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76 Determinants of Effective Clinical InstructionThe cornerstone of nursing education is practical instruction in the clinical environment. Many researchers have demonstrated the essential role clinical education plays in producing nursing graduates prepared for their role as novice nurses. Researchers identify that quality clinical instruction de...Nixon, KatieAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Education, Nursing; Teaching; Learning; Problem-Based Learning; Evidence-Based Nursing; Clinical Competence; Nursing Theory; Clinical Nursing Research
77 Pilot Survey: Acclimatization Practices of High-Altitude RecreationalistsAcute mountain sickness (AMS) will occur if ascent to high altitude is rapid. Any type of travel to altitudes around 2,500 meters (8,000 feet) is associated with an increased risk of developing AMS. AMS symptoms include fatigue, headache, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, weakness, tachycardia, dizzi...Rozier, Leslie H.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Acclimatization; Altitude Sickness; Anoxia; Brain Edema; Pulmonary Edema; Antarctic Regions; Pilot Projects; Recreation; Wilderness Medicine; Acute Mountain Sickness
78 Introduction to the Bedside Ultrasound Machine & Ultrasonography in Undifferentiated ShockUltrasonography is quick, noninvasive, requires no patient preparation and increases diagnostic accuracy and enhances results decreasing patient's mortality and morbidity risks. It has led to a decrease in differential diagnosis and 9% of the time bedside ultrasound (BEDUS) has led to new differenti...Caceres, C. DavidAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Ultrasonography; Point-of-Care Systems; Diagnostic Equipment; Nurse Practitioners; Shock; Clinical Protocols; Emergency Treatment; Education, Nursing; Electronic Books
79 Evaluation and Treatment Guidelines for Depression in Heart Failure PatientsHeart failure affects more than 5.7 million Americans (Pressler et. al, 2011) with approximately 500,000 new cases diagnosed annually (Jiang et. al, 2008). Depression is a prevalent comorbidity associated with heart failure (Silver, 2010). Depression in heart failure patients leads to increased mort...Morrison, TodAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Signs and Symptoms; Depressive Disorder; Heart Failure; Chronic Disease; Comorbidity; Quality of Life; Practice Guidelines as Topic
80 Evaluation and Management of New-Onset Unprovoked Pediatric Seizures: A Guide for Primary Care ProvidersSeizures are a frightening and potentially life threatening neurological occurrence that Primary Care Providers are ill prepared to evaluate and manage. Although febrile seizures and the role of the Primary Care Provider in managing them are well defined, there are currently no clear guidelines for ...Baxter, NicoleAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Seizures; Epilepsy, Absence; Epilepsy, Rolandic; Epilepsy, Tonic-Clonic; Disease Management; Guidelines as Topic; Primary Health Care; Evaluation Studies as Topic; Pediatric Seizure; Graduate Nursing Program
81 Raising High School Students' Awareness of Nurse Practitioners and Interest in Becoming Nurse Practitioners as a Means to Addressing the Primary Care ShortageThe Association of American Medical Colleges predicts the primary care physician shortage will be 21,000 by 2015 (HealthReform.gov, 2012). Sixty million people, almost one out of every five Americans, do not have adequate access to care due to the lack of primary care providers (Kaiseredu.org, 2011)...Coy, JenAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Students; Career Choice; Nurse Practitioners; Education, Nursing; Health Manpower; Primary Health Care; Health Services Needs and Demand
82 A Pre and Post Test Assessment of a Web Based Tutorial to Reduce Occupational Exposure Risks to Oncology NursesThe purpose of this project was to offer new knowledge through educational training to oncology nurses highlighting health risks related to inconsistent handling of hazardous drugs. Nurses who administer chemotherapy are exposed to aerosols and droplets of drugs during compound mixing, administratio...Lewis, JenniferAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Occupational Exposure; Antineoplastic Agents; Risk Factors; Occupational Health; Interactive Tutorial; Education, Nursing; Oncology Nursing; Cytotoxins; Clinical Competence; Nurse Safety
83 Teaching Infection Prevention Using Concept Mapping Learning StrategiesInfection prevention challenges are encountered in all hospital settings. Daily clinical interactions frequently expose nurses to microorganisms that can result in healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) for a patient. The relationship between infections as a result of healthcare and susceptible pat...Anderson, Peggy H.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Cross Infection; Infection Control; Education, Nursing; Retention (Psychology); Guideline Adherence; Concept Formation; Healthcare Associated Infections
84 Tradeoffs Between User-Centered Design and System Functionality/ InteroperabilityThe question of usability versus functionality is one of the most important issues facing software developers and designers today. The reason for this is simple: in order for any system to achieve its full potential, it must first be accepted and used by its intended audience and user group. The sys...Smail, JessicaAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Information Science; Software Design; User-Computer Interface; Nursing Informatics
85 Synthesis of Best Practices When Approaching Curriculum RedesignI have recently had the opportunity to observe faculty as they attempt to redesign the curriculum of a RN to BSN completion program. This process began with some members of the faculty identifying the need for the curriculum to change due to situational factors beyond the control of the university t...Bagley, KatieAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Curriculum; Education, Nursing; Group Processes; Needs Assessment; Curriculum Design
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