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76 Assessment of Trace Organic Emissions Test Results from the Montgomery Count South MWC in Dayton, Ohio1990uu_afrcText
77 Development of New Type Gas Burner for Radiant Tube1984uu_afrcText
78 Fate of Trace Elements in Combustion of Alternate Fossil Fuels1984uu_afrcText
79 Development of Curtain Wall Flame Burner1984uu_afrcText
80 Burning Low Grade Fuels and Controlling NOX by Water Injection in BBC GasTurbines1984uu_afrcText
81 Recent Trends in the Ijmuiden Research Programmes1984uu_afrcText
82 The Characteristics of Vortex Combustors for Incineration Purposes1984uu_afrcText
83 Liquid Injection Incineration an Ultimate Solution to Hazardous Waste Combustion1984uu_afrcText
84 An Experimental Analysis of Flame Stability of Open Air Diffusion Flames1984uu_afrcText
85 Hazardous Waste Fired Steam Generator: A New Concept1984uu_afrcText
86 Modeling of Destruction Efficiency in a Pilot-Scale Combustor1984uu_afrcText
87 Coal/Water Slurries: Fuel Preparation Effects on Atomization and Combustion1984uu_afrcText
88 The Influence of Size Distribution Characteristics in Heterogeneous Combustion1985uu_afrcText
89 A Numerical Study of Entrained Coal Gasification with The Conchas Spray Code1985uu_afrcText
90 Coal Combustion in Fuel Rich Flames: A Review of Experimental Behavior1988uu_afrcText
91 Influence of Operating Conditions and Coal Characteristics on Ash Deposition in a Pilot-Scale Combustor1988uu_afrcText
92 Modelling of Coal Pyrolysis and Combustion1988uu_afrcText
93 A Laboratory-Scale Furnace to Study Ash Deposition and Fouling Due to Pulverized Coal Combustion1988uu_afrcText
94 NOx Reduction and Burnout Optimisation Using an Aerodynamically Air Staged Burner and an Air Staged Precombustor Burner1988uu_afrcText
95 Pilot Scale Simulation of Ash Deposition on an Isolated Convective Tube: The Effect of Temperature on Deposit Growth1988uu_afrcText
96 NOx Reduction in Fluidized Bed Combustors1989uu_afrcText
97 Nitric Oxide Formation From Fuel-N in Staged Combustion for Liquid Fuels1989uu_afrcText
98 Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling to Study Fuel Burnout in a Low NOx Retrofit Application1989uu_afrcText
99 Evaluation of NOx Control by Cyanuric Acid Injection in an Industrial-Scale Boiler1989uu_afrcText
100 NOx Prediction and Control in Oxygen Enriched Air Natural Gas Burners1989uu_afrcText
76 - 100 of 890