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76 Time studies in underground coal miningir_etdText
77 Effect of ownership structure on the dividend decision for firms operating in emerging marketsir_etdText
78 Cost justification analysis for delivery of pharmaceutical services in an ambulatory surgery setting.ir_etdText
79 Radioimmunoassay of aldosterone.ir_etdText
80 Immunization of mink with toxoid against glostridium botulinum, type C.ir_etdText
81 Analysis of extended pedigrees for localizing of genes in neuropyschiatric disordersir_etdText
82 Exploring the Consequences of Chronic UnderNutrition; in Childrenir_etdText
83 Mixed-use housingir_etdText
84 Nurse-midwifery practice: a descriptive study of prenatal care.ir_etdText
85 Perceptions and realities: progressive reform and Utah coalir_etdText
86 Continuing education for registered nurses :who needs what as identified by whom?ir_etdText
87 Cellular factors and HIV-1 budding.ir_etdText
88 Roles of canonical Wnt signaling and Lef1 in zebrafish hypothalamic neuronal development.ir_etdText
89 Transition metal doped cerium oxide for spintronics applicationsir_etdText
90 Springdale Wineryir_etdText
91 A comparative grammar of Xinkanir_etdText
92 Investigation of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons at a tar sands extraction facility.ir_etdText
93 Characterization of Nocardia species by multilocus gene sequencing.ir_etdText
94 Legality of Abraham Lincoln's use of the war powerir_etdText
95 Independent media center - Washington D.C.: Architectural implications of social activism and public broadcastingir_etdText
96 Intimate partner violence, attachment, and coparenting intervention outcomes among Latino teen parentsir_etdText
97 Gender differences in reactivity to agentic versus communal laboratory stressorsir_etdText
98 Almighty banjoir_etdText
99 Petrology of the Moenkopi Formation (Early Triassic), Uinta Mountain Area, Northeastern Utahir_etdText
100 Go to Hades!: the origins, essence, and development of Orphism in a changing kosmosir_etdText
76 - 100 of 21,725