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76 The Western Federation of Miners1972Textir_etd
77 Labor at the beginning of the 20th Century: the Carbon County, Utah Coal Fields 1900 to 19051972Textir_etd
78 The growing mission of deliverance and judgement in the New England literary mind, 1834-18601972Textir_etd
79 Evolution of the novel in modern Tunisian literature1972-06Textir_etd
80 Abortive Panacea: Brazilian military settlements: 1850 to 19131972-06Textir_etd
81 Growings1973Textir_etd
82 A Rhetorical analysis of the Rhetoric emerging from the Mormon-Black controversy1973Textir_etd
83 History of the Utah National Guard : 1894-19541973Textir_etd
84 History of the Utah National Guard : 1894-19541973Textir_etd
85 Early mining in southwestern Utah and southeastern Nevada, 1864-1873 : the Meadow Valley, Pahranagat, and Pioche mining rushes.1973Textir_etd
86 Joseph L. Rawlins Father of Utah Statehood1973Textir_etd
87 Judas Iscariot: a vehicle of medieval didacticism1976Textir_etd
88 The University of Utah Press, 1949-19761976Textir_etd
89 Pioneering physicians in Utah, 1847-19001976Textir_etd
90 Comment on Professor Jordan's paper1976Textir_uspace
91 American diplomacy and the Indian nations : a brief study on Cherokee Indian removal1976Textir_etd
92 An analysis of relational communication in ongoing group systems1976-08Textir_etd
93 Articulate wisdom : rhetorical technique in John Donne's satires1977Textir_etd
94 Some questions in R. G. Collingwood's theory of historical understanding1977Textir_uspace
95 The 1847 Mormon Migration1977Textir_etd
96 Zane Grey's West : essays in intellectual history and criticism1977Textir_etd
97 What might speakers '"Tacitly know"?1977Textir_uspace
98 On being blue, a philosophical inquiry by William Gass1977Textir_uspace
99 The novel as Rhetoric: a study of William S. Burroughs' naked lunch1977Textir_etd
100 Al-Idrisi's Descriftion of Sicily1977Textir_etd
76 - 100 of 922