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76 Nesdill, DaureenElectronic Lab Notebooks on CampusElectronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) were first developed for pharmacy and corporate research. Numerous ELNs were developed. These ELNs were complex and very expensive - $40,000 to set up one lab and $1000 per person per year to maintain. They were not appropriate for university research groups. Eventual...Electron Lab Notebooks; Labguru; Lab Archives; Collaboration; REDCap; Campus site license2016
77 Nesdill, DaureenReproducible research and electronic notebooksReproducibility of research is an increasing concern as researchers move from print to a hybrid print/electronic to a totally electronic research project. In addition, research in many disciplines rely on large datasets, i.e. Big Data. Funding agencies have responded to this concern by addressing th...Electronic Lab Notebooks; Reproducible research; Data management; Collaboration; Best practices; Provenance; Audit trail; Metadata2016
78 Nesdill, DaureenStings from The Hive: Challenges of launching the University of Utah Data RepositoryA series of challenges are described during the launching of The Hive, the data repository of the University of Utah.Collaboration; Data Repository implementation; DOI; Samvera; Creative Commons2018
79 Nesdill, DaureenIntroducing LabArchives to the University of UtahThe University of Utah is an R-1 university with overall sponsored projects totaling over $459 million in 2017. The top agencies funding research are NSF, NIH, DOD and DOE. Over the years technological improvements have increased the amount of digital storage required for research. Faculty were seek...Electronic Lab Notebooks; LabArchives; Data management; Pilot project2018
80 Adamczyk, AbbyA model to integrate data curation services with additional campus services related to researchThe University of Utah has three libraries: main, health sciences, and law. The librarians at the main and health sciences libraries are working together to improve current services and develop new services for researchers. A recent survey of research resources on campus and on the University websit...Data curation services; Development; Research data life cycle; Data repositories; Data management plans2012
81 Nesdill, DaureenElectronic lab notebooks: What librarians need to knowMultidisciplinary projects and increased collaborations with colleagues worldwide increases the complexity of managing projects. Even managing the projects over the course of a career is cumbersome. ELNs provide an efficient system of organizing the work, the data and related documentation. Finding ...Electronic Lab Notebooks: Data; Collaboration; Security; Documentation; Data Management Plans; Marketing2013
82 Love, AprilFrom subject selectors to college and interdisciplinary teamsThe renovation of the J .Willard Marriott Library, coupled with the changing responsibilities of public services librarians and the decreases in financial support, has forced librarians to evaluate their strategic alignment. The new Knowledge Commons has become the center for in-person reference and...Subject specialists; Organization-Library; Collection Development; Outreach; Cross-disciplinary; Collaboration2010
83 Didier, Richard C.Linking microclimate and energy use with a low cost wall mounted measurement systemUrban microclimate plays a critical role in overall urban energy demand and efficiency. At the building scale, energy use and internal conditions are directly impacted by local microclimate. The direct link between building energy use and local microclimate is through building envelope heat fluxes. ...Microclimate; Energy; Temperature; Humidity; Arduino; EnergyPlus2016-06
84 Rahman, AowabinDeep recurrent neural networks for building energy predictionThis poster illustrates the development of a deep recurrent neural network (RNN) model using long-short-term memory (LSTM) cells to predict energy consumption in buildings at one-hour time resolution over medium-to-long term time horizons ( greater than or equal to 1 week).Machine learning; Energy; Building energy modeling; Deep learning; Recurrent neural networks; Prediction2017-01-13
85 Rahman, AowabinPredicting heating demand and sizing a stratified thermal storage tank using deep learning algorithmsThis paper evaluates the performance of deep recurrent neural networks in predicting heating demand for a commercial building over a medium-to-long term time horizon (≥ 1 week), and proposes a modeling framework to demonstrate how these longer-term predictions can be used to aid design of a strati...Building Energy Modeling; Machine Learning; Recurrent Neural Networks; Deep Learning; Heating Load Prediction; Thermal Energy Storage2018
86 Smith, Amanda D.Modeling two-phase flow and vapor cycles using the generalized fluid system simulation programThis work presents three new applications for the general purpose fluid network solver code GFSSP developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center: (1) cooling tower, (2) vapor-compression refrigeration system, and (3) vapor-expansion power generation system. These systems are widely used across eng...Modeling; Fluid systems; Cooling tower; Vapor compression refrigeration, vapor power cycle2017-09
87 Tran, Thomas T.D.Thermoeconomic analysis of residential rooftop photovoltaic systems with integrated energy storage and resulting impacts on electrical distribution networksThis paper investigates residential rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems for long-term thermoeconomic benefits from PV homeowners' perspectives and for impacts on the electrical distribution network from grid operators' perspectives. The costs of generating electricity from grid-connected PV systems ar...Rooftop PV; Net Metering; Distribution Network; Energy storage; LCOE2018-07-07
