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76 Agent Hall to Laura B. Work (Supt. Piute Indian School) dated Oct. 26, 19061906-10-20uaida_mainText
77 Agent Hall's appraisal dated June 29, 19061906-06-29uaida_mainText
78 Agent Jewell Martin to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs1914-01-30uaida_mainText
79 Agent Mercer (Ignacio) to Agent Hall dated Nov. 19, 19071907-11-19uaida_mainText
80 Agent Mercer to Commissioner dated 19031903uaida_mainText
81 Agent Mercer to Commissioner dated Sept. 8, 19031903-09-08uaida_mainText
82 Agent Myton to Commissioner dated June 20, 18991899-07-19uaida_mainText
83 Agent W.A. Mercer to Commissioner of Indian Affairs dated April 23, 19031903-04-23uaida_mainText
84 Agent Waugh to Commissioner1890-09-18uaida_mainText
85 Agent Waugh to Commissioner1891-07-09uaida_mainText
86 Agent Waugh to Commissioner of Indian Affairs1890-10-06uaida_mainText
87 Agent Waugh to Secretary of the Interior John D. Noble1893-02-15uaida_mainText
88 Agent at Ouray to Agent Miller at Whiterocks dated March 16, 19051905-03-16uaida_mainText
89 Agreement for Attorney's Fees1927-12-16uaida_mainText
90 Agreement of 1880uaida_mainText
91 Agreement to lease Spanish Fork for an Indian farm dated April 1, 18651865-04-01uaida_mainText
92 Agreement with the Southern Utes in Colorado dated May 1, 18811881-05-01uaida_mainText
93 Agriculture and Industry on Uintah & Ouray Reservation1912-02-16uaida_mainText
94 Allen-Warner Valley Energy System Environmental Impact Statement1980uaida_mainText
95 Allotment of former military reserve1913-04-02uaida_mainText
96 Amos R. Wright Letter1908uaida_mainText
97 Amos R. Wright Record Books1877; 1878; 1879; 1880uaida_mainText
98 An Account of Indian Raids in 1855 William F. Rigby, Undateduaida_mainText
99 Annual Report 19251923uaida_mainText
100 Annual Report of E.E. McKean, Superintendent Sept. 1919uaida_mainText
76 - 100 of 2,188