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76 Newman, LexDescartes on unknown faculties and our knowledge of the external worldDescartes introduces his skeptical arguments, in the First Meditation, in an order of increasing strength. First, the narrator-meditator notices that judgments concerning the nature of small and distant objects are unreliable; later, that even sensory judgments about large and close objects are in d...Corporeal existence; Skeptical argument1994
77 Downes, Stephen M.Review of Michael Gorman, Simulating ScienceMichael Gorman has several projects in Simulating Science. First, he presents a reaearch program of psychological experiments on scientific reasoning. Second, he defends an interdisciplinary approach to science studies. Third, he critically examines recent computer models of scientific theorizing an...Psychological experiments; Reasoning in psychology; Psychological literature1994
78 Battin, Margaret P.; Francis, Leslie; Jacobson, Jay A.Patients' understanding and use of advance directivesThe Patient Self-Determination Act was implemented in December 1991. Before and after its implementation, we used a structured interview of 302 randomly selected patients to determine their awareness, understanding, and use of advance directives. Implementation of the Act did not have a major eff...Living will; Medical care; Durable power of attorney1994
79 Landesman, Bruce M.Multiculturalism and the politics of recognition (Book Review)Reviews the book, Multiculturalism and "The Politics of Recognition,'' by Charles Taylor. Taylor's view that identity is shaped by the recognition of others; Human self-understanding as dialogical and not monological; Equal rights and nondiscrimination as axioms of rights-liberalism; Goal of cultura...Books; Philosophy;; Multiculturalism1994-01
80 Battin, Margaret P.Death ethics: religious and cultural values in prolonging and ending life (book review)A review of the book "Death Ethics: Religious and Cultural Values in Prolonging and Ending Life" by Kenneth L. Vaux.Books; Life; End of life1994-07
81 Millgram, ElijahThick ethical concepts and the fact-value distinctionOver the last few years, the ‘fact-value distinction' (FVD) has become increasingly unfashionable, due in part to a number of arguments adduced against it. I myself do not believe the FVD can be maintained, and I think there are good arguments against it. But I have my doubts about the cogency of...Philosophy;; Ethics1995
82 Millgram, ElijahWas Hume a Humean?When it comes to talking about practical reasoning, "Humean" is a synonym for "instrumentalist." That is, a "Humean" view of practical reasoning is one on which only means-end reasoning directed toward satisfying antecedently given desires counts as practical reasoning at all. Witness, for instance...Humean; Humeanism1995
83 Battin, Margaret P.Report of the committee on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasiaIn 1994 the Board of the American Association of Suicidology selected a Committee on Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia. It was asked to review the issues emerging in the growing controversy concerning euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, palliative care, and the medical treatment of dyin...Suicidology; Palliative care1996
84 Landesman, Bruce M.Rights, welfare and Mill's moral theory (Book Review)Reviews the book `Rights, Welfare and Mill's Moral Theory,' by David Lyons.Books; Philosophy1996-04
85 White, Nicholas P.Review of Terence Irwin, 'Plato'This impressive and valuable book is in many ways a new edition of Irwin's well-known Plato's Moral Theory and like that book must be carefully studied by anyone seriously interested in Plato- not only in his ethics but in his Philosophy; in general.Epistemological demands; Hedonism; Philosophizing1996-10
86 Battin, Margaret P.A midwife through the dying process: stories of healing and hard choices at the end of lifeIn Timothy Quill's recounting of the deaths of nine patients, the final description is of the planned death of Jules: at home, surrounded by family members, and aided by a physician. It is a moving, true story, recounted in meticulous detail, from the first diagnosis to the final dose of barbiturat...1997
87 Battin, Margaret P.; Francis, Leslie P.; Jacobson, Jay A.Quick easy questions for analyzing medical ethics casesSometimes, traditional philosophical ways of analyzing medical-ethics cases seem just too cumbersome, particularly to people without training in ethical theory. The issues are important, interesting, often compellingly engaging. but it isn't the time for heavy jargon, or terms like "deontology" or "...1997
