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76 Roundy, CortneySandy train station and civic center: train travel and romanceSandy city is one of the more interesting places in the Salt Lake Valley. It is located on the south end of the valley between the I-215 belt route and 12300 south from north to south and between I-15 and the Wasatch mountain range from east to west. Some of the more unique attributes of the city a...Architecture and design; Sandy (Utah); TRAX2007
77 Barakat, MerateScope on the Siwan culture: community center, Siwah, EgyptSiwah, a small distant oasis in the Egyptian western desert, has a very unique culture and rich history. Difficult transportation kept Siwah isolated from the changes that happened to the Egyptian culture, except for the major transformation such as the introduction of Islam, the base of the culture...Islamic culture; Egyptian culture2006
78 Johnson, JonathanSeattle Sensorium: merging architecture, nature & the senses.From the Proposal: "The approach of this project will be conceptually based and will seek to define multi-sensory architecture. Multi-sensory architecture is rooted in the idea that a building can be more fully understood and experienced by using multiple senses."Designs; Plans2006-05
79 Markkanen, BryanSol Rio: a light hearted communityThe Byker Wall housing development was built to re-house the working class community that had grown up around the shipyards and factories along the banks of the Tyne. Byker Wall is designed in a recognizably Post Modernist style. The new houses ran across the hill, making it easier for people to ...Urban planning; Neighborhoods2009
80 Jacobsen, Marnie LSouth Towne market center and learning gardenWe live in a nation that values progress and prosperity. Capitalism is based on private or corporate investment and ownership to control the flow of goods and services. Not only is investment in the economic system important but reinvestment in our economy helps promote continued progress and suc...Capitalism; Food production; Food distribution2007
81 Jones, EricSpecial Olympics Utah outreach and public interaction center: Salt Lake City, UtahUnfortunately, in today's society we don't always learn the importance of inclusion. Many school teachers don't have the training necessary to integrate students with intellectual disabilities into our classrooms. There are steps being taken in some school districts to increase this integration, but...Disabled people; Integration; Special education2006
82 Barker, DavidSpirituality, ritual, memory: a Russian bathhouse in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn: Little Russia by the seaStanding on the shores of the beach in "Little Odessa" looking into the vast silvery-blue Atlantic the sounds, smells, and taste of a country far away is once again vividly alive in my senses. The smell of simmering borsht coming from a nearby café along with fresh bread, cheese, and plentif...Little Odessa; Refuseniks; Russian culture2007
83 Myers, JustinSpringdale WineryThese photos from the site visit represent the three aspects of sustainability that were used to guide the entire project design. Ecological concerns about maintaining and improving the riparian zone around the Virgin River resulted in a conservative site layout that protected the river and ke...Wineries; Riparian zones2009
84 Bringard, JeremySpringdale WineryRealness is human awareness. Presence moves out linear time. Significance sears into the fabric of oneself, an occurence one wants to experience in a loop. Materiality--the sense of weight and texture. Emptiness is what makes anything useful.Wineries; Space2009
85 Clark, Danielle Lee BurrellSpringdale WineryAir, light, water and earth sustain life. They sustain us. They sustain the winemaking process. We are hardwired to perceive and understand these elements, allowing us to experience them. A holistic approach is taken to the site to ensure that the crops produced can sustain the onsite restaurant an...Wineries2009
86 Bingham, ScottSpringdale winery - University of Utah School of Architecture Master's Studio 2010
87 Derrick, Brian DSpringdale winery masters project
88 White Johnson, BrittanySustainability - beauty: progression, balance, impact, regeneration, timeUniversity of Utah School of Architecture Faculty Design Award WinnerSpringdale Winery; Wineries2009
89 Peterson, JamieTattoo galleryTattooing is an age old art. Every major civilization has incorporated the art of tattooing in some form or another. While in many cultures it is a symbol of strength or pride in many it is used to mark people in negative ways. The existence of tattooing in our culture today has also gone throu...Tattooing; American culture2006
90 Lee, Ji HyungTechnology and contemporary art center in San Francisco, CaliforniaIn contemporary society, media and technology are omnipresent; technological developments are influencing communication, production, trade, urban culture and arts. Digital media are now used widely in the domain of art. As a result, contemporary art reflects upon the characteristics of multimedia, w...Art center; Designs; Plans2007
91 Day, AaronThickening the border: El Paso and Juarez pedestrian connectionThe US-Mexico border has been in existence for 161 years. Before the political line was established the US side was Mexican Territory. Then in 1845 the boundary was drawn across the desert and down along the Rio Grande, America had seized this land, which would become Texas. "The first time Mexic...United States-Mexican border; Pedestrian crossings2007
92 Dolan, MichaelTop Inside.jpgDesign for a fitness environment. Abstract includes background information on physiological and psychological benefits of exercise.Sandy Fitness Environment, Sandy City, Utah;Recreation centers; Designs; Plans2007
93 Tian, GuangTravel and built environment: evidence from 23 diverse regions of the united statesI have opted for a three-paper dissertation, studying the relationship between travel and the built environment for three types of trips: walk and bike trips by the entire population, trips from home to school and back for students, and trips of all types by the elderly. As part of my dissertation, ...Social sciences; Earth sciences; Biking; Built environment; Walking2017
94 Clinger, Matthew JUndocumented immigrant detainee's rights: removing non-criminal immigrants from the criminal correctional systemAccording to the United States Customs and Border Patrol, 1.2 million people were arrested trying to enter the country illegally in 2005. Of the 70 percent released into U.S. communities with an order to return for deportation hearings, only 18 percent showed up later. In efforts to prohibit an ...Immigration; Deportation; Homeland Security2007
95 Mustoe, KatrinaUnited Nation's Center on Global TerrorismFrom the Program: "The United Nations Center on Global Terrorism will be a living institution dedicated to the victims of terrorism. It will be a place for learning about world wide terrorism through permanent and temporary exhibitions, a place for archiving and research, a place for contemplation a...Exhibition buildings; Designs; Plans2006
96 Orton, LarryUrban food productionFrom the Proposal: "When eating or preparing a meal, how often do we think about the source of our ingredients? We know it came from a grocery store or food supplier, but where and how was it grown, and by whom? Urban Food Production will provide students with the knowledge to not only become well-r...Food; Schools; Designs; Plans2006-05
97 Stoker, PhilipUrban water use: moving towards the integration of land use and water supply planningClean and reliable water supplies are essential to support growing populations and economic activity, yet population growth and changing climatic conditions are stressing water supplies. There are two strategies to plan for urban water supplies: the first is to secure and develop clean and reliable ...Urban Planning; Water Demand; Water Resources2016-05
98 Cook, BrandonUtah center for resource conservation: a place where ideas change lifestyles.From the Program Statement: "It is my proposal to create a living model for the community of Salt Lake Valley that responds to our climate. This would be The Center for Resource Conservation of Utah. The model will show how we must live consciously in our environment, by learning about our responsib...Architecture; Conservation & Restoration; Designs; Plans2006
99 Lyons, JustinVirgin wine project 2010
100 Kwon, SoonjuWhispering TreeUniversity of Utah School of Architecture Faculty Design Award WinnerUrban renewal; Urban planning2009
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