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76 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineOrganic spin-valves: physics and applicationsSpin-valve devices of organic semiconductors in the vertical configuration using a variety of exotic and regular ferromagnetic electrodes were fabricated and studied as a function of applied magnetic field, temperature and applied bias voltage. These devices show that spin polarized carriers can be ...Organic spin-valves; Spin-polarized transport; Spin-polarized carrier injection; Spin polarization2005
77 Bilginsoy, CihanThe hazards of training: attrition and retention in construction industry apprenticeship programsApprenticeship programs in the United States, which provide workers with the broad-based skills required for practicing a trade via on-the-job training, are sponsored either unilaterally by employers or jointly by employers and trade unions. A comparison of the attrition and retention rates in these...2003
78 Couldwell, William T.Petroclival meningiomas: surgical experience in 109 casesThe surgical removal of petroclival meningiomas has historically been associated with a high incidence of morbidity and mortality. The 109 consecutive patients included in the present retrospective study represent a combined series of tumors operated on by the four authors during a period from 1980 ...Petroclival meningiomas; Clivus; Brain neoplasm; Petrous bone; Posterior fossa; Skull base tumor1996
79 Breznay, Ann Marie; Haas, Leslie M.Checklist for starting and operating a digital reference deskSUMMARY. This article explores digital reference and offers practical advice to those interested in implementing a digital reference desk in their library. Digital/chat/online reference services are defined and practical guidelines on staffing, selecting and troubleshooting hardware and software...Online reference; Chat reference; Digital reference2003-11
80 Wu, Yong-ShiManifestations of Berry's topological phase for the photonRecently, Berry recognized in quantum mechanics a topological phase factor arising from the adiabatic transport of a system around a closed circuit, which is essentially the Aharonov-Bohm effect in parameter space. Here we consider manifestations of this phase factor for a photon in a state of adia...Aharonov-Bohm effect; Optical fibers; Waveguide1986-08
81 Scarpulla, MichaelAir shear driven flow of thin perfluoropolyether polymer filmsWe have studied the wind driven movement of thin perfluoropolyether (PFPE) polymer films on silicon wafers and CNx overcoats using the blow-off technique. The ease with which a liquid polymer film moves across a surface when sheared is described by a shear mobility xS , which can be interpreted both...Perfluoropolyether; Polymer films; Air shear; Shear mobility2003
82 Christensen, Douglas A.Computer-aided design of two-dimensional electric-type hyperthermia applicators using the finite-difference time-domain methodA hyperthermia applicator design tool consisting of a finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) technique in combination with a graphical display of electric fields and normalized linear temperature rise is described. This technique calculates, rather than assumes, antenna current distributions; it incl...Finite-difference time-domain method; Hyperthermia applicator1991-09
83 DeTar, CarletonTopological susceptibility in staggered fermion chiral perturbation theoryThe topological susceptibility of the vacuum in quantum chromodynamics has been simulated numerically using the Asqtad improved staggered fermion formalism. At nonzero lattice spacing, the residual fermion doublers (fermion tastes) in the staggered fermion formalism give contributions to the suscept...Staggered fermions; Chiral perturbation2004-10
84 Reichler, Thomas J.Role of boundary and initial conditions for dynamical seasonal predictabilityThe importance of initial state and boundary forcing for atmospheric predictability is explored on global to regional spatial scales and on daily to seasonal time scales. A general circulation model is used to conduct predictability experiments with different combinations of initial and boundary co...Atmospheric predictions; Seasonal forecasting; Boundary forcing2002
85 Miller, Jan D.Critical review of wetting and adhesion phenomena in the preparation of polymer-mineral compositesThe wetting behavior of liquid polymers at solid surfaces and the adhesion forces involved at polymer-filler interfaces should always be considered in the preparation of high-quality polymer composites, including those made with mineral fillers. Spontaneous polymer spreading over the filler surface...Polymer-minerals; Composites; Wetting; Adhesion1995
86 O'Rourke, Dennis H.Refutation of the general single locus model for the etiology of schizophreniaAll published studies on the familial incidence of schizophrenia appropriate for testing the applicability of the general single-locus two-allele model are examined under the assumption of a unitary etiology for all schizophrenia. We show that the single major locus model is inadequate to predict th...Genetics; Diseases in Twins; Chromosome Mapping1982
87 Berg, Cynthia A.Intellectual development in adulthoodAs for writing, I still write - at age 72. My experience is that I have to strive harder, tire sooner and come apart at the seams more completely than was the case when I was younger. The aging mind has a bagful of nasty tricks, one of which is to tuck names and words away in crannies where they arc...Intellectual development2000
