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76 Modeling Longitudinal Outcomes: A Contrast of Two MethodsBackground: Repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) is frequently used to model longitudinal data but does not appropriately account for within-person correlations over time, does not explicitly model time, and cannot flexibly handle missing data. In contrast, mixed-effects regression address...mixed-effects regression; ANOVA; learning; development
77 Changing distribution of migrant population and influencing factors in urban China: economic transition, public policy, and amenitiesMigrant redistribution; rural-urban and interregional migration; urban transformation; economic transition; floating population2019
78 Rhythm generation, coordination, and initiation in the vocal pathways of male African clawed frogscentral pattern generator; vocalization; parabrachial area; hindbrain; bilateral coordination; motor programs2016
79 Assimilation and Rising Taiwanese Identity: Taiwan-born Immigrants in the United States, 1990-2000This study examines why a growing percentage of Taiwan-born immigrants in the U.S. have identified themselves as Taiwanese rather than ethnic Chinese in the U.S. decennial censuses between 1990 and 2000. The trend appears inconsistent with the assimilation theory, which postulates that ethnic groups...Taiwanese; immigration; identity; economic status; United States2009-06-01
80 Magnetic anisotropy of ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxAs formed by Mn ion implantation and pulsed-laser melting2008
81 Macro effects on the household formation of China s young adults demographics institutional factors and regional differencesHousehold formation, or the extent to which population is transferred into households, determines housing demand and reflects housing wellbeing. Young adults, who are new entrants to the housing market and sensitive to changing market conditions, have faced many challenges in China's fledging housin...Household formation; headship rates; housing demand; the post 1970 generation; demographics; regional differences; non-family households2017-01-24
82 Internet Access, Spillover and Regional Development in ChinaAs Internet access grows at different rates across regions, the Internet has had variable effects on regional economies through agglomeration and spillover effects. This paper uses province-level panel data from 2000 to 2013 to study inequality in Internet access, its spatial effect on regional econ...Digital divide; Internet access; spillover effect; regional economic development; China2017-06-03
83 URK: Utah robot kit - a three-link robot prototypeIn this paper we will present the stages of designing and building a three-link robot manipulator prototype that was built as part of a research project for establishing a prototyping environment for robot manipulators. Building this robot enabled us determine the required subsystems and interfaces ...URK; Utah robot kit; robot manipulator prototype; prototyping environment; robot manipulators; three-link1994
84 Tracing changes in ecosystem function under elevated carbon dioxide conditionsResponses of ecosystems to elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) remain a critical uncertainty in global change research. Two key unknown factors are the fate of carbon newly incorporated by photosynthesis into various pools within the ecosystem and the extent to which elevated CO2 is...Elevated carbon dioxide; Stable isotopes; Radiocarbon; Global change; Terrestrial ecosystems2003
85 Sampling, recruitment, and retention in a bereavement intervention study: experiences from the living after loss projectThis paper reports on the sampling and recruitment challenges, as well as the strategies used to address them in the Living After Loss (LAL) project, a bereavement intervention study conducted in Salt Lake City and San Francisco comparing two 14-week group conditions with follow-up. We encountered...2010
86 Inter- and intraobserver reliability of computed tomography in assessment of thoracic pedicle screw placementStudy Design. Reliability study of computed tomography imaging in 12 cadaver specimens instrumented with titanium or stainless steel thoracic pedicle screws. Objective. To evaluate inter- and intraobserver reliability of computed tomography scan in determining the accuracy of thoracic pedicle sc...Thoracic pedicle screw; Placement; Assessment; Computed tomography2003
87 B-splines for physically-based renderingAlthough B-spline curves and surfaces have enjoyed a long established place in the graphics community as constructive modeling tools, the use of B-spline approximation techniques has received relatively little attention in rendering. In this work we explore the use of 4D and 5D tensor product B-s...B-spline curves; Rendering algorithms2002-01-09
88 A dynamic recursive structure for intelligent inspectionWe suggest a new approach for inspection and reverse engineering applications. In particular we investigate the use of discrete event dynamic systems DEDS to guide and control the active exploration and sensing of mechanical parts for industrial inspection and reverse engineering?? We introduce...Intelligent inspection; Discrete event dynamic systems; DEDS; Industrial inspection; Dynamic recursive structure1992
