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76 Changes in contraceptive method uptake with the removal of cost barriersUnintended pregnancy is a persistent public health problem that has seen a recent decline in prevalence. The decline in unintended pregnancy rates is largely due to the increased use of highly effective reversible contraception (HER-C) methods such as intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants. With r...Womens studies; Public health2017
77 Changes in patterns of political participation and engagement in Thailand, 2001-2007This dissertation presents political participation and engagement trends in Thailand, seeking to explain how and why the quantity, quality, and equality of political participation and engagement have changed during the past decade (2001 - 2010). Data for its quantitative analyses are taken from two...Political engagement; Political participation; Thailand2011-12
78 Changes in women's marital satisfaction across the transition to parenthood: the role of personal adaptabilityMarried couples expecting the birth of their first child usually wait in excited anticipation with the thought of bringing a child into the home. The arrival of a child requires extensive preparation and the experience of transitioning from coupledom to parenthood is met with major changes and chall...Adaptability; Changes; Marital; Parenthood; Satisfaction; Transition2012-08
79 Changing Agricultural Suitability: Model Development and Applications in the Past and FutureModeling the relationships between climate and crop growth is an important tool to study agriculture in the past and future. Agricultural suitability models, which estimate the probability of rain-fed cultivation in a particular location, provide an opportunity to predict agricultural conditions for...Physical geography; Geography; Agriculture2018
80 Characterizing the relationship between Ku-band radar backscatter and snow accumulation on the Greenland ice sheetRecent accelerated mass loss offset by increased Arctic precipitation highlights the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms controlling mass balance on the Greenland ice sheet. Knowledge of the spatiotemporal variability of snow accumulation is critical to accurately quantify ...Greenland ice sheet; Scatterometry; Snow accumulation2012-12
81 Child growth as a measure of resilience to food insecurity in burkina fasoWith the population steadily increasing, the demand for food is of great concern for many developing countries. Agrarian societies in developing nations are of particular concern because their food supply derives primarily from rain-fed agriculture. Increases in drought conditions and lower than ave...Burkina Faso; Childhood Malnutrition; Food Security; Quantile Regression; Resilience2017
82 The child support incentive program: constraints and the capacity for organizational cheating by street-level bureaucratsMany have argued that government "should be run like a business." This argument has evolved throughout the years, but implies that implementing performance measures, benchmarks and incentives will provide inducements for improving organizational performance. While the literature is replete with such...Child support; Child support incentives; Organizational cheating; Principal agency theory; Street-level bureaucrats2010-12
83 Childhood Undernutrition within the Dry Zone of Myanamr: Does Geographic Location Influence Health Outcomes?Food security is dependent on ecological conditions and alterations to local environments, including impacts from climate change. Myanmar is experiencing the second highest rate of extreme weather events in the world and a high level of food insecurity, which threatens the nutritional supply for its...Southeast Asian studies; Geography; Nutrition2017
84 Children's and adolescents' narrative accounts of harming: assuming and mitigating blameThis study investigated how children and adolescents make sense of transgressive experiences in which they assume versus mitigate blame for causing harm. Specifically, the present study focused on how children of various ages constructed different aspects of their moral agency (i.e., one sense-makin...Adolescence (13-17 yrs); Agency; Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Moral development; Narratives; Peer relations2013-08
85 Children's distress during hospital procedures: the role of child life specialistsThe goal of child life specialists is to make the hospital experience easier for pediatric patients and their families. They play numerous roles, from preparing for and supporting children during medical procedures to providing support to healthy siblings of sick children, educating other healthcar...Child Life Specialist2015
86 Children's emotional security in response to marital conflict: the role of emotions and strategies in parents' conflictOver the last two decades, researchers have shifted their focus from documenting statistically significant associations between children‘s adjustment and marital conflict to constructing theories about how and why conflict affects children. One theory is the emotional security hypothesis that posi...Children; Cognitive-contextual; Conflict; Emotional security; Marital2010
87 Children's narrative accounts of being hurt: self-referential focus and consideration of the perpetrator's experienceThis study examined whether the different ways that children are prompted to talk about events in which they were the target of harm are related to their judgments about the event, the perpetrator, and the self. Participants (N=92; 10 - 11-year-olds) were instructed to narrate about their experience...2013-08
