedom1990-08
124 Mattis, Daniel C.; Paul, PrabasajStatistical transfer matrix of a spin-glass ladderThis work concerns the Edwards-Anderson Ising model of a spin ladder, in which random bonds +_J connect nearest-neighbor Ising spins. We calculate the exact free energy of the quenched, frustrated, spin-glass-like ladder as an integral over a probability distribution P(x), the eigenfunction of a s...Thermodynamics; Ising1999
125 DeTar, CarletonExotic mesons in quenched lattice QCDSince gluons in QCD are interacting fundamental constituents just as quarks are, we expect that in addition to mesons made from a quark and an antiquark, there should also be glueballs and hybrids ~bound states of quarks, antiquarks, and gluons!. In general, these states would mix strongly with th...Hybrid mesons; Antiquarks1997-12
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