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76 Computer Modeling of a Bark Boileruu_afrcText
77 The Role of the Boiler Work Group in the Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking Processuu_afrcText
78 Methane Carbon Dioxide Mixtures as a Fueluu_afrcText
79 Prediction of the Flammability Limits of Fuel Mixturesuu_afrcText
80 Development of CCME National Emission Guidelines for Commercial/ Industrial Broilers, Heaters and Cement Kilnsuu_afrcText
81 Equilibrium and Experimental NOx Comparisonsuu_afrcText
82 Ultra Low NOx Hot Water Supply Boiler Developmentuu_afrcText
83 Advanced Radiant Combustion System for High Temperature Petrochemical Process Heatersuu_afrcText
84 Recent Progress with the Intelligent Emission Control Systemuu_afrcText
85 Real World Emissions Data from Process Heaters At a Large West Coast Refineryuu_afrcText
86 A Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach to the Design of an Industrial Ultra Low NOx Natural Gas Fired Burneruu_afrcText
87 Reaction Chemiluminescence and its Relationship to Emissions and Stability in a Model Industrial Burneruu_afrcText
88 NOx Reduction by Fuel Injection Recirculation: Insights from Laminar Flame Studiesuu_afrcText
89 Low NOx Experiences Firing Residual Oil in Industrial Broilersuu_afrcText
90 Combustion Aerodynamics of a Pulverized-Coal, Low NOx Swirl Burner: Influence of Flow Types on NOx Emissionsuu_afrcText
91 Reducing NOx Emissions in High-Temperature Furnacesuu_afrcText
92 Modeling and Velocity Measurements at the Burner Throat: The Relationship to Performance in a Model Industrial, Natural Gas Fired Burneruu_afrcText
93 Dilute Oxygen Combustion a New Approach for Low NOx Combustionuu_afrcText
94 Development of an Ultra Low NOx Burner for Natural Gas Oil and Pulverized Coaluu_afrcText
95 Laser Determination of Chemically Active Free Radicals in Flamesuu_afrcText
96 Reorganization of IFRF NETuu_afrcText
97 A New Turbulent Combustion Model Based on Flame Surface Density Conceptuu_afrcText
98 Incineration Behavior of Waste Liquid with Methane-Air Combustion in Triple Coaxial Tube Incinerator and Emissions of Exhaust Gasuu_afrcText
99 Efficient Use of Natural Gas in Furnaces Boilers and Other Process Heating Applicationsuu_afrcText
100 Operation and Control of NOx Reduction Systemsuu_afrcText
76 - 100 of 890