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76 Group selection by selective emigration: the effects of migration and kin structureGroup selection may operate through selective emigration, as Sewall Wright envisioned, as well as through selective extinction. The discrete-generation model of selective emigration developed here yields the following conclusions. 1. The fitness benefit of altruism, "depends on the frequency of altr...Natural selection; Selective extinction; Evolution1990-03
77 Relatedness and kin-structured migration in a founding population: Plymouth colony, 1620-1633To test the common assumption of no genetic relationship in a founding population, we calculated average relatedness (r) for the emigrants to Plymouth Colony from Europe on seven voyages from 1620 to 1633. Of 355 individuals, 255 could be individually identified and 4 generations of genealogic depth...1991
78 Feminist scholarship in sociology: transformation from within?Few revolutions, epistemological or otherwise, begin in academia. And yet, knowledge producers always play some role in revolutions of any kind, including epistemological revolutions. This paper is in the spirit of recent debates in the Canadian Journal of Sociology about the end of modern sociology...Feminist sociology; Social reality1991
79 Doubts about isonymyThe method of isonymy, developed by Crow and Mange for estimating inbreeding from surname frequencies, requires an assumption that has not been appreciated: It is necessary to assume that all males in some ancestral generation, the founding stock, had unique surnames. Because this assumption is sel...1991
80 Sexual harassment in Canadian academe: explorations of power and privilegeSexual harassment is one of the ways in which women in academe experience inequities. Knowledge about and understanding of sexual harassment is increasing, perhaps even dramatically. Empirical research on sexual harassment in Canada, and particularly in the universities, is an important contributor...Intimidation; Authority; Powerlessness1991
81 Patterns of genetic variation in native AmericaAllele frequencies from seven polymorphic red cell antigen loci (ABO, Rh, MN, S, P, Duffy, and Diego) were examined in 144 Native American populations. Mean genetic distances (Nei's D) and the fixation index FST are approximately equal for the North and South American samples but are reduced in the...Gene frequencies; Amerinds; Genetic Distance1992
82 Women and family in the later years: findings from the 1990 general social surveyAging is a feminist issue. Women on average live longer than men, live longer in disability or with chronic health problems, more often experience the deaths of spouse and friends, more often live alone in their later years, are significantly poorer than men of the same age, and more often institu...Middle age; Old age; Family life; Women1992
83 Evolving regulatory structure of European church-state relationshipsIn Western Europe, many contemporary churches have achieved remarkable levels of administrative autonomy and tangible resource support. Yet paradoxically, public participation in the traditional churches appears marginal. In Eastern Europe under Communism, churches experienced varying levels of hos...Regimes; Environment; Regulation1992
84 Noninnatist alternatives to the negative evidence hypothesisIn this commentary we consider three issues. First, we suggest that Crain's definition of innateness is not biologically plausible. Second, we show how the criteria he uses as hallmarks of innateness can have alternative explanations. Finally, we reinterpret his research findings on grounds that do ...1992
85 Quantitative genetics of sexual dimorphism in human body sizeA classical data set is used to predict the effect of selection on sexual dimorphism and on the population means of three characters--stature, span, and cubit--in humans. Given selection of equal intensity, the population means of stature and of cubit should respond more than 60 times as fast as d...Societies; Selection; Species1992
86 Alice in demographyland: how it looks from the other side of the looking glassThe challenges are many in reflecting on women in demography in Canada in the 1990's. On the one hand, so much is known about women in academia and the hurdles that still need to be overcome " institutionally and intellectually. So much more research exists in the area than it did only a decade ago....Women; Universities; Academic life1992
87 Perspectives for viewing intellectual development throughout the life courseWhat has one voice and is four-footed, two-footed, and three-footed? The task of characterizing intellectual development throughout the life course can be likened to the situation that faced the Thebans as they tried to solve this riddle of the Sphinx. Oedipus gave the correct answer to this riddle...1992
88 On sharing and work (a comment on Bird-David)Bird-David (CA 33:25-47) discusses reasons for the persistent vitality and wide appeal of Sahlins's influential characterization of hunter-gatherers as representatives of 'original affluence."1992-01-01
89 On optimal foraging models and subsistence transitionsLayton, Foley, and Williams are right: "progress" doesn't explain transitions from hunting and gathering to agriculture, by theory and models from behavioral ecology might.1992-01-01
90 Single parenthood: policy apartheid in CanadaPolicy discussions regarding single parents often move to income maintenance issues. While the risk of poverty for single mothers with dependent children is high, attention devoted largely to the policy challenges of income maintenance for single mothers may have two unfortunate consequences. Firs...Single mothers; Social policy; Canada1993
91 Developing through relationships origins of communication, self, and cultureI began to consider the study of relationships as an intellectual vocation in 1970, the result of two years of college teaching that was part of my work as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Bogota, Colombia. After another year I began my doctoral training in the Department of Education at th...1993
92 Emotional support and family contacts of older CanadiansElderly people can no longer expect to spend their senior years living with their families. This is particularly true for older women, who as widows are more and more likely to be living alone. With more seniors living on their own, emotional support from family may not be as easy to come by as i...1993
93 Where the contradictions meet: women and family security in Canada in the 1990sFamily and security are both contested ground in Canada in the 1990s. The family and family values are lauded sentimentally on both sides of the 49th parallel. Yet, more and more families, Canadian and American - families with children, aging couples and the working poor - are lining up at food bank...Values; Responsibilities; Opportunities1993
94 Challenges to mental health promotion among working women in CanadaHealth promotion efforts have concentrated on promoting physical well-being with psychological benefits perhaps most often among men. With greater proportions of women now working, the workplace provides excellent opportunities for health promotion and education for women. Given increasing recognit...Working women; Canada1993
95 On why male foragers hunt and share food: Reply to Hill and KaplanMy argument is this: Some food resources, notably large animals when they are unpredictably acquired, are too expensive to defend. Other can claim shares of them without repaying shares of the same foods later.1993-01-01
96 Mismatch distributions of mtDNA reveal recent human population expansionsAlthough many genetic studies of human evolution have tried to make distinctions between the replacement and the multiregional evolution hypotheses, current methods and data have not resolved the issue. However, new advances in nucleotide divergence theory can complement these investigations with a ...1994
97 Explaining moral varietyReflection on the variety of forms of social life has long been a source of moral skepticism. The thought that there are many radically different social systems, each of which colors the way its members think about moral and political questions, has been thought by many moral philosophers to underm...Standards; Cultural; Criticism1994
98 Founder effect: assessment of variation in genetic contributions among foundersWe present a Monte Carlo method for determining the distribution of founders' genetic contributions to descendant cohorts. The simulation of genes through known pedigrees generates the probability distributions of contributed genes in recent cohorts of descendants, their means, and their variances.1994
99 Role of problem interpretations in understanding the development of everyday problem solvingImagine the following conversation between an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old. The two are fighting over how best to solve a problem that the 14-year-old experienced while working on a project at school. The problem involved completing the project so that it would be competitive for the class prize. T...1994
100 Is migration kin structured?We estimate the strength of kin-structured migration in six human populations (five from New Guinea and one from Finland) and in one population of nonhuman primates. We also test the hypothesis that migration is not kin structured by generating a sampling distribution of the estimator under the null...1994
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