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76 Attitudes of registered nurses towards the suicidal patientir_etdText
77 Regulation of cyclooxygenase, prostanoids and prostanoid receptors in endothelial cells: implications in tumor angiogenesisir_etdText
78 Analgesic management of postoperative pain in children: a retrospective studyir_etdText
79 Membrane resting and action potentials of the cardiac pacemaker of the turtleir_etdText
80 Comparing an object-oriented clinical data repository with its relational database counterpartir_etdText
81 Serological relationships between the Rh antigens of the D-Du seriesir_etdText
82 Cloning of the E1M gene of human papillomavirus type 16 and production of an antibody to the E1M proteinir_etdText
83 Program for maintaining Bayesian framesir_etdText
84 Assessment of the use of progressive relaxation in a stress reduction programir_etdText
85 Discharge problems of long-term hospitalized psychiatric patientsir_etdText
86 Enzymatic hydrolysis of glutamine and glutathione by glutaminaseir_etdText
87 Attitudes, beliefs, and significant others influencing the expectant woman's participation in childbirth education classesir_etdText
88 Casein kinase 1 epsilon regulates transcription and Period2 stability within the mammalian circadian clockir_etdText
89 Effects of a convulsant barbiturate on dorsal root ganglion cells and other components of the spinal reflex arcir_etdText
90 Recall of discharge instructions with and without computer-generated patient instructionsir_etdText
91 Role of antizyme 3 in spermatogenesis and fertilityir_etdText
92 Effect of testosterone and methy-testosterone on the creatine, creatinine and guanidoacetic acid levels of plasms and urineir_etdText
93 Studies on the pathogenesis of experimental candidiasisir_etdText
94 Lauric acid solution thermodynamics and effects on stratum corneum permeabilityir_etdText
95 Synthesis of ergoline ethersir_etdText
96 Psychiatric opinion in Utahir_etdText
97 Functional and structural studies of chromatin remodelingir_etdText
98 Molecular characterization of two myb-related genes in Caenorhabditis elegans,ir_etdText
99 Genomewide dynamics of SAPHIRE: a novel histone demethylase complesir_etdText
100 Investigation into the protective processes involved when C3Hf/St inbred mice are infected with Hymenolepis Citelliir_etdText
76 - 100 of 21,717