88 Wu, Yong-ShiMatrix compactification on orientifoldsGeneralizing previous results for orbifolds, in this paper we describe the compactification of the matrix model on an orientifold which is a quotient space Rd/G as a Yang-Mills theory residing on a quantum space. The information of the compactification is encoded in the action of the discrete symmet...Spacetime; Orientifolds; Compactification; Quantum space1999-06
89 Barusch, AmandaIntergenerational relations in contemporary China: descriptive findings from ShanghaiWith over one billion people, China accounts for nearly a quarter of the world's population. It also has the largest population of elderly (60 and over) living under one government (approximately 80 million). These elderly make up approximately 8 percent of China's population (Banister, 1984). In th...1991
90 Evans, DavidIntroduction to computer concepts
91 Wu, Yong-ShiExplicit solutions of the Bethe ansatz equations for Bloch electrons in a magnetic fieldFor Bloch electrons in a magnetic field, explicit solutions are obtained at the center of the spectrum for the Bethe ansatz equations of Wiegmann and Zabrodin. When the magnetic flux per plaquette is 1/(Q with Q an odd integer, distribution of the roots of the Bethe ansatz equation is uniform except...Bloch electron; Magnetic flux1994-08
92 Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of UtahIAIMS Newsletter January 1996The IAIMS Newsletter provides valuable information about Library activities and resources as well as informative articles related to information technology.IAIMS1996
93 Miller, Jan D.Selective flotation of fossil resin from Wasatch Plateau high-volatile bituminous coalCertain bituminous coals are known to contain appreciable quantities of natural fossil or subfossil resin. Such resinous coals are found in the western US, particularly the Wasatch Plateau coalfield of UT. Some of the seams in this field contain an average of 5% resin. This fossil resin has been r...Bituminous coal; Wasatch Plateau; Resin1989
94 Mathews, V. John; Varner, Michael W.; Clark, Edward B.Robust estimation of fetal heart rate variability using doppler ultrasoundAbstract-This paper presents a new measure of heart rate variability (HRV) that can be estimated using Doppler ultrasound techniques and is robust to variations in the angle of incidence of the ultrasound beam and the measurement noise. This measure employs the multiple signal characterization (MUSI...2003
95 Malloy, Thomas E.Logic of logic and the logic of dreams.For Bateson explanation is the mapping of description onto tautology. "An explanation has to provide something more than a description provides, and in the end, an explanation appeals to a tautology, which as I have defined it, is a body of propositions so linked together that the links between the ...Science; Psychology; Dreams2006-02
96 Williams, Clayton C.Advances in experimental technique for quantitative two dimensional dopant profiling by scanning capacitance microscopySeveral advances have been made toward the achievement of quantitative two-dimensional dopant and carrier profiling. To improve the dielectric and charge properties of the oxide-silicon interface, a method of low temperature heat treatment has been developed which produces an insulating layer with c...Doping; Scanning capacitance microscope; SCM1999
97 Wu, Yong-ShiTwisted supersymmetric invariant formulation of Chern-Simons gauge theory on a latticeWe propose a twisted supersymmetric (SUSY) invariant formulation of the Chern-Simons theory on a Euclidean three-dimensional lattice. The SUSY algebra to be realized on the lattice is the N ¼ 4 D ¼ 3 twisted algebra that was recently proposed by D'Adda et al. In order to keep the manifest anti-Her...Twisted supersymmetry; Chern-Simons gauge theory2008-09
98 Coley, Phyllis D.Antifungal depsidone metabolites from Cordyceps dipterigena, an endophytic fungus antagonistic to the phytopathogen gibberella fujikuroiAmong thirty four endophytic fungal strains screened for in vitro antagonism, the endophytic fungus Cordyceps dipterigena was found to strongly inhibit mycelial growth of the plant pathogenic fungus Gibberella fujikuroi. Two new depsidone metabolites, cordycepsidone A (1) and cordycepsidone B (2), w...2012
99 Miller, Joel StevenNoncollinear antiferromagnetic structure of the molecule-based magnet Mn[N(CN)2]2The crystallographic and magnetic properties of the Mn[N(CN)2]2 compound have been investigated by dc magnetization, ac susceptibility, specific heat, and zero-field neutron diffraction on polycrystalline samples. The magnetic structure consists of two sublattices which are antiferromagnetically cou...Spin; Crystal; Magnetic2000
100 Poulter, Charles Dale; Davis, Darrell R.15N labeled e. coli tRNAMet, tRNAGlu, tRNATyr, and tRNAPhe. Double resonance and two dimensional NMR of H-N1 units in pseudouridineThe N1 imino units in Escherichia coli tRNAfMet, tRNAGlu, tRNAPhe, and tRNATyr were studied by 1H-15N NMR using three different techniques to suppress signals of protons not attached to 15N. Two of the procedures, Fourier internuclear difference spectroscopy and two-dimensional forbidden echo spectr...Escherichia coli; Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; Nucleic acid conformation1985-08-15
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