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76 Social Organization of the Western Pueblos [Excerpt]1973wwdl_nehText
77 Coal Creek water rights determination and court decree, 19221924wwdl_nehText
78 Note from E. Richard Hart Papers on Dana Lepofskywwdl_nehText
79 Press releases, Citizens for a Responsible Central Utah Project1978; 1979wwdl_nehText
80 Suitability of New Mexico Lands for Irrigation1974-03wwdl_nehText
81 Richard H. Kern: expeditionary artist in the far Southwest, 1848-1853 [Excerpt] With Sitgreaves to the Pacific, 18511985wwdl_nehText
82 Letter, from Henderson P. Boyakins of the First Illinois Volunteers, Zuni, July 1, 18481848-07-01wwdl_nehText
83 Indians of the Americas: The Long Hope [Excerpt]1947wwdl_nehText
84 Outline history of the Glen Canyon region, 1776-1922 [Draft]1959-06-30wwdl_nehText
85 Letter, Alexander M. Stephen to Frank Hamilton Cushing, dated December 15, 18831883-12-15wwdl_nehText
86 Zuni Tales [Excerpt]1930wwdl_nehText
87 Zia Pueblo Agriculture and Water Use Through the Centuries: Plaintiff's Footnotes 1-371987-02wwdl_nehText
88 Plundering the Pueblo Indians1923-01wwdl_nehText
89 Zuni Ethno-Ornithology [Excerpt]; Description and Analysis of Four Common Prayersticks1963wwdl_nehText
90 Narratives or trie Coronado Expedition, 1540-1542 [Excerpt]1940wwdl_nehText
91 Letter, Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant to John Collier, 1933 (Copy)1933wwdl_nehText
92 Utah Water Resources Council papers, 1980-19811975; 1979; 1980; 1981; 1983wwdl_nehText
93 Zuni irrigation1904-05-01wwdl_nehText
94 Indian Office files: Salmon at Kettle Falls, Columbia River: correspondence-1935 19331933; 1935wwdl_nehText
95 Central Utah Project, Bonneville Unit correspondence, 19781978wwdl_nehText
96 Tube 211: Maps - Upper Colorado Region (October 1965)wwdl_nehText
97 Forgotten frontiers: a Study of the Spanish Indian policy of Don Juan Bautista de Anza, Governor of New Mexico, From the original documents in the archives of Spain, Mexico, and New Mexico [Excerpt]1969wwdl_nehText
98 Indian fishing on Colville Reservation and Columbia River, Washington1932; 1933; 1934wwdl_nehText
99 Deposition of Alvin Lynn Nastacio, February 23, 1980 [Excerpt]1980-02-23wwdl_nehText
100 Statement by Zuni Religious Leaders on Kolhu/wala:wa1984-04-03wwdl_nehText
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