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76 Warner, Homer R.Computer Assisted Instruction for Teaching Clinical Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1974
77 Warner, Homer R.Computer Assisted Teaching of Cardiac ArrhythmiasBiomedical Informatics1968
78 Gardner, Reed M.Computer Charting: An Evaluation of a Respiratory Care Computer SystemBiomedical Informatics1985
79 Warner, Homer R.Computer Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1968
80 Gardner, Reed M.Computer Support in Critical Care MedicineBiomedical Informatics1980
81 Warner, Homer R.Computer-Assisted Pregnancy ManagementBiomedical Informatics1987
82 Warner, Homer R.Computer-Based ICU Data Acquisition as an Aid to Clinical Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1982
83 Warner, Homer R.Computer-Based Monitoring of Cardiovascular Functions in Postoperative PatientsBiomedical Informatics1968
84 Warner, Homer R.Computer-Based Monitoring of Patients Following Cardiac SurgeryBiomedical Informatics1969
85 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Alert System Use in Clinical MedicineBiomedical Informatics1979
86 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Blood Gas Interpretation and Reporting SystemBiomedical Informatics1975
87 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Clinical Decision-Support in Respiratory CareBiomedical Informatics2004
88 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Decision-Making in the Pulmonary Function LaboratoryBiomedical Informatics1982
89 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Intensive Care Monitoring at LDS Hospital - Progress and DevelopmentBiomedical Informatics1974
90 Warner, Homer R.Computerized Medication Monitoring SystemBiomedical Informatics1976
91 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Patient Monitoring at LDS Hospital-An EvaluationBiomedical Informatics1971
92 Warner, Homer R.Computerized Practice Guidelines for Heart Failure Management: The HeartMan SystemBiomedical Informatics1995
93 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Protocols Applied to Acute Patient CareBiomedical Informatics1977
94 Gardner, Reed M.Computerized Protocols Applied to Emergency and Acute CareBiomedical Informatics1978
95 Blumenthal, Donald K.; Trewhella, JillConformationally dynamic C helix of the RIalpha subunit of protein kinase A mediates isoform-specific domain reorganization upon C subunit binding.Different isoforms of the full-length protein kinase A (PKA) regulatory subunit homodimer (R2) and the catalytic (C) subunit-bound holoenzyme (R2C2) have very different global structures despite similar molecular weights and domain organization within their primary sequences. To date, it has been th...Protein Isoforms; Global Structures; cAMP2005-10-21
96 Mitchell, Joyce A.Construction of a medical informatics thesaurusMedical Informatics needs a specific terminology that reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the field and can rapidly change as the discipline evolves. Using the four primary methods of thesaurus construction, a group at the University of Missouri- Columbia is developing a thesaurus that meets t...1994-01-01
97 Warner, Homer R.The Control of Cardiac Output During ExerciseBiomedical Informatics1967
98 Mitchell, Joyce A.The creation and early implementation of a high speed fiber optic network for a university health sciences centerIn late 1989 the University of Missouri Health Sciences Center began the process of creating an extensive fiber optic network throughout its facilities, with the intent to provide networked computer access to anyone in the Center desiring such access, regardless of geographic location or organizatio...1991-01-01
99 Warner, Homer R.Data Driven Interpretation of Laboratory Results in the Context of a Medical Decision Support SystemBiomedical Informatics1989
100 Gardner, Reed M.Data Gathering Analysis and Display in Critical Care MedicineBiomedical Informatics1986
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