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76 Fevold, Harry RichardIn vitro progesterone metabolism by avian testicular tissueProgesterone1961-08thesis
77 Chen, MengIn vivo nuclear magnetic resonance studies on cerebral energy metabolism and age related isoflurane elimination from rat brainDipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine; Energy Metabolism1994-06dissertation
78 Mitzelfelt, Katie AnnInduced pluripotent stem cells and genome engineering in the study of the human 343delt hspb5 chaperone associated with early-onset skeletal myopathyMolecular biology; Cellular biology; Biochemistry2016dissertation
79 Tenney, Doreen NelsonInduction of immunity through the use of in vitro cell cultures of mouse neoplasmsTumors - Experimental studies; Cell culture; Mice as laboratory animals; Cancer cells1965-06thesis
80 Stringfellow, Dale AlanInterferon inducers as antiviral agentsExogenous; Leukocytes1972-08dissertation
81 Wee, YinshenInterferon-Inducible Transmembrane Proteins (Ifitm Proteins) Act as Membrane Organizers by Influencing the Pathways Involved in Endocytosis and Inflammation2015-08dissertation
82 Nielson, Jason RayIntramolecular interactions and lipid signaling regulate mitochondrial translocation of VMS1Genetics; Cellular biology; Biochemistry2016dissertation
83 Smith, Amanda RayInvestigating Human Immunodeficiency Virus Resistance Mechanisms to D-Peptide Entry InhibitorsVirology2018dissertation
84 Safran, Sarah AnnInvestigating protein kinase RNA-Activated (PKR) ligands in VIVO and in Vitro2019dissertation
85 Ojeda, Luis DavidIron sensing in the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMetabolism2006-08dissertation
86 Jouihan, Hani AbdelrahimIron-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction in a mouse model of hemochromatosisEtiology; Mitochondrial Pathology; Iron in the Body; Mice; Physiology2007-05dissertation
87 Brems, David NettleshipIsolation and characterization of a photoaffinity labeled peptide from the catalytic site of prenyltransferase.Isolation; Purification; Lipids; Synthesis1980-08dissertation
88 Bartholomew, Richard MarkIsolation and metabolism of liver glycogen phosphorylase under normal and fasting dietary conditionsEnzymology; Analysis1976-08dissertation
89 Dawson, Renée Janine.Kinetics of homologous recombination in Xenopus oocytes: effects of homology length and substrate concentration.Kinetics; DNA1995-12dissertation
90 Pornillos, OwenLigand interactions of the HIV-1 Gag p6 domain2002-12dissertation
91 Polson, Andrew GorhaMechanism and specificity of double-stranded RNA adenosine deaminase1995-12dissertation
92 Narra, Krishna KanthMechanism of Ceramide-Induced Activation of Protein Phosphatase 2ACeramides; Phosphoprotein; Enzyme Activation; Insulin Resistance2010-01-25thesis
93 Shi, Yu.Mechanism of HIV entry: surface stiffnes and steric defense.HIV (Viruses); Etiology2007-12thesis
94 Bui, Huyen T.Mechanism of mitochondrial dynamin adaptor binding and membrane recruitmentAdaptors; Dnm1; Dynamin; Mdv1; Membrane recruitment; Mitochondrial fission2013-05dissertation
95 F©rster, AndreasMechanism of proteasome stimulation by 11S activatorsCrystallography; Molecular Biology2005-05dissertation
96 Wang, Hui.Mechanisms and inhibition of HIV-1 capsid assembly.Proteasome, Crystallography; Sevenfold Symmetry2002-05dissertation
97 Karren, Mary AnneMechanisms of Dnm1p-mediated mitochondrial fission.Genetics; DNA, Mitochondrial2007-05dissertation
98 Kuttan, AshaniMechanistic insights into editing site specificity of adenosine deaminases that act on RNA: critical role of a conserved loop2-aminopurine; ADAR2; Base-flipping; RNA editing2012-12dissertation
99 Coyne, Harold JeromeMetalloproteins involved in the assembly of cytochrome c oxidase: in vitro and in vivo consequences of metal binding and oligomerizationCytochrome oxidase2007-05dissertation
100 Goff, Gordon DavisMicrobiological aerosols generated by a sewage-treatment processMicaroorganisms; Bacteriophage1972-06thesis
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