88 Neatrour, Anna; Myntti, JeremyWestern name authority file: An open data approach to digital collections authority controlA presentation conducted at the NISO Open Data Virtual Conference in 2018.Metadata2018-06-13
89 Youngkin, MaryResolution on Scholarly CommunicationA presentation conducted to the Library Police Advisory Committee discussing rising cost of journal publications.Journals; University of Utah2007-03
90 Codding, Brian F.External impacts on internal dynamics: Effects of paleoclimatic and demographic variability on acorn exploitation along the Central California coastResearch into human-environment interaction in California prehistory often focuses on either the internal dynamics of adaptive decisions or the external impacts of environmental change. While both processes were surely driving prehistoric variability, integrating these approaches is not altogether s...Acorn exploitation; Prehistoric land use; Behavioral ecology2016
91 Myntti, JeremyHot Type: Digitizing Utah's historical newspapersA presentation at the Utah Library Association Conference about digitizing Utah's historical newspapers at the University of Utah.Digital newspapers; University of Utah2018-05-17
92 Vernon, Kenneth B.Prearchaic land use in Grass Valley, Nevada: A novel statistical implementation of optimal distribution modelingUsing Prearchaic (PA) sites in Grass Valley, NV (Fig. 1), this project investigates (i) environmental factors driving variation in PA settlement and (ii) geomorphological factors driving variation in PA surface visibility. Building on previous research [1,2], we evaluate variables using Ideal Free D...Prearchaic - Great Basin; Ideal Free Distribution; Maximum Entropy2018
93 Yaworsky, Peter M.Archaeological Potential of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National MonumentExecutive proclamation 9682 reduces the size of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM), removing protections for at least 2,000 known archaeological sites and an unknown number of undiscovered cultural properties. Because only 10% of the GSENM's 1.9 million acres has been inventorie...Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument; Anthropology-Research2018
94 Pataki, DianeUniversity of Utah Red Butte Creek Strategic VisionA vision for Red Butte Creek at the University of Utah, developed by a RBC Strategic Vision Steering Committee led by Diane Pataki, Biology department.Red Butte Creek; University of Utah; Planning2016
95 Marshall, ColleenEvaluating the impact of an interprofessional education simulation: A methodologyIn an effort to improve the quality of health care delivery, training health professional students to work effectively in interprofessional teams has become a high priority of many educational establishments, and the health professional community (Institute of Medicine, 2015; Association of Departme...Interproffesional teams; Health profession2018
96 Jayamohan, HarikrishnanAdvances in microfluidics and lab on a chip technologiesAdvances in molecular biology are enabling rapid and efficient analyses for effective intervention in domains like biology research, infectious disease management, food safety and bio-defense. The emergence of microfluidics and nanotechnologies has enabled both new capabilities and instrument sizes ...Microfluidics; Lab on a chip; Point of care; PCR; Isothermal amplification; High resolution melting analysis; Cytogenetics; Protein detection; Next generation sequencing; Sample preparation; Library preparation; Cell sorting2017
97 Sung, Yun JuAn empirical comparison of meta-analysis and mega-analysis of individual participant data for identifying gene-environment interactionsMeta-analysis combining results from multiple studies is a standard practice in GWAS. For genetic main effects, meta-analysis has been shown to provide comparable results as mega-analysis that jointly analyzes the pooled data from the available studies. Gene-environment interaction (GEI) studies are...Gene-environment interactions2017
98 Thomas, Tran T. D.Evaluation of renewable energy technologies and their potential for technical integration and cost-effective use within the U.S. energy sectorEnergy demands, environmental impacts of energy conversion, and the depletion of fossil; fuels are constant topics of discussion in the energy industry. Renewable energy technologies; have been proposed for many years to address these concerns. However, the transformation; from traditional methods o...Renewable energy; Power generation; Electrical grid; Emerging energy systems; System integration2017-07
99 Tran, Thomas T. D.System scaling approach and thermoeconomic analysis of a pressure retarded osmosis system for power production with hypersaline draw solution: A Great Salt Lake studyOsmotic power with pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) is an emerging renewable energy option for locations where fresh water and salt water mix. Energy can be recovered from the salinity gradient between the solutions. This study provides a comprehensive feasibility analysis for a PRO power plant in a ...Pressure retarded osmosis; Power generation; Renewable energy; Hydroelectric; Levelized cost2017-06
100 Anderson, James A.Unduplicated empirical theories of 2016In 2016, the seven mainline, empirical journals-Communication Monographs, Communication Research, Human Communication Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Journal of Communication, and Management Communication Quarterly-produced 253 empiric...2016
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