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76 Vance, Shannon NoelleSurfacing: finding an individual voice by living the honest language of the danceThis thesis navigates my journey as a dance artist, transcending movement creation in search of an individual voice through the practice of honest dance language. I believe a present and open dialogue with the body/mind, facilitates honest dance language and thus, discovery of the individual voice. ...Choreography; Creative impulse; Creative process; Honesty; Individual voice; Movement language2010-08
77 Stich, Elizabeth AnneEmbodying identity: movement as an experience of selfDance is a way of knowing the self, but who is the self that is known and how does one come to know it? In this research, I explore the relationship between movement and identity, drawing on the disciplines of modern dance; Self Psychology, as defined by Heinz Kohut; Creative Systems Theory, as art...Creativity; Identity; Laban movement analysis; Modern dance; Movement; Self2011-05
78 Womack, EricaRunning from conscience: the compliant individualMy research deals with the complexity and ambiguity of the choices we make, and the physiological factors that often influence our decisions. Why do we follow, why do we conform, and why do we comply are questions that I researched, and these complex questions served as an impetus for my creative wo...Modern dance2011-08
79 Decker, Donald JosephAre you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrativeThis thesis investigates the choreographing of the dance "Are You My Boyfriend?" This work was performed on November 14 through 17 of 2001 at the Hayes/Christensen theatre in the Marriott Center for Dance on the University of Utah campus. This written component investigates my choreographic process ...Choreography; Context;; Familiarity; Meaning; Narrative; Surprise2010-08
80 Hohlios, Stephanie M.Henry Fuseli's The Death of Dido at Somerset HouseThis thesis examines the disquieting paradoxes of neo-classical form in Henry Fuseli's The Death of Dido (1781). Drawing his subject matter from Virgil's Aeneid, Fuseli depicts a voluptuous and seemingly ideal feminine figure that recalls the Nike of Samothrace (c. 220-190 BCE) in all her drama and...Dido; Feminine; Fuseli; Fussli; Joshua Reynolds; Somerset2011-08
81 Baggs, BelleBeyond words: an embodied empathetic processToday, empathy is repeatedly considered a highly important influence in human interaction, yet our active and embodied practice of empathy seems scarce. Empathy is commonly recognized by many academic fields including philosophy, psychology and biology. In my experience as a dancer, my movement e...Choreography; Empathy; Movement; Relationships2011-08
82 Barker, Emmy PaiserA thousand steps around me: a study of discovering metaphor through manipulating repetition in danceThis research presents questions and ideas about repetition and metaphor. It addresses the question: What is it about repetition that drives home a point, unravels ideas and opinions, and creates metaphor and connection to lived experiences? The thesis explores a very personal experience of dysfunc...Metaphor; Modern dance; Repetition2011-08
83 Beardsley, Amanda KayThis is the place: site-specificity in Ernesto Pujol's Awaiting (2010)The recent performance work of Ernesto Pujol complicates the notion of site-specific art, extending into the tension of what--or who--constitutes a site. This project considers Pujol's April 2010 site-specific performance entitled Awaiting as a case study in the decidedly complicated relationship be...Awaiting; Ernesto Pujol; Performance art; Place; Site-specificity; Situationism2011-08
84 Garcia, Efren CoradoWriting love on my arm: finding the voice of consciousness in the creative processThis thesis examines how using subjects that are deeply personal and private, in this case loneliness, can serve as source material for the creative process. How can a choreographer use the act of recognizing intuition and the subconscious as an enlivening choreographic tool? I seek to discover how...Choreography; Consciousness; Creative process; Dance; Research; Therapy2011-08
85 Carter, Nancy SimpsonBecoming large enough: encompassing subjective and objective perspectives in one wholeHow does one resolve the disconnect when subjective and objective perspectives directly contradict each other? My research has been a quest to understand the nature of this conflict, particularly in relation to somatic work and my creative process. In reviewing somatics literature, I found that most...Choreography; Integration; Objective; Paradox; Somatics; Subjective; Movement2010-08
86 Claudio, Juan CarlosReflections of self: male-male relationships as a source for choreographyI'm proof against that word failure. I've seen behind it. The only failure a man ought to fear is failure of cleaving to the purpose he sees to be best.- T.S. Eliot This thesis summarizes my exploration, discovery, and reflection of masculinity and male-male relationships in my choreographic work...Modern dance; Masculinity; Gender identity in dance2009-05-06
87 Habel, Shana LHistory of the modern dance program at the University of Utah 1968-1989In 1968, Margaret Tennant Waterfall completed a thesis that chronicled the history of the Department of Ballet and Modern Dance at the University of Utah from 1906 to 1968. The present thesis is the continuation of her work, written in an effort to continue recording the important events, trends and...Dance education; Dance history; Elizabeth R. Hayes; Higher education; Modern dance; University of Utah2010-07