88 Choosing good news or bad news: task importance and task diagnosticity as moderators of optimists' and pessimists' preferences for positive and negative feedbackPast research has obtained seemingly contrary findings regarding whether optimists, people who hold positive expectations about their future, approach or avoid self-relevant negative information. The present study (N= 178 college students) aimed to clarify the role of dispositional optimism by ex...Optimism; Pessimism2008-10-28
89 Climate change, asymmetric costs, and the challenge to the capitalist system of production: a macroeconomic perspectiveThis dissertation consists of three papers, each of which addresses what I believe are important gaps in the literature. The first is the impact regional asymmetric costs can have on mitigation and adaptation decisions. Regional cost asymmetries are not unknown in the extant literature, but their im...Asymmetric costs; Bayesian updating; Climate Change; Distribution; Macro; Post-Keynesian2015
90 Climatic influences on two cienega complexes from northern baja california: a ~45,000 year paleoecological recordCiénegas are a type of specialized systems that are found in desert landscapes and characterized by organic-rich and waterlogged soils. The existence of these systems corresponds with stability of the hydrologic cycle in arid landscapes so that when they are active they serve as a dependable source...Baja California; ENSO; Fire; Late-glacial; Monsoon2016
91 Collaboration and Support in Diabetes Management across Adulthood: The Roles of of Attachment and Diabetes DistressCollaboration and support (C&S) from romantic partners is often, but not always, linked with better diabetes management. Attachment may explain when C&S is beneficial. More insecurely attached individuals may benefit more (e.g., higher anxious attachment) or less (e.g., higher avoidant attachment) f...Developmental psychology2018
92 The collective action problem of capitalists and the relative autonomy of the stateThis dissertation explores the economics of regulation prior to and after 1980 in the United States. During the golden age of capitalism, regulation consisted of a set of rules of conduct that imposed mutually binding, socially beneficial restrictions on economic competition. It was widely believed ...club theory; golden age; marx; political economy; regulation; state2015-08
93 Commitment regimes: the intersection of violence and developmentDevelopment practice in conflicted countries is conceptualized and carried out upon a shaky economic theoretical foundation. These theories were built upon research conducted on the development of European nations. This has led to a focus in the development community on investment led growth models,...COIN; Commitment; Contract; Development; Iraq; Reconstruction2014-05
94 Common property and cosmology: conservation incentives among the miskitu of nicaraguaSustainability problems can often be characterized as social dilemmas because the "rational" strategy for an individual's short-term self-interest is suboptimal if everyone follows the same strategy. Such dilemmas may be overcome through social institutions (e.g., common property regimes) and cosmol...Common pool resource; Common property; Miskitu; Natural resource management; Sustainability; Wildlife conservation2015
95 Community design variations in students' environmental walking supportsThere has been a precipitous decline in the number of children who walk to school, an activity that can burn calories and provide healthy bouts of physical activity. This study explores community design among three neighboring communities in Salt Lake County (New Urban, Mixed, and Suburban), and ...School children; Pedestrian areas2009-05-17
96 Community property law and cohabitation ratesThis research looks at the impact that community property law has on cohabitation rates. The risk ingrained in community property states discourages individuals from marriage promoting cohabitation as an alternative that does not have the same ramifications of the law. By comparing community propert...cohabitation; common law; community property; divorce law; Wisconsin2013-05
97 Comparative concepts and methodology used in the study of the family in France and in the United StatesWhen Auguste Conte in his Cours de Philosophie Positive (1830-1842) outlined a place for sociology in his hierarchy of the sciences, the development of the new discipline as an independent science was greatly inhibited. It was established as a synthetic "science of society." No sociological concepts...Sociology; France; United States1939-05-27
98 Comparative explanations of East Asia's growth using neoclassical and post-keynesian modelsThe study estimates economic growth in eight selected East Asian countries using two growth models from two competing schools of thought. The first model is the Post-Keynesian model (Balance-of-Payment Constrained growth model). In this model, demand variables from export and capital inflows determi...East Asia; Growth model; Neoclassical; Post-keynesian2013-12
99 Comparing urban vegetation cover with summer land surface temperature in the salt lake valleyThe climate of urban areas is influenced by the composition and configuration of different land cover types. Urban forests increase human comfort in urban areas by cooling the environment through evapotranspiration and shade. A tradeoff of urban forests in semiarid and arid climates is that they req...Land Surface Temperature; Lidar; Orthoimagery; Random Forest; Salt Lake; Urban Forest2017
100 The competitive effects of charter schools in UtahCharter schools have become an important aspect of Utah's unique K-12 education system as they have increased in both popularity and number in recent years. The increase of charter schools has allowed for a higher degree of parental choice regarding their children's education as well as various effe...Charter schools; Competition; Competitive effect; School choice2013-05
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