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76 REDCap Research Electronic Data CaptureWong, Bob2010
77 Women Midlife Assessment ProgramDeneris, Ann2010
78 VA Nursing Academy: UpdateJensen, Lisa2010
79 Doing Research: Research Career Trajectory, 1978Morse, Jan2010
80 Case Studies How to Use the Advocate System with Selected Student Conduct IssuesHollister, Lynn; Scheese, Carolyn; Radmall, Carrie2011
81 Integrating Health Literacy Concepts into Undergraduate and Graduate CurriculaChase-Catarini, Sue; Evershed, Sherrie; Gibson, Mary2011
82 Dealing with Chronic Pain and Grief Caused by Death: Suggestions for Clinical PracticeDysvik, Elin; Furnes, Bodil2011
83 Distance Learning Communities: What We Know About PhD Nursing EducationBlack, Andrew2011
84 Global Health for Nursing: International Student PlacementsDeneris, Ann; Cutting Amy2011
85 Ban the 1-10 Scale: An Innovative Approach to Labor PainRoberts, Leissa2011
86 Barriers to Simulation UtilizationHanberg, Allen2011
87 TechnologyZsohar, Helen2010
88 The Barekuma Community Collaborative Development Project: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Global Health DevelopmentDickerson, Ty; Crookston, Benjamin2011
89 Reducing Health Disparities in the US Mexico Border Region Community Academic PartnershipsMcEwen, Marilyn2011
90 Nighttime Sleep Characteristics of Hospitalized Children with CancerLinder, Lauri2011
91 Children Should Be Seen AND Heard: Children's Perspectives of Their Illness-Related ExperiencesLinder, Lauri2018
92 WHRAG Research Projects and Experiences 2011-12Latendresse, Gwen; Dyer, Jane; Murphy, Patricia; Sward, Kathy; Deneris, Ann; Roberts, Leissa; Rothwell, Erin; Wong, Bob2011
93 Reinventing Ourselves as Mid-Career FacultySmith, Jackie; Zsohar, Helen2011
94 Translational Research Translating Evidence into Everyday PracticeBeck, Susan2011
95 Building a Knowledge Base for Health Information Exchange Between Emergency Departments and Poison Control CentersCummins, Mollie S.2012
96 Beyond Complexity in Design Processes and Procedures for Calculating Safe Bed HeightMorse, Jan2012
97 Arterial Compliance and Vascular Function in Patients with Obstructive Sleep ApneaRodway, George2012
98 Injuries Occurring to Older Adults in Rural UtahEdelman, Linda S.2012
99 Things that Start with P: Musings from the Postdoc ExperienceTowsley, Gail2011
100 Re-envisioning the Management of Poisoning InformationCummins. Mollie R.2013
76 - 100 of 165