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76 More and Less Guilt-Prone Children's Distress Changes Differently when they Narrate Harmdoings, According to Some but Not All Indicators of Distress2018ir_etdText
77 Macro effects on the household formation of China s young adults demographics institutional factors and regional differences2017-01-24ir_uspaceText
78 Internet Access, Spillover and Regional Development in China2017-06-03ir_uspaceText
79 Contraceptive Care in Jail: Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women2018ir_etdText
80 Making Do" in the Land of Opportunity: An Exploration of the Economic Integration of Refugees in Utah2018ir_etdText
81 Measuring attention towards advertisement using the peripheral detection response task2016ir_etdText
82 An interpersonal analysis of psychosocial stress and sleep2012-12ir_etdText
83 A paleolimnological investigation of historical environmental change in East Canyon Reservoir2011-05ir_etdText
84 U.S. energy outlook and future energy impacts2011-12ir_etdText
85 Recent trends in the changing geographic extent of Cienegas of the United States/Mexico border region2011-05ir_etdText
86 Geographic information system spatial-temporal evolution of multiscalar patterns and determinants of foreign direct investment in China2014-08ir_etdText
87 Spatial and aspatial residential segregation measures: Salt Lake County 1999 to 20072009-07-06ir_etdText
88 Effects of summer activites on academic success2008-05ir_etdText
89 Cross-national comparison of policies and attitudes toward the disabled: the effects of deinstitutionalization2008-02-06ir_etdText
90 The effects of attitude familiarity on social interactions and stress2014ir_etdText
91 Effect of stress on empathic accuracy in romantic couples2016ir_etdText
92 Effective primary care for individuals with serious mental illness: an intervention and systematic review2013-08ir_etdText
93 External costs of aquaculture and the effects on Scottish salmon2012-08ir_etdText
94 The roles of operational sex ratio and young-old ratio in producing suicide attackers2011-12ir_etdText
95 Questioning development: global integration and the carbon intensity of well-being2014-12ir_etdText
96 National affluence, economic growth, and environmental degradation: a multilevel analysis of environmental concern2010-12ir_etdText
97 Technological injection, dynamic new capital measurements, and production theory in Economics2010-12ir_etdText
98 Attachment, autonomic functioning, and adolescent loss2010-08ir_etdText
99 Decision tree classification of dambo wetlands using remotely sensed multispectral and topographic data2008-08ir_etdText
100 The under-reporting of injuries for Hispanic workers in construction2013-08ir_etdText
76 - 100 of 1,183