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101 Skuibakken near Oslo, Norway from L to R: Gustav Raaum, Odd Winquist and Frank Waastad Olsen took part in competition.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n103
102 Lismarka jumping hill near Lillehammer where Gustav Raaum and team mates competed and trained in secret during the German occupation.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n104
103 Tranbergbakken ski jump during Mjosby Championships, 1945.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n105
104 Ski fest, Lillehammer 1946 at Raaum's home in Lillehammer during a special jumping training camp. From left: Torleif Schelderup, Ragnar Baklid, Georg Thrane, Olav Odden, Claus Dahl, Odd Winquist, Frank Waastad Olsen, Charles Winquist, Gustav Raaum, Torbjorn Falkanger, Unidentified, Christian Mohn, Sigurd Olsen, Arne Hoel, Hugo Persson.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n106
105 Ski fest Lillehammer, 1946 in Raaum's home.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n107
106 Gustav Raaum jumping in the Norwegian National Championships in Drafnkollen, 1946.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n108
107 Odd Winquist, Gustav Raaum and Frank Waastad Olsen from Lillehammer Ski Club during the 1946 Holmenkollen jumping competition.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n109
108 L.L. Thompson, father of Claire (Mrs Gustav Raaum) former Attorney General of the State of Washington.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n110
109 Gustav Raaum's wife, Claire, at her parent's summer home on Vashon Island.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n111
110 Gustav Raaum's wife, Claire.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n112
111 Genevieve Thompson, sister of Claire Raaum.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n113
112 Gustav Raaum standing on the deck of "Fritzie", yacht owned by the Nakat Packing Co, Ketchikan, Alaska 1949.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n114
113 The Norwegian ski jumping team upon arrival in Seattle, WA, March 1947. L to R: Harald Fritzner (Seattle greeter) Arnold Kongsgard, Harald Hauge, Gustav Raaum,, Harald Sandvik (team leader), Olav Ulland (Seattle host), Ragnar Baklid, unidentified and unidentified (both Seattle greeters).P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n115
114 Ski jumpers standing on the jumping hill in Sun Valley, ID 1947 from left Gordon Wren, unidentified, Arnold Kongsgard, Harald Sandvik, Ragnar Baklid, and Harald Hauge, the last four are Norwegian Ski Team members.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n116
115 Single chair ski lift in Sun Valley, Idaho 1947.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n117
116 Gustav Raaum examining his skis with other ski ream members at Sun Valley, ID, 1947.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n118
117 Gustav Raaum airborne at Milwaukee Ski Bowl ca 1951, Hyak near Seattle, performed the winning jump, Sigmund Ruud was the Chief of Take-off.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n119
118 Some of Gustav Raaum's trophies and awards while at the University of Washington, 1948.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n121
119 Gustav Raaum, Billy Kidd, and Montana Governor Tom Judge at Big Sky Mountain Resort, Big Sky, Montana 1972.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n122
120 Tom Killefer, General Counsel of Chrysler Corporation and Big Sky Board Member with CEO Gustav Raaum on top of Andesite at Big Sky, September 28, 1973. Chet Huntley, Ed Homer and Ted Flynn are in the background.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n123
121 Big Sky Mountain Resort - Meadow Village at Big Sky, Montana under towering Lone Mountain. The Village is located 2 miles off highway 191, midway between Bozeman and West Yellowstone. Copyright Big Sky.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n124
122 Big Sky Mountain Resort, Big Sky, Montana - 1973 - beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain, 2,300 feet of vertical feet, three chairlifts and 8,688 foot gondola. Copyright, Big Sky, 1973.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n125
123 106,000 spectators in Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway 1946 competition, (the first held there after the 5 year German occupation of Norway), including the Royal Family.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph CollectionP0994n021
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