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76 Landesman, Bruce M.Confidentiality and the lawyer-client relationshipThe Model Rules of Professional Conduct proposed by the American Bar Association differ from the presently enforced Code of Professional Responsibility in a number of ways. This essay focuses on the differences with regard to the scope and limits of confidentiality in the lawyer-client relationship.Professional Conduct; Confidentiality; Professional Responsibility2006-06-16
77 Morrow, CarolynAnother aspect of the fénix: Lope as writer of autosHispanists have frequently lamented the loss of a large number of the comedias of Lope de Vega while, proportionately, there may be greater cause for regret in the case of his autos. Texts of only forty-odd of these are known today - a number quite different from the four hundred which Juan Pérez ...1972
78 White, Nicholas P.Review of M. Schofield and G. Striker, eds., 'The Norms of Nature'This is a review of of The Norms of Nature: Studies in Hellenistic Ethics, edited by Malcom Schofield and Gisela Striker. The book contains nine studies on Epicurean, Stoic, and Skeptic views on value and ethics.Book review; Values; Epicureans (Greek Philosophy;); Stoics; Philosophy;, Ancient1990
79 Battin, Margaret P.Two cardiac arrests, one medical teamThe most painful of all medical care decisions concerns life-preserving measures which, because of limited resources, require certain individuals to be excluded in favor of others. How does one weigh the relative rights of individuals to such care? Whenever possible, decisions to withhold lifesaving...1982
80 White, Nicholas P.Rational self-sufficiency and Greek ethics.This is a book review of Martha C. Nussbaum's The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy; (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986).Ethics; Moral Philosophy;; Book reviews1988
81 Andreou, ChrisoulaInstrumentally rational myopic planningI challenge the view that, in cases where time for deliberation is not an issue, instrumental rationality precludes myopic planning. 1 show where there is room for instrumentally rational myopic planning, and then argue that such planning is possible not only in theory, it is something human beings ...Rationality; Practical reason; Motivations2004
82 Hanna, Patricia LeeWhose child? children's rights, parental authority and state power (Book Review)A review of the book "Whose Child? Children's Rights, Parental Authority and State Power" edited by William Aiken and Hugh LaFollette.Books, reviews; Children's rights1981-10
83 Hayes-Harb, RachelThe influence of the Pinyin and Zhuyin writing systems on the acquisition of Mandarin word forms by native English speakersThe role of written input in second language (L2) phonological and lexical acquisition has received increased attention in recent years. Here we investigated the influence of two factors that may moderate the influence of orthography on L2 word form learning: (i) whether the writing system is shared...Second language acquisition(SLA); Mandarin; Pinyin; Zhuyin; Orthographic input; Second language phonology; Second language word learning2016-03-06
84 Goldberg, Robert A.Jewish perspectiveOUR TOPIC POSES two key questions. First, what are the pitfalls of writing from within our own religious tradition? Second, what are the advantages? In thinking about the Jewish tradition, my mind conjures up and fixes upon a quotation from Sheriff Wyatt Earp, upholder of law and order in Dodge City...2002
85 Francis, LeslieEnd of life decision-making for patients with dementiaIn decision-making for patients with dementia, law and bioethics recognize two central goals: protecting the patient's autonomy and protecting the patient's best interests. These two objectives are not always consistent, however, nor easily applied over the long, downhill course experienced by mos...2001
86 Crowe, Benjamin D.Heidegger and the prospect of a phenomenology of prayerAn attempt to contribute to a "phenomenology of prayer" ought to begin with the recognition that the word "phenomenology" means many different things to many different people. Moreover, it must be recognized that none of these usages has any obvious claim to being the normative one. Given these ines...2005
87 Downes, Stephen M.Socializing naturalized Philosophy; of sciencePresents an approach to naturalized Philosophy; of science that considers the nature of scientific practice. Cognitive individualism; Three-level model of the social nature of scientific practice.Individualsim; Science, Philosophy2001-09-11
88 Haber, MatthewMorphology, ultrastructure, and function of extrafloral nectaries in three species of CaesalpiniacaeLight and electron microscopy reveal that the morphologically well-differentiated petiolar nectaries of Ckamaecrista fasciculata, Senna hepecarpa, and S. marilandica have an unusually simple anatomy consisting of an epidermis immediately subtended by a mass of small, loosely-packed parenchyma cells....Extrafloral nectaries; Morphology; Ultrastructure; Function; Cutin; Phloem; Parenchyma; Chamaecrista fascicu; Senna hepecarpa; Senna marilandic1999