88 Landesman, Bruce M.Margalit, Avishai. The decent societyThe title of this book will surely pique the interest of political philosophers who have spent much time and energy in recent decades trying to capture the idea of justice. Margalit believes that in the quest for justice, decency has been overlooked. A decent society may or may not be a step to a ju...Humiliate; Respect; Justice1997
89 Downes, Stephen M.Review of Peter Galison and David Stump, Disunity of scienceMost of the essays in this collection were originally delivered as papers at a conference on the disunity of science held at Stanford University in 1991.Ampere; Scientific work, Science in French society1997
90 Battin, Margaret P.Sex & consequences: world population growth vs. reproductive rightsConflict between concern over global population growth (still rising precipitously, even though growth rates have slowed) and concern for reproductive rights is intense. NeoMalthusians, on the one hand, point to the dire consequences of overpopulation; feminist defenders of reproductive rights and ...Reproduction; Population growth; Birth control; Feminism1997
91 White, Nicholas P.Review of Mary Margaret McCabe, "Plato's individualsThis book is an exploration of themes in Plato's metaphysics and epistemology from the Meno through his latest works. McCabe argues that Plato was interested, with increasing explicitness over his lifetime, in questions concerning what it is to be an individual. This interest led him, she maintains,...Individuality; Identity; Unity1997
92 Millgram, ElijahHume on practical reasoning (Treatise 463-469)The claim that " 'is' does not entail 'ought'" is so closely associated with Hume that it has been called 'Hume's Law'.1 The interpretation of the passage in Hume's Treatise of Human Nature that is the locus classicus of the claim is controversial. But the passage is preceded by three main bodies ...Morality; Human Nature; Deductive1997
93 Stark, Cynthia A.Is pornography an action?: the causal vs. the conceptual view of pornography's harmIn the past few decades, a new position concerning the legal regulation of sexually explicit materials has emerged, disrupting the traditional polarity between conservatives (who generally support regulation) and liberals (who generally oppose regulation). This new position is an avowedly feminist v...1997
94 Landesman, Bruce M.Decent society (book review)Review of the book `The Decent Society,' by Avishai Margalit.Books; Philosophy1997-07
95 Battin, Margaret P.What are the potential cost savings from legalizing physician-assisted suicide?IN the Washington v. Glucksberg and Vacco v. Quill decisions rejecting a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Supreme Court allowed each state to decide whether to legalize the intervention.1 In state legislatures rather than courtrooms, factual claims about the probable extent ...1998
96 Battin, Margaret P.What are the potential cost savings from legalizing physician-assisted suicide?Quill decisions rejecting a constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Supreme Court allowed each state to decide whether to legalize the intervention. In state legislatures rather than courtrooms, factual claims about the probable extent and implications of permitting physician-assi...Managed Care Programs; Cost of Illness; Home Care Services1998
97 Millgram, ElijahIris Murdoch. Existentialists and Mystics (Book Review)Three of the essays in this career-spanning collection make up Dame Iris Murdoch's The Sovereignty of Good, a little classic which I regularly assign in my ethics courses. When I do, some of the students who have been impressed by it pick up one or another of her novels, and of those students, s...Philosophy; Book Review1998
98 Stark, Cynthia A.More than victims: battered women, the syndrome society, and the law (Book Review)Review of the book "More than Victims: Battered Women, the Syndrome Society, and the Law" by Donald Alexander Downs.Books; Philosophy; Domestic Violence1998-07
99 Thalos, Mariam G.Trouble with superselection accounts of measurementArgues that the superselection accounts of measurement exploit excess structure illegitimately and in the process become self-contradictory. Superselection rule in the quantum-mechanical treatment of phenomena; Representation of indicator states of detectors by eigenspaces of superselection operatio...Superselection; Quantum mechanics1998-11
100 Haber, MatthewMorphology, ultrastructure, and function of extrafloral nectaries in three species of CaesalpiniacaeLight and electron microscopy reveal that the morphologically well-differentiated petiolar nectaries of Ckamaecrista fasciculata, Senna hepecarpa, and S. marilandica have an unusually simple anatomy consisting of an epidermis immediately subtended by a mass of small, loosely-packed parenchyma cells....Extrafloral nectaries; Morphology; Ultrastructure; Function; Cutin; Phloem; Parenchyma; Chamaecrista fascicu; Senna hepecarpa; Senna marilandic1999
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