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76 Kilcoin, Tyler NicoleThe erotic as response: "the resurrection of the body" in d.h. lawrence and georges batailleThis project examines three literary texts written by two modern writers, D.H. Lawrence and Georges Bataille. D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover and Georges Bataille's short stories, "Madame Edwarda" and "The Dead Man," deviate from conventional depictions of eroticism from the early to mid-twe...Comparative literature; Romance literature; British and Irish literature; Gender studies2016
77 Hain, Kathryn AnnThe slave trade of european women to the middle east and asia from antiquity to the ninth centuryIn the mid-ninth century, an Abbasid intelligence officer, Ibn Khurdadhbih, wrote a geography book, the extant sections of which describe the existing trade routes, products, and two major trade networks of the early Abbasid Empire. The Rus or Norse tradslave trade; slave women; trade to Baghdad; trade to China; trade to India2016
78 Hansen, Kody DouglasStructurating activity coordination during change in a facilities management organizationThis thesis project observes communication processes within and between activity systems in a large facilities management organization during a period of strategic change implementations. Twenty-seven interviews with employees from various divisions were analyzed using the constant comparative appro...activity; change; communication; facilities; organization; structuration2015
79 Paliewicz, Nicholas StephenNetworks of corporate subjectivity: southern pacific, rio tinto, bp and the rhetorical emergence of the corporate subjectThis dissertation maps networks that have enabled corporations to emerge as the most forceful argumentative and rhetorical subjects in our current communicative moment. Corporations are constitutional subjects within the legal arena, citizen-subjects in local and global communities, and visual subje...BP; Corporate Subject; Humanism; Latour; Rio Tinto; Southern Pacific2015
80 John, Kevin K.Using eye-tracking to optimize skin self-examination trainingUsing eye-tracking technology to capture the visual scanpaths of a sample of laypersons (N = 92), the current study employed a 2 (training condition: ABCDE vs. Ugly Duckling Sign) Ã- 2 (visual condition: photorealistic images vs. illustrations) factorial design to assess whether SSE training succee...dermatology; eyetracking; melanoma; skin self-examination; SSE; training2015
81 Stringham, Margaret JaneFrom red hoods to blue beards: fairy-tale intertexts in alejandra pizarnik and sylvia plathThis study addresses the unsung fairy-tale intertext between Alejandra Pizarnik and Sylvia Plath. As it does so, this project steps away from psychic considerations of their creative work as suicide poets and creates an international intertextual fairy-tale dialogue that fills a gap in the critical...Fairy Tale; Poetry2014
82 Siska, Amanda Friz"You have to be your own doctor": neoliberal reconfigurations of expertise on thebump.comExpertise is increasingly relied upon in the making of decisions, particularly decisions pertaining to health and pregnancy. And yet, recent interactions between scientists and the American public have highlighted the fact that scientific expertise has become a contested, if not rejected, form of kn...authenticity; expertise; neoliberalism; online communities; pregnancy; rhetoric2013
83 Ford, JulieDeterminants of the sex ratio at birth: evidence from the china 2000 and 2010 county population censusBy analyzing evidence from the China 2000 and 2010 County-level Censuses, which includes over 3,000 county units, questions regarding which socio-demographic covariates correlate with the sex ratio at birth can be answered. This study investigated variables that have connections to gender discrimina...China; China county census; education gap; Sex ratio at birth; virilocal marriage; women2014
84 Shehata, Asmaa KWhen variability matters in second language word learning: talker variability and task type effectsThis study addressed the role of talker variability in the perception of nonnative contrastive phonemes by adult second language (L2) learners who had no prior knowledge with the target language. Specifically, the study explored how training with varying talkers could affect native English speakers'...Language Perception; Talker Variability; Task Type; Variability; Word Learning2013
85 Seegert, NatashaAnimate rhetoric, queer beasts: rewilding domesticityBoundary violations between the human and the more-than-human serve as unruly "crossings" that queer and rewild the world as we know it. Animate Rhetoric, Queer Beasts: Rewilding Domesticity explores such puncturings of our everyday worlds. Specifically, I am interested in how animals challenge and ...Communication; Environmental Studies; Rhetoric2014
86 Mcauliffe, Shena MarieThe healing machineThe compositions in The Healing Machine are assemblages of archival and invented documents, narratives, meditations, and language. Formally, they are assembled from fragments, capitalizing on the human impulse to connect unlike things, to see patterns and invent coherent narratives ...Creative Writing; Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Short Stories2014
87 Liu, YanqinA constructionist perspective on human rights tension between china and the u.s.Human rights are a controversial topic between U.S. and China. Although both countries embrace the concept of human rights, they have different understandings of what constitutes human rights. These differences derive from a variety of factors, including historical, cultural, and social contexts. Th...Human Rights; Social Construction; U.S.-China Communication2013
88 Sanford, Helen SheeanThe development of higher education in colonial timesOf the nine colleges established before the Revolution, viz. Harvard, William and Mary, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Brown, Rutgers, and Dartmouth, only four, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton, have followed closely the lines first laid out. They have always been most...Education, Higher -- United States -- History; Universities and colleges -- United States -- History1915