88 Hane, Julianna GaillardStruggle for flight: the process of making aerial dancesFinding my voice as a choreographer in the genre of aerial dance serves as the focus of this thesis. In order to provide context, a brief history of aerial dance illuminates the connections between aerial dance and modern dance aesthetics as well as its inclusion in academic dance programs. I began...Aerial dance; Modern dance2010-08
89 Humphrey, Jessica ReneeHow contact improvisation can inform the creative process and enliven its productThis thesis explores the use of contact improvisation in the creative process. I discuss my personal history with the form and how it became my main focus in movement research. A brief history and limited descriptions of the aesthetics of contact improvisation and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) are ...Improvisation in dance; Modern dance2008-05
90 Beaumont, Jennifer AnnDancing from within: the role of intuitionThis thesis explores the role of intuition as a component in the creative process of dance performance and choreography. The nature of intuition is examined phenomenologically and epistemologically, addressing different ways of attaining intuitive knowledge and discussing the value historically ass...Modern dance, Psychological aspects; Choreography, Psychological aspects; Intuition2008-08
91 Womack, Jessica SaraEmbodying tourism and performance: a new look at landscapeThis research examines the interrelationship between tourism, nature, and performance. I explore the questions: How do tourists, like dancers, perform their roles and what are the tools they use for this performance? How does an awareness of the body provide a consciousness of the spaces where we li...Modern dance; Tourism and the arts2008-08
92 Rooker, Rhonda CamilleSpiritual embodiment of danceDance and spirituality are connected in many ways. Dance acts as a spiritual connection through worship in sacred contexts, portraying spiritual and religious content. Movement and dance act as a catalyst to explore the inner witness, allowing the dancer to develop a more conscious awareness of th...Dance, Religious aspects; Spirituality2008-08
93 Schaumann, Marney DebenhamRipe with meaning: the pregnant body in contemporary danceDuring the last thirty years research about dance and dancing bodies had provided a fertile ground for discussion and investigation. Significant presentations have been made about the subject, innumerable articles have been written and a multitude of books have been published that address the dancin...Contemporary dance; Dancing pregnant; Motherhood; Pregnancy in media; Pregnant body; Work/life balance2010
94 Rhinehart, Brant ThomasMonster economyThe dreadful economic crisis has finally affected the world of monsters. The Monster News Network's anchors Jekyll and Hyde bicker with each other while highlighting numerous ghouls and how they are coping with the tough times. The Invisible Man has resorted to a life of crime and Dracula is feeling...2009
95 Ward, Kristine ButlerSearch for an authentic self in the choreographic and performance processThis thesis explores authenticity, especially within the context of modern dance. I examine the roles that deception, perfectionism, and judgment might play in the choreographic and performance processes and briefly discuss the relationship between art and truth. I also relate my struggles and in...Choreography; Modern dance; Authenticity2008-04-17
96 Pickett, SaraHip hop artistic modelThe purpose of this research was to understand the ideas and motivations behind hip hop as artistic practice to inform contemporary artistic discourse. The research identifies the historical beginnings of the four elements of the hip hop arts which are the DJ, the MC, the Breakdancer and the Graf...Hip-hop; Hip-hop dance; Break dancing2008-11
97 Davis, David EyerA Slingshot out of the valley contemporary relevance of the local in the local art sceneRecent developments in Salt Lake City's visual arts community indicate that a new generation of artists is ready to emerge to an appreciative and supportive audience. Salt Lake's unique position as a growing urban center cultivates upcoming artists, but rarely has a local artist escaped the valley a...2009
98 Nelson, Matthew APlease feel free: sensation, awareness, and choreographyHow can attention to lived experience through somatic practice deepen the choreographic and performative process? Somatic practice is a first-person approach to sensing and moving that can help provide a balance to the objectified view of the body that is common in Western culture. Through the proc...Choreography; Mind and body2008-05
99 Cappelletti, CorinneDance as a place-making device: examining environmental psychology and place-identity through choreography and performanceThis research investigates the experience of place, and how it influences personal identity. The physical and metaphorical example of home serves as a source to examine the Environmental Psychology theories, Place-Identity and Place-Attachment, through dance. I explore the following questions: Ho...Dance; Place identity; Place attachment2009-05
100 Campbell, MonicaTabula Rasa: let's begin again modern dance and social activismAs a dance artist I have always felt the desire to explore societal issues, yet I never saw how necessary this exploration was to my well-being as an individual. Post- 9/11 America has led me to question my value as an artist and contributor to my society. Can dance really make a difference? Rese...Politics in dance; Social issues in dance2009-05-14
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