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76 Master of Geographic Information Science Portfolio2017ir_etdText
77 Master of Geographic Information Science portfolio2017ir_etdText
78 Measuring glacier velocities on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, using multispectral satellite imagery with feature tracking2010-03-20ir_etdText
79 Modeling climate-fire connections within the Great Basin and Upper Colorado River Basin, Western United States2013-05ir_etdText
80 Modeling Vegetation Distribution and Carbon Sequestration in the Pacific Northwest2018ir_etdText
81 Modeling wildfire evacuation as a coupled human-environmental system using triggers2016ir_etdText
82 Modeling wildfire evacuation as a coupled human-environmental system using triggers2016ir_etdText
83 Multi-scale regional inequality in Guangdong, China2011ir_uspaceText; Image
84 Neotropical climate, vegetation, and fire histories on local to regional scales2015-05ir_etdText
85 New physical foundations for remote sensing estimation of live fuel moisture content and fire danger2014ir_etdText
86 Observations of diurnal melt-freeze events using time domain reflectometry (TDR) in sesonal snowpack2014-08ir_etdText
87 Occurrence and spatial distribution of microbial bioherms in Great Salt Lake, Utah2014-12ir_etdText
88 OSL chronologies for Aeolian activity in the context of lake-level fluctuations, drainage reorganization and glacial retreat, North-Central Minnesota2006ir_uspaceText
89 Paleoecological and isotropic records of climate change and variability from lakes and speleothems, Bear River Range, Southeastern Idaho2012-12ir_etdText
90 Plant cover types of the upper Bear River drainage, Utah.1973ir_etdText
91 Prevalence of pure versus mixed snow cover pixels across spatial resolutions in alpine environments2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
92 Production and R&D networks of foreign ventures in China: implications for technological dynamism and regional development2012-01ir_uspaceText
93 Quantifying Drought-induced Changes in Green Vegetation Fraction and Classification Accuracy Using Hyperspectral Data for the Central Sierra Nevada, California2017ir_etdText
94 Recent ice sheet snow accumulation and firn storage of meltwater inferred by ground and airborne radars2015-08ir_etdText
95 Recent trends in the changing geographic extent of Cienegas of the United States/Mexico border region2011-05ir_etdText
96 Reconstructing paleoenvironments using a mass-energy flux framework2012-12ir_etdText
97 Reimagined Territory: A New Theory of Terrorist Geographies2017ir_etdText
98 Relative contributions of precipitation-induced melt feedbacks to regional glacier mass balance in High Mountain Asia2017ir_etdText
99 Remote Sensing and Geospatial Modeling of Wildland Firefighter Safety2018ir_etdText
100 Restructuring for growth in urban China: transitional institutions, urban development, and spatial transformation2012ir_uspaceText
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