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76 "That's my experience": negotiating what it means to be "Indian" in a school counseling program2016ir_etdText
77 The woman superintendent: eliciting narratives of female superintendents in Utah2016ir_etdText
78 "You have no life other than that, so you better like what you're doing": a feminist phenomenology of women in undergraduate engineering majors2016ir_etdText
79 Using essays to evaluate learning and comparing human scoring of essays to computer scoring systems2016ir_etdText
80 Persisting from the margins: the journeys of three women of color to and in higher education2016ir_etdText
81 Impact of adverse clinical training experiences on the career development of medical and psychology students2016ir_etdText
82 The electronic daily school note: a study examining an evidence-based school intervention package for improving on-task behavior, academics, and home-school collaboration2016ir_etdText
83 Measuring cognitive load: a meta-analysis of load measurement sensitivity2016ir_etdText
84 "Nobody can give from an empty vessel": a qualitative study on self-care for women activists in counseling psychology2016ir_etdText
85 Trichotillomania: a journey of personal empowerment: a qualitative study of women who engage in chronic hair pulling2016ir_etdText
86 Understanding transfer student bachelor's degree attainment: using Bourdieu's theory of social reproduction2016ir_etdText
87 International Comparisons in Education: the Finnish Model2016-08ir_htoaText
88 Nutritional Assessment of Children Ages 0 - 5 Years in Rural Punjab, India2016-12ir_htoaText
89 The effects of parental, community, peer risk and protective factors on hispanic adolescent drug use across adolescence2015-12ir_etdText
90 An investigation of uridine on depressive symptoms and neuropsychological test performance in youth ages 13-21 with bipolar disorder2015ir_etdText
91 Use of data to inform practice in elementary school classrooms2015-12ir_etdText
92 High school involvement and student engagement as protective factors for at-risk students2015ir_etdText
93 The use of an ipad app to deliver a time-delay taped-words intervention to students at-risk for reading difficulties2015-12ir_etdText
94 Using interactive domain overviews to develop deep understanding in a complex reasoning task2015-12ir_etdText
95 Solving for irrational zeros: whiteness in mathematics teacher education2015-12ir_etdText
96 Ocular-motor methods for detecting deception: effects of practice feedback and blocking2015-12ir_etdText
97 Investigating the relationship between enrollment characteristics and academic performance with the educational outcomes of first- and continuing-generation students2015ir_etdText
98 Our path unwinding: conversations and reflections on diversity through dialogue2016-05ir_etdText
99 Fidelity to the sheltered instruction observation protocol (SIOP): Is it possible?2016-04ir_htoaText
100 The relationship between preschoolers' engagement in book reading and self-regulationir_htoaText
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