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76 Nichols, ShaunExplicit factuality and comparative evidence.We argue that Dienes & Perner's (D&P's) proposal needs to specify independent criteria when a subject explicitly represents factuality. This task is complicated by the fact that people typically "tacitly" believe that each of their beliefs is a fact. This problem does not arise for comparative evide...Philosophy;; Factuality; Dienes & Perner's Proposal1999-12-16
77 Crowe, Benjamin D.F. H. Jacobi on faith, or what it takes to be an irrationalistF. H. Jacobi (1743-1819), a key figure in the philosophical debates at the close of the eighteenth century in Germany, has long been regarded as an irrationalist for allegedly advocating a blind ‘leap of faith'. The central claim of this essay is that this venerable charge is misplaced. Following...2009-09
78 Battin, Margaret P.False dichotomy versus genuine choice the argument over physician-assisted dyingDespite a growing consensus that palliative care should be a core part of the treatment offered to all severely ill patients who potentially face death,1 challenging questions remain. How broad a choice should patients have in guiding the course of their own dying? What limitations should be placed ...2004
79 White, Nicholas P.Forms and sensibles: Phaedo 74B-CIn Phaedo 74b6-c6 Plato offers an important argument for the proposition that such things as "the equal itself," i.e. such things as are often called "Forms," are distinct from sensible objects. The argument is especially important because it is one of a very small number of explicit arguments-perha...Plato; Forms; Sensibles1987
80 Thalos, Mariam G.From human nature to moral PhilosophyIn this essay I've illustrated the effects of exposing the question of the self to empirical scrutiny, showing that it leads to a partial dissolution of the manifest image. And that this, in turn, leads to seeking articulation of the relationship between moral and political Philosophy;, as to whethe...Self; Empiricism; Moral Philosophy;; Political Philosophy2002
81 Thalos, Mariam G.From paradox to judgment: an essay on the metaphysics of expressionThe Liar sentence is a singularly important piece of philosophical evidence. It is an instrument for investigating the metaphysics of expressing truths and falsehoods. And an instrument too for investigating the varieties of conflict that can give rise to paradox. It shall serve as perhaps the most ...Liar sentence; Metaphysics; Paradox; Human Nature; Truth; Falsehood2005
82 Thalos, Mariam G.From paradox to judgment: towards a metaphysics of expressionThe Liar sentence is a singularly important piece of philosophical evidence. It is an instrument for investigating the metaphysics of expressing truths and falsehoods. And an instrument too for investigating the varieties of conflict that can give rise to paradox. It shall serve as perhaps the most ...Language; Sentences; Semantic2005
83 Andreou, ChrisoulaGetting on in a varied worldAre greed and ruthlessness contrary to reason? Is immorality a form of irrationality? Much of contemporary ethical theory is a debate between Kantians, who argue that the dictates of morality are dictates of reason, and Humeans, who argue that reason is neutral between morality and immorality. T...Kantians; Humeans; Immorality2006
84 Kachi, YukioGods, forms, and socratic pietyThe recent resurgence in Socratic scholarship has been rather unconcerned with the religious dimension of Socrates' thought. Yet there can be no doubt that there is such a dimension, and that it is significant to his Philosophy;. After all, Socrates was tried and found guilty of impiety.Socrates; Philosophy;; Divine1983
85 Francis, LeslieGroup compromise: perfect cases make problematic generalizationsRothstein argues that groups may be harmed by research on deidentified data. He concludes that researchers are obligated to minimize group harms and demonstrate respect for a studied group through robust opt-out capacities, information about the possibility of group-based harms, and publications ref...2010-01-01
86 Millgram, ElijahHarman's hardness argumentsIn "Change in View" Gilbert Harman produces arguments of the following pattern: Of two competing methods of belief revision, one is too hard; the other must therefore be the rational method. I will call arguments of this form hardness arguments. Hardness arguments are not, of course, peculiar to Har...Philosophy;; Rationality; Reason; Cognition1991-09
87 Hanna, Patricia LeeHaving children: philosophical and legal reflections on parenthood (Book Review)A review of the book "Having Children: Philosophical and Legal Reflections on Parenthood".Books, reviews; Parenthood; Philosophy; Law1981-07
88 Landesman, Bruce M.Health care in a national health program: a fundamental rightDo or should Americans have a right to health care or some appropriate level of it? To explore this difficult and complex question, we must say something about rights and ways to justify them; about considerations which favor a right to health care; about what level and kind of care the right may in...Health care; Rights; Americans1992
