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76 Wife of Lieutenant Barton Flu VictimSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-16
77 High Figure in Flu' Death TollSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-16
78 Influenza Known in Science since 1640Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-16
79 Teachers Volunteer as Flu NursesSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-17
80 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluWashington County News1918-10-17
81 Soldiers over Peak of 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-17
82 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluGarland City Globe1918-10-17
83 Flu NewsSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-17
84 $10,000,000 More is Provided to Combat "Flu"Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-17
85 Masks Should be Seen on StreetsOgden Daily Standard1918-10-17
86 Flu' Real Menace Says Dr. Beatty of UtahOgden Daily Standard1918-10-17
87 Spanish "Flu" Attacks ManyPiute Chieftain1918-10-17
88 Flu Nurses Are Greatly in DemandSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-17
89 Ogden Teachers to Aid Victims of FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-17
90 Don't be Misled ; the ''Flu'' is Real Menace, Dr. Beatty DeclaresSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-17
91 85 New Cases of Influenza, 8 Deaths in UtahSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-17
92 Salt Lake Youth Recovers from FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-18
93 Wage War on Flu to Cut Death Rate, Urges Dr. PaulSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-18
94 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluGunnison Gazette1918-10-18
95 Newsies Don New Gauze Masks to Ward off Flu Strident Tones Not Silenced by Covered Mouth Telegram Army Photographed in Sanitary AttireSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-18
96 1000 New Flu CasesSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-18
97 Fighting 'Flu' in 30 StatesSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-18
98 Inspector Keeps Flu on the GoSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-18
99 Information from State Board on InfluenzaDavis County Clipper1918-10-18
100 Spanish "Flu" is in CampBingham Bulletin1918-10-18
76 - 100 of 1,172