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76 The Neuro-ophthalmic manifestations of diabetesText; Image
77 The Process of resident selectionEvaluation and selection of residency candidates. Includes a section on "Ophthalmology matching program" presented at AAO meeting in Anaheim, Nov. 2003, with permission of Doug Perry.Text; Image
78 The Visual process: tracing light from the retina to the cortexPhysiological basis of vision, including the optics of the eye and the retina and retinal pathways.Text; Image
79 The clinical spectrum of amiodarone-associated optic neuropathySadun's response to a paper by L.N. Johnson, G.B. Kroheld, and E.R. Thomas at 2004 AAO meetingText; Image
80 The diagnostic workup in patients with optic neuropathiesText; Image
81 The diagnostic workup in patients with optic neuropathies (Metodo diagnostico)Text; Image
82 The expert witnessDiscussion and advice on serving as an expert witness during court casesText; Image
83 The surgical management of Graves' orbitopathyText; Image
84 Toxic optic neuropathies: mitochondria and the RGCDiscussion of various forms of mitrochondrial optic neuropathies and how to distinguish from toxic optic neuropathies, with examples from Cuba and Brazil.Text; Image
85 Toxic optic neuropathies: how much evidence should it take to convict?A critique of claims that the drug Amiodarone causes optic neuropathiesText; Image
86 Viagra and vision loss: does sex make you blind?At a formal debate during a meeting in Canada in Sept. 2006, Sadun was assigned the role of arguing the case FOR a connection between taking phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors and developing anterior ischemic optic neuropathy.Text; Image
87 Viagra and vision loss: does sex make you blind?Text; Image
88 Visual cortex and weird phenomena (Anton's to Riddoch's)Text; Image
89 Visual fieldsText; Image
90 Visual processing in the cortexPart 5 of a course at Stanford UniversityText; Image
91 Visual variants in natureComparison of visual systems of various species.Text; Image
92 Why you should prescribe goggles to a box jellyfishA discussion of the box jellyfish eye and visual system.Text; Image
76 - 100 of 92