89 Crowe, Benjamin D.Heidegger and the prospect of a phenomenology of prayerAn attempt to contribute to a "phenomenology of prayer" ought to begin with the recognition that the word "phenomenology" means many different things to many different people. Moreover, it must be recognized that none of these usages has any obvious claim to being the normative one. Given these ines...2005
90 Downes, Stephen M.Herbert Simon's computational models of scientific discoveryHerbert Simon's work on scientific discovery deserves serious attention by philosophers of science for several reasons. First, Simon was an early advocate of rational scientific discovery, contra Popper and logical empiricist philosophers of science (Simon 1966). This proposal spurred on investigati...Android epistemology; Psychological processes; Cognitive individualism1990
91 Downes, Stephen M.Heredity and heritabilityPhilosophical discussions of heredity have focused on the sustainability of heritability analyses and more recently on the units of heredity. Here I introduce the concept of heritability and the problems associated with it. Next the units of heredity discussion is introduced. Here I consider alterna...DNA; Heredity; Heritability2004-07-15
92 Battin, Margaret P.High-risk religionAmong some of the more colorful groups on the American religious spectrum, the religious faith of believers seems to involve a willingness to take substantial physical risks"risks to health, to physical functioning, even the risk of death. These groups include several in which the risks a believer ...Religion; Physical risk; Choice; Death1989
93 Kukathas, ChandranHistory of political theory and other essays (Book Review)Reviews the book `The History of Political Theory and Other Essays,' by John Dunn.Books; Political Theory2001-09-17
94 Goldberg, Robert A.Hooded empire: the Ku Klux Klan in ColoradoThe decade of the 1920s conjures up a unique cluster of images. A few broad, organizing conceptions dominate as people and events are filtered through a screen of memories, books, and films. This was the era of "normalcy," prohibition, "flaming youth," and the "golden glow." George Babbitt, Al Capon...1981
95 Millgram, ElijahHume on practical reasoning (Treatise 463-469)The claim that " 'is' does not entail 'ought'" is so closely associated with Hume that it has been called 'Hume's Law'.1 The interpretation of the passage in Hume's Treatise of Human Nature that is the locus classicus of the claim is controversial. But the passage is preceded by three main bodies ...Morality; Human Nature; Deductive1997
96 Kachi, YukioHwa Yol Jung, Question of rationality and the basic grammar of intercultural textsHow can we understand other cultures? How can we talk and write about them without ethnocentric prejudice? These questions are as difficult as they are urgent. To begin with, we may say that to understand other cultures we must be objective. But if objectivity involves epistemological independence f...Lateral universal; Book review; Jung, Hwa Yol1989
97 Downes, Stephen M.Importance of models in theorizing: a deflationary semantic viewIt is commonly acknowledged in science that model construction is one of the most important components of theorizing. Philosophers of science are gradually coming to acknowledge this situation, spurred on by holders of the semantic view of theories. In this paper I wish to defend a very deflationary...Theories; Mathematical; Scientific1992
98 Haber, MatthewIn defense of the organism: Thomas Pradeu (Elizabeth Vitanza, trans.): The limits of the self: immunology and biological identity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012, ix+302 pp, ISBN: 978-0-19-977528-6, $65 HB.Thomas Pradeu's The Limits of the Self provides a precise account of biological identity developed from the central concepts of immunology. Yet the central concepts most relevant to this task (self and nonself ) are themselves deemed inadequate, suffering from ambiguity and imprecision. Pradeu seeks...2014-01-01
99 Francis, LeslieIn the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)Reviews the book `In the Realm of Legal and Moral Philosophy;,' by Matthew H. Kramer.Books; Philosophy2001-01
100 Hayes-Harb, RachelThe influence of the Pinyin and Zhuyin writing systems on the acquisition of Mandarin word forms by native English speakersThe role of written input in second language (L2) phonological and lexical acquisition has received increased attention in recent years. Here we investigated the influence of two factors that may moderate the influence of orthography on L2 word form learning: (i) whether the writing system is shared...Second language acquisition(SLA); Mandarin; Pinyin; Zhuyin; Orthographic input; Second language phonology; Second language word learning2016-03-06
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