89 Mechanical stability of ultrathin Ge/Si film on SiO2: the effect of Si/SiO2 interfaceWe perform two-dimensional linear elastic finite element analysis to investigate the mechanical stability of ultrathin Ge/Si film grown on or bonded to SiO2, using imperfect interface elements between Si and SiO2 to model Si/SiO2 interfacial slippage. We demonstrate that the overall composite film i...Ultrathin films; Si/SiO2 interface; Mechanical stability2005
90 The NSR processor prototypeThe NSR (Non-Synchronous RISC) processor is a general purpose processor structured as a collection of self-timed units that operate concurrently and communicate over bundled data channels in the style of micropipelines. These units correspond to standard synchronous pipeline stages such as Instructi...Self-timed Systems; Asynchronous systems; Micropipelines; FPGAs; RISC processor; NSR1992
91 Magnetic resonance neurography for cervical radiculopathy: a preliminary reportMAGNETIC RESONANCE NEUROGRAPHY was used to directly image cervical spinal nerves in patients with clinical and radiographic evidence of cervical radiculopathy. A magnetic resonance imaging phased-array coil system was used to obtain high-resolution coronal T1-weighted spin echo, coronal/axial T2-wei...1996
92 Production of a union list of serials using the PHILSOM Serials SystemThe Eccles Library has used the PHILSOM serials control system since 1969, when it was the first library to join the PHILSOM Network. The PHILSOM system is a comprehensive, automated serials control system, developed and operated as a network by the Washington University School of Medicine Library. ...Union List; PHILSOM; Library Technical Services; Costs and Cost Analysis; Economics1984-01
93 Extinction of antiferromagnetism by holes in CuO2The introduction of a sufficient number of holes into antiferromagnetic planes of Cu02 in La-Cu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O causes antiferromagnetism to disappear at a critical density xc, beyond which superconductivity occurs. We investigate two competing tendencies, which determine the dependence of xc on the...Antiferromagnets1991-08
94 Modeling and simulation of branched wiring networkThe impact of antenna polarization on channel capacity is explored in multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) systems. An idealized polarization model involving branch power rations (BPR's) and channel cross-coupling is incorporated into channel-specific capacity calculations. Results are compared f...2006-01-01
95 A baseband residual vector quantization algorithm for voiceband data signalsAbstract-In this paper, we present a new approach to the digitization and compression of a class of voiceband modem signals. Our approach, which we call baseband residual vector quantization (BRVQ), relies heavily upon the simple structure present in a modem signal. After the signal is converted to...1989
96 Birth of identity: Understanding changes to birth certificates and their value for identity resolutionIntroduction Identity information is often used to link records within or among information systems in public health and clinical settings. The quality and stability of birth certificate identifiers impacts both the success of linkage efforts and the value of birth certificate registries for identit...2014-01-01
97 Sensitivity of epicardial electrical markers to acute ischemia detectionIntroduction: We hypothesize that electrocardiographic measurements from the intramyocardial space contain more sensitive markers of ischemia than those detectable on the epicardium. The goal of this study was to evaluate different electrical markers for their potential to detect the earliest phases...2014-01-01
98 Characterizing efficiency of multi-Enzyme cascade-based biofuel cells by product analysisThe performance of biofuel cells with enzyme cascades have normally been characterized with open circuit potential, power density, and current density measurements. In this work, we demonstrate that with the method of quantitative product analysis by mass spectrometry, we can obtain other valuable i...2014-01-01
99 Received signal strength based bearing-only robot navigation in a sensor network fieldThis paper presents a low-complexity, novel approach to wireless sensor network (WSN) assisted autonomous mobile robot (AMR) navigation. The goal is to have an AMR navigate to a target location using only the information inherent to WSNs, i.e., topology of the WSN and received signal strength (RSS) ...2014-01-01
100 LIM proteins in actin cytoskeleton mechanoresponseThe actin cytoskeleton assembles into branched networks or bundles to generate mechanical force for critical cellular processes such as establishment of polarity, adhesion, and migration. Stress fibers are contractile, actomyosin structures that physically couple to the extracellular matrix through ...2014-01-01
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