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76 Presbyterian Church-Third, S.L.C. Ut. p.11930-05-10dha_cpImage
77 Presbyterian Church-Third, S.L.C. Ut. p.21943-11-15dha_cpImage
78 Presbyterian Church-Third, S.L.C. Ut. p.31930-05-10dha_cpImage
79 Presbyterian-Immanuel Church, S.L.C. Ut. p.1dha_cpImage
80 American Baptist Publication Society p.11946-01-31dha_cpImage
81 American Baptist Publication Society p.21946-01-31dha_cpImage
82 Baptist Church, Murray, Ut. p.11943-05dha_cpImage
83 Baptist Church, Ogden, Ut. p.1dha_cpImage
84 Baptist Church, S.L.C. Ut. p.1dha_cpImage
85 Baptist Church, S.L.C. Ut. p.21884dha_cpImage
86 Baptist Church, S.L.C. Ut. p.31883; 1884dha_cpImage
87 Baptist Church, S.L.C. Ut. p.41909-02-24dha_cpImage
88 Baptist Church-Behtel, S.L.C. Ut. p.11943-08-29dha_cpImage
89 Baptist Church-Calvary, S.L.C. Ut. p.11945-09dha_cpImage
90 Baptist Church-Calvary, S.L.C. Ut. p.21966-11-03dha_cpImage
91 Baptist Church-Immanuel, S.L.C. Ut. p.1dha_cpImage
92 Baptist Church-Immanuel, S.L.C. Ut. p.2dha_cpImage
93 Baptist Church-Immanuel, S.L.C. Ut. p.3dha_cpImage
94 Baptist Church-Immanuel, S.L.C. Ut. p.4dha_cpImage
95 Baptist Church-Immanuel, S.L.C. Ut. p.5dha_cpImage
96 Baptist Church-Immanuel, S.L.C. Ut. p.61943-10dha_cpImage
97 Baptist Church-Immanuel, S.L.C. Ut. p.71922-10-04dha_cpImage
98 Baptist Church-Pilgrim, S.L.C. Ut. p.11945-08dha_cpImage
99 Baptist Church-Pleasant Green, Magna, Ut. p.1dha_cpImage
100 Baptist Church-Pleasant Green, Magna, Ut. p.2dha_cpImage
76 - 100 of 30,056