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76 A history of the Utah Museum of Fine ArtsAllen, Ronald C.In April 2003, an assessment of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts was completed. The results of the assessment revealed that there were substantially differing accounts of the museum's history. This study raised a critical question: What is the history of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts? The last few years ...Art/Art History2005-05
77 Toward figurative expressionismKasicharemvat, VeeraThe paintings selected for my M.F.A. show evolved during the last year of my graduate study. These paintings were a result of my continual search for the life force or essence of the object through the immediacy of paint. The four monotypes and four series of paintings represented a consid...Art/Art History2002-08
78 SymbiosisDewitte, ElizabethWe have arrived at a point where we, as a community, must reconsider our relationship with the Earth. Our impending growth and the resulting environmental destruction is an issue that must be re-evaluated and focused upon in our everyday lives. As an illustrator, I have set out to create work that ...Art/Art History2000-12
79 Final project paperCarpenter, TaraMy work explores the way people form connections, both inside their brains, and with other people. Neurologist Joseph LeDoux says, "The particular patterns of synaptic connections in an individual's brain, and the information encoded by these connections are the keys to who that person is" (3). In o...
80 Change through processCoberly, Claudia FurnishAfter maintaining a professional painting career for more than twenty years, my primary objective for graduate school has been to gain maturity in my painting. I was determined to expand my work ethic beyond self-imposed limitations. I believe growth and renewal can be achieved through the willin...Art/Art History1998-12
81 Improvisational structureHixon-Longaker, VictoriaI believe archetypal rhythms create life cycles and are manifest in the emotional, philosophical, and physical world. This environment is continuously churned by forces both positive and negative. My work is a direct response to this environment and its impact on the human experience. The power o...Art/Art History1996-06
82 Zan artYamanashi, KeikoThis world in which we live changes blindingly fast, never stopping. Photography is the only method for me to grab a moment in time and to leave it to posterity as a record of truth. There are nowadays many photographers who do not take photographs of objects as they are but who add special effec...Art/Art History2004-12
83 Saint John the Baptist: the model Florentine the transformaiton of John the Baptist's image in fifteenth-century Florentine paintingMuren, Gladys ElizabethSince the earliest years of Italian painting, artists have depicted John the Baptist as an emaciated, weathered, hermit-prophet, a portrayal that reflects his reclusive biblical experience in the wilderness. In the mid-fifteenth century, some Florentine patrons commissioned images of John the Bapti...Art/Art History2005-12
84 Simulations of inputRagland, Gregory S.My art is based on my dreams. By viewing my work you are experiencing simu­lations and reproductions of my dreams. My work is in paint, ceramics, and other mixed media. I use whatever media it takes to re-create the image I saw. I am an artist who uses signs, symbols and dreams to make decisions ...Art/Art History2003-08
85 Carl Theodor Dreyer and La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc: expanding avant-garde modernism in the early twentieth centuryDixon, HilaryDanish film maker, Carl Theodor Dreyer (1889-1964) is acknowledged as one o f the world's great directors. His 1927 film, La Passion de Jeanne d 'Arc is often cited as his greatest masterpiece. However, the works of Dreyer are rarely screened or discussed because they cannot be cate...Art/Art History1999-08
86 Woodfired ceramicsChristiansen, EricThis project is a study of the woodfired ceramic process. It is a personal journey that brought me back to the potters wheel in search of forms that could best respond to the effects of the flame and ash. A desire to recreate the elements typical in extended multiple day fires led me to find meth...Art/Art History1996-06
87 The ultimate American icon is the astronaut: who is more heroic or more alone?Rice, AndrewMy work is about the human condition and specifically about loneliness and melancholy. Who or what is the subject of that loneliness? While I believe in most art as stemming from yourself, from within and somewhat autobiographical, I am confident that I am commenting on people and humanity as a who...Art/Art History2012-12
88 The quasic gardenSevenans, Monique AnnWithin this thesis I will discuss the origins of the work I have created for The Quasiac Garden. It will begin with an explanation of how I use the creation of art as an instigator of my intuition. There is a dependent relationship between the creation of materials and the formal elements of de...Art/Art History1998-03
89 Ritual - ceremony - immortalityFreeman, Etsuko OguraThe following pages describe my experience in the University of Utah's Master of Fine Arts graduate program in ceramics. The technical aspects are not the main focus. The focus is on the symbolism, ritual and ceremony of the installation, "Ritual - Ceremony - Immortality."The challenge was to sea...Art/Art History2005-12
90 The four gracesAshby, M. GraceThe Four Graces is the culmination of two years of graduate work in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Utah. All but three pieces in my MFA exhibit were inspired by early- to mid-Twentieth-Century photography. It was the space and the placement of the figures that I wanted t...Art/Art History2004-12
91 IntersectionDolberg, Daniel GlenThe unifying theme that runs throughout the paintings in my MFA show is that of space versus form. Light versus darkness and the interaction and relativity of color are secondary themes that I explore in my paintings. The subject matter I have chosen to explore in-depth is the architectural form o...Art/Art History2005-12
92 FactitiousLewis J. CrawfordThis paper is a journey into how I discovered the word factitious and re-defmed it for my artistic practice. I have broken down the paper into four different chapters that explore and explain this process. "Narrative Is Necessary," the first chapter, discusses the history of my research on narrati...Art/Art History2009-05
93 100 anos: revolucion Mexicana 1910-2010 (100 years Mexican revolution 1910-2010)White, Luz del Carmen Paredes Almeida deThis is a final project paper based on the celebration of the centennial of the Mexican Revolution 1910-2010. 00 aiios, Revolution Mexicana 1910-2010 is a multimedia exhibition inspired by the celebration of the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution. The exhibition is composed of a series of magneti...Art/Art History2010-08
94 Herbarium obscura: shadow of natureRivera, Nancy E.Nature is ephemeral, fragile, and wild. Over time, we have learned to tame and control it: We grow lawns, cultivate houseplants, and manufacture synthetic facsimiles of nature for aesthetic and ornamental purposes. In this way and more, we manipulate how we experience and understand it. In my exhibi...Art/Art History2016
95 The big unknownBeard, KeithMy MFA experience has taught me that when I allow myself to be vulnerable to the unknown, it creates a better outcome for my work as an artist. My unknowns are based on fear of not knowing how my choices will play out, and a fear of not achieving my full potential. The unknown also represents my rel...Art/Art History2016-08
96 Tom Betts & ephemeral realismBetts, Thomas JohnAs Tom Betts researches his ontology through the creative act of art a hyperrealist oil painting is produced that alludes to society's consumption of time in an age where temporal states of awareness and interaction are governed by technology. He uses the subject of a teacup, a family heirloom that ...Art/Art History2010-05-05
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