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76 Sexual assault prevention: a randomized controlled trial of a military interventionir_etdText
77 Using groundwater transit times determined from environmental tracer concentrations to assess storage within a watershedir_etdText
78 Expressive suppression depletes executive functioning in older adulthoodir_etdText
79 National security culture and alliance: the U.S.-Japan alliance after the cold warir_etdText
80 Combinatorial investigation of the effects of sodium on Cu2ZnSnSe4 polycrystalline thin filmsir_etdText
81 Investigating depth of field in volume rendering and distributed volume rendering on high performance computing systemsir_etdText
82 Simulating evolution of poroelasticity and deformation in Green River oil shale under in situ pyrolysisir_etdText
83 Creating a pseudo-history: the myth of Mormons, polygamy, and the danites in nineteenth-century fictionir_etdText
84 A framework for water supply system performance assessment to support integrated water resources management and decision making processir_etdText
85 Deformation analysis methods for drilled shaft foundations subjected to lateral and overturning moment loadsir_etdText
86 From discourse analysis to relational ontology: the radical possibilities of fanonian humanismir_etdText
87 The role of prior experience when learning online: its effects on engagement and interest over timeir_etdText
88 Violent origins and the emergence of electoral authoritarianismir_etdText
89 The U.S. employment service as a two-sided platform and the role of subsidies in employer and job seeker participationir_etdText
90 The king stag (and i): dancing trans-corporeality and queer ecology on the stage and in the gardenir_etdText
91 Two enumerative problems in algebraic geometryir_etdText
92 Studies in graphene growth and processing using atmospheric pressure chemical vapor depositionir_etdText
93 Measuring cognitive load: a meta-analysis of load measurement sensitivityir_etdText
94 "Nobody can give from an empty vessel": a qualitative study on self-care for women activists in counseling psychologyir_etdText
95 Ecological physiology of desert woodrats (neotoma lepida) with respect to ambient temperature and dietary toxinsir_etdText
96 Multifaceted analysis of transit station accessibility characteristics based on first mile last mileir_etdText
97 Wetting and interfacial water analysis of selected mineral surfaces as determined by molecular dynamics simulation and sum frequency vibrational spectroscopyir_etdText
98 Image segmentation with hierarchical modelsir_etdText
99 Breakfast consumption among elementary and secondary school students in suburban and rural utahir_etdText
100 On mechanistic reasoning in evolutionary biologyir_etdText
76 - 100 of 21,726