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76 Combustion of Coal-Water Mixture in Test Furnace1983uu_afrcText
77 Coal Preparation for Coal Utilization Purposes1983uu_afrcText
78 A Differential Ultraviolet Resonant Absorption System for the Non-Intrusive Measurement of Nitric Oxide in a Combustion Environment1983uu_afrcText
79 An Interpretation of Time-Resolved Oxygen Concentration Measurements in Coal-Burning Fluidized Beds1983uu_afrcText
80 In-Situ Size Measurements in an Industrial Boiler1983uu_afrcText
81 Standardized Flame/NonFlame, Coal/Non-Coal Ignition/Burnout Time Tests for Neat Pulverized Coals and their Slurries1983uu_afrcText
82 Cars Temperature Measurements in a Coal-Fired MHD Environment1983uu_afrcText
83 In Situ Particle Counting for Research and Industry1983uu_afrcText
84 A Study of the Performance of a Compression-Ignition Engine with Modifications to Enhance Atomization Using Alternative Fuels1983uu_afrcText
85 Measurement of Local Particle Velocities in the Freeboard of a Wood-Fueled Fluidized Bed by Laser Doppler Velocimetry1984uu_afrcText
86 Cyclonic Combustor for Low-Btu Off-Gas Incineration1984uu_afrcText
87 Particulate Emission Control by the Application of Combustion Catalyst1984uu_afrcText
88 American Flame Research Committee of the International Flame Research Foundation1984uu_afrcText
89 Appendix 1 Status of IFRF Research Projects October 19841984uu_afrcText
90 Waste Gas Firing in Process Heaters and Boilers1984uu_afrcText
91 Flow Reactor Studies of the Thermal De-NOx Process1984uu_afrcText
92 An Experimental Study of the Burning Spray of an Unstabilized Synthetic Oil Water Emulsion1984uu_afrcText
93 Two Simple Models for the Noncatalytic Reduction of NO with NH31984uu_afrcText
94 Fluidized Bed Combustion of Feedlot Manure1984uu_afrcText
95 Development of New Type Gas Burner for Radiant Tube1984uu_afrcText
96 The Simultaneous Drying and Pyrolysis of Single Wood Particles and Pellets Made of Peat1984uu_afrcText
97 Fate of Trace Elements in Combustion of Alternate Fossil Fuels1984uu_afrcText
98 Development of Curtain Wall Flame Burner1984uu_afrcText
99 Burning Low Grade Fuels and Controlling NOX by Water Injection in BBC GasTurbines1984uu_afrcText
100 Synthetic Fuel Combustion Characterization1984uu_afrcText
76 - 100 of 994