89 Palm, KatherineThe cohesive power of the Irish dramaEver since the crafty Henry II obtained a bull from the English Pope Adrian II "to enter Ireland and execute therein whatever should pertain to the honor of God and the welfare of that land" English power in Ireland rooted, grew and flourished, and propagated no end of internal troubles.English drama -- Irish authors1915
90 Larsen, JessicaHow `enjoying a meal' is similar to `beginning a book': investigating compositionality and the processing of complement coercion verbsWhile the majority of linguistic theories concerned with semantic interpretation assume some form of compositionalityâ€"the notion that the meaning of a complex expression comes from the meanings of its constituent parts and their structural arrangementâ€" several linguistic phenomena exist wh...aspectual verbs; coercion; complement coercion; compositionality; psychological verbs; type-shifting2017
91 Lahr, Kelsey Elaine"This is what I've seen": climate change communication and the articulation of local and scientific knowledge in Yosemite National ParkClimate change is predicted to have profound effects on ecosystems around the globe. Yet meaningful policy to address climate change has yet to be enacted, and American publics are perceived as disinterested and unconcerned about the issue. Public lands have the potential to act as valuable sites of...climate change; environment; national parks; rhetoric2017
92 Blackham, John HartleyThere and back again: an adverb’s taleThis thesis summarizes decades of debate on the nature of the restitutive/repetitive ambiguity of English again, critically examines previous research testing hypotheses concerning the diachronic and future development of again, in particular investigating predictions made utilizing the theoretical ...again; counterdirectional; historical2017
93 Mcintire, Earl Henry"Raised money by hook and crook, got my paper out": Sunshine and shadow in the life seasons of editor and physician Dr. Elihu S. McIntire (1832-1899)Dr. Elihu S. McIntire (1832â€"1899) grew up on farms in Ohio and Indiana and was a physician who served as an assistant surgeon with the 78th Illinois Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He practiced briefly in Dallas City, Illinois, and Grantsburg, Crawford County, Indiana, before settling i...Biography; Cultural History; Diary; Framing; Journalism History; Textual Silences2017
94 Chidester, Anthony WilliamThe associations of vigor, anger, and depression with conversational argument behaviorThe goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between mood states and conversational argument behavior. Specifically, relationships among vigorous, angry, and depressive mood states and specific agreement or disagreement prone argument behaviors is analyzed. Stephen Toulmin’s a...Anger; Conversation Argument; Depression; Mood; Romantic Relationships; Toulmin2017
95 Snyder-Yuly, Julie L.Modern-day minstrelsy: online microaggressions and the digital narratives of homeless black malesMicroaggressions are brief and often unintentional daily acts that communicate insults or negative messages to marginalized individuals or groups. Most research on microaggressions comes from psychology and higher education and focuses on the interpersonal effects of the target of the microaggressio...Homeless; Microaggressions; Minstrel; Narrative; Race; Viral images2017
96 Bi, JinBilingualism and cognitive control: a comparison of sequential and simultaneous bilingualsIt has been acknowledged in the research on bilingualism that bilingual speakers, regardless of age, exhibit enhanced cognitive control capacity (e.g., interference control) as compared with their monolingual peers. Behavior and imaging studies suggest that these effects are the result of a shared n...age of acquisition; bilingual; cognitive control; interference control; language proficiency; response inhibition2017
97 Beckwith, Carissa MarieEncountering the more-than-human in urban fantasy literatureCertain types of literature have been heavily studied for their relevancy to the environment, but fantasy literature has been left out of this critical discussion. Ecocriticism of fantasy literature has been dismal, despite the popularity of the genre. I argue that fantasy resonates so strongly with...Ecocriticism; Enchantment; Fantasy Literature; More-Than-Human; Sense of Place; Urban Fantasy2016
98 Barnett, Joshua TreyMortal assemblages: rhetorics of ecology and deathWe cannot take for granted that when we speak of “the human” we speak of something unchanging, unquestionable, ontologically durable. On the contrary, what it means to be the kinds of beings that we are is always fluctuating in response to forces beyond our control. Historically, deathca...communication; critical theory; death; deathcare; ecology; rhetoric2017
99 Spiegler, Ryan ChristopherPlaying the game: the extra-legislative political maneuvering of gaius julius caesar during his early careerGaius Julius Caesar’s meteoric rise to power in Late-Republican Rome was arguably one of the most successful bids for power in the history of politics. His commanding use of the Forum, the political system, rhetoric, and propaganda stands unparalleled in history. The strategies that would one...Classics; Julius Caesar; Late-Republican Rome; Politics; Roman History2017
100 Collins, Brian MichaelThe roles of -ywać in the polish aspectual systemThe suffix -ywać has been described as imperfective, iterative, and habitual. Descriptively, -ywać behaves differently depending on whether or not it is suffixed to a verb with a perfectivizing prefix. If it is suffixed on to a verb with a perfectivizing prefix, then it is said to be imperfe...Aspect; Morphology; Polish; Syntax2017
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