89 White, Nicholas P.Review of T. Penner, 'The ascent from nominalism'This is a review of Terry Penner's The Ascent from Nominalism. Penner's book is an attempt to reorient Platonic studies, not so much by raising new issues as by looking at the old ones differently.Book review; Platonism; Philosophy;, Greek1991
90 Downes, Stephen M.Can scientific development and children's cognitive development be the same process?Assesses the value of the developmental psychology of science proposed by Alison Gopnik and Andrew Meltzoff to the understanding of scientific development. Role of distinctions between ontogeny and phylogeny when appealing to biology for theoretical support; Conception of cognition as a set of verid...Cognition; Developmental psychology; Ontogeny; Phylogeny; Science, Philosophy2001-09-11
91 Francis, LeslieLegitimate expectations, unreasonable beliefs, and legally mandated coverage of experimental therapyPhotographs of patients seeking contributions for expensive bone marrow transplants are an everyday image on supermarket checkout stands. Benefit concerts, newspaper stories, and community fundraisers pitch in to help patients who cannot otherwise afford expensive medical interventions. Patients wit...Experimental therapy; Mandated coverage; Off-label drug uses2004
92 Andreou, ChrisoulaAddiction, procrastination, and failure points in decision-making systemsRedish et al. suggest that their failures-in-decision-making framework for understanding addiction can also contribute to improving our understanding of a variety of psychiatric disorders. In the spirit of reflecting on the significance and scope of their research, I briefly develop the idea that t...Addiction; Failure in decision-making systems2008-08
93 Morrow, CarolynLenguaje y Cultura de la Generación X en España: Historias del Kronen de Jose Angel ManasSka-P, una banda madrileña, ofrece una perspectiva típica sobre las realidades sociales actuales en España en uno de sus versos: "vigilan desde arriba este sistema delincuente". Señala el desencanto ante los escándalos de corrupción y otras lacras sociales que agobian al país al evaporarse el...Young adults, Spain; Generation X, Spain; Culture, Spain; Literature, Spain2006-07-19
94 Crowe, Benjamin D.On the track of the fugitive Gods: Heidegger, Luther, HolderlinAt each of the decisive turning points in his philosophical career, Heidegger found inspiration in Holderlin. More recently, commentators have raised questions about the role that his reading of Holderlin played in Heidegger's political actions of the 1930s. It has been suggested that Heidegger's...Philosophy;; Theology; Religion; Nationalism2007
95 Battin, Margaret P.Applied professional ethics and institutional religion: the methodological issuesIn the last several years, philosophical enthusiasm for applied professional ethics has spread from medicine to law, education, government, engineering, business, and to other professional and semiprofessional fields. Each involves an institutional structure within which professional practitioners p...Professional ethics; Religion; Applied ethics1984
96 Downes, Stephen M.Review of Jarrett Leplin, Novel Defense of Scientific RealismMany historians of science may hope that philosophers will one day stop arguing about scientific realism and come and join in the hard business of achieving a historically informed understanding of science. But Jarrett Leplin's book guarantees that there will be more arguing about scientific realism...Concept of novelty; Uniqueness; Logical relations1999
97 Francis, LeslieEminent domain compensation in the Western states: a critique of the fair market value modelBoth the United States Constitution and the constitutions of the states of the intermountain west and the Pacific Coast prohibit the state from taking property without paying just compensation. Thus, there are two basic issues in any eminent domain case. First, has governmental interference with pro...Eminent domain; Compensation; Governmental interference; Fair Market Value2006-06-16
98 Tuttle, Howard N.Ortega's vitalism in relation to aspects of Lebensphilosophie and phenomenologyJose Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) claimed that since 1914, with the publication of his Meditations on Quixote, the basis of all his thinking had been the phenomenon of human life.' Both Ortega and his commentators have noted the similarity of his idea of human life to certain aspects of recent German...1981
99 Chatterjee, DeenMoral distance: introductionThis issue of The Monist is devoted to the question of how we should gauge the moral significance of distance. "Moral distance," by analogy with "aesthetic distance," may signify degrees of moral indifference, but that is not the theme we are concerned with here. The problem of distance in mora...Distance; Boundaries; Morality2003
100 Tuttle, Howard N.Negation of historyHistory is inevitably involved in our philosophical reflections about human nature and destiny. Yet in the past, Philosophy; has had an uneasy and questionable relationship to history. In this paper I would like to examine seven paradigmatic cases which hopefully will illustrate some crucial aspects...1982
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