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76 Miller, Jan D.Nonsulfide flotation technology and plant practiceThere are hundreds of nonsulfide mineral flotation plants throughout the United States, and most have a plant design that depends upon the specific ore characteristics and the market specifications for their product. There is no common thread of technology between the design and processing of diffe...Flotation; Minerals; Processing plants2002
77 Miller, Jan D.; Herbst, John A.; Lin, Chen-LuhDevelopment of a multicomponent-multisize liberation modelThis paper is concerned with the development of a kinetic model for mineral liberation by grinding. Existing population balance size reduction models are extended to include two minerals with an arbitrary number of locked particle fractions. The validity of this approach to liberation modelling is d...Population balance; size reduction; liberation; grinding model1985
78 Miller, Jan D.Spectroscopic analysis of passivation reactions for carbonaceous matter from carlin trend oresAbstract. Three different refractory carbonaceous gold ores from the Carlin operation in northeastern Nevada were investigated to characterize the effect of passivation treatments on the nature of the carbonaceous material. The carbonaceous material was chemically isolated from the ores and pass...Gold; Chlorine; Cyanidation1990
79 Miller, Jan D.Further considerations of magnetic deinking for wastepaper recycling millsMagnetic de-inking has been shown to be an efficient process for the removal of certain toner particles from mixed office waste (MOW) furnishes. It is possible to achieve a dirt removal of 96% with the WHIMS (wet high intensity magnetic separator) if all toner particles present in the furnish are at...Magnetic deinking; Paper pulp; Wastepaper; Mixed office waste; (MOW)1998
80 Miller, Jan D.Magnetic separation for wastepaper recycle millsAn alternative approach to the conventional washing and flotation techniques for de-inking of mixed office waste (MOW) is magnetic separation. The use of magnetic de-inking has great potential to improve the efficiency of ink removal due to the magnetic content of toners. It is shown experimen...Deinking; Paper pulp; Wastepaper; Magnetic separation1997
81 Miller, Jan D.Effect of pH on pulping and flotation of mixed office wastepaperThe effect of pulping reagents on the deinking flotation of laser-printed wastepaper was investigated with regard to the removal efficiency of toner and mineral filler particles at different pH values. These results show that caustic pulping causes the toner to be released from the fibres as larger...Wastepaper; Deinking; pH values; Pulp production processes1999
82 Miller, Jan D.Multiphase flow characteristics of gas sparged hydrocyclone flotation deinkingA new high-efficiency technology has been developed for flotation deinking of various wastepaper grades. The GSC gas sparged hydrocyclone is a centrifugal device that operates at consistencies of 1 to 3 percent and uses conventional flotation chemistry. Research and development efforts have continue...Wastepaper; Deinking; Gas sparged hydrocyclone flotation deinking1993
83 Miller, Jan D.Flow phenomena and its impact on air-sparged hydrocyclone flotation of quartzFluid flow phenomena and therefore the flotation efficiency of air-sparged hydrocyclone (ASH) flotation are strongly dependent on operating and design variables such as air and slurry flow rates, underflow and overflow opening areas, percent solids of the feed, reagent levels, particle size and ASH...Quartz; Flotation; Hydrocyclones1995
84 Miller, Jan D.Reaction kinetics of bismuth dissolution from lead cake by sulfuric acid leachingLead cake, a zinc smelter flue dust residue, consists primarily of lead sulfate. Characteristic properties of lead cake were determined in order to aid the understanding of reaction mechanisms involved in bismuth removal from lead cake by sulfuric acid digestion. Sp gr (specific gravity) measuremen...Lead cake; Smelter flue; Lead sulphate; Bismuth; Sulfuric acid1978
85 Miller, Jan D.Zinc-dust cementation of silver from alkaline cyanide solutions - analysis of plant dataThe direct recovery of precious metals from alkaline cyanide solution is frequently accomplished by the well-established Merrill-Crowe process involving zinc-dust cementation. This is particularly true for silver. Plant data from two operations are presented and analyzed in terms of intrinsic reacti...Zinc-dust; Silver; Alkaline cyanide; Merrill-Crowe1988
86 Miller, Jan D.Separation of bitumen from Utah tar sands by a hot water digestion-flotation techniqueTar sand deposits in the state of Utah contain more than 25 billion bbl of in-place bitumen. Although 30 times smaller than the well-known Athabasca tar sands, Utah tar sands do represent a significant domestic energy resource comparable to the national crude oil reserves (31.3 billion bbl). Based ...Tar sand; Utah; Bitumen; Hot water separation; Froth flotation1978
87 Miller, Jan D.Mineral processing fundamentalsThe reported claims in several Russian articles that magnetic fields change the viscosity and other basic properties of water and as a result produce beneficial effects such as increased flotation rate, improved grades and recovery, and increased settling rates appear to be unfounded. This conclusi...Minerals; Processing; Magnetic fields; Metallurgy; Water1971
88 Chandran, RaviFracture toughness of two Cr2Hf+Cr intermetallic composites as a function temperatureFracture toughness as a function of temperature was evaluated for two Cr2Hf+Cr intermetallic composites, each in two different microstructural conditions. The proeutectic microstructures based on Cr-6.5Hf (at%) showed a significant increase in fracture toughness with an increase from room temperatur...Fracture toughness; Fracture resistance; Intermetallic composites; Proeutectic microstructures; Eutectic microstructures1994
89 Miller, Jan D.Hydrophobicity and elemental composition of laser-printed toner filmsLaser-printed toner films on a polymer support were treated with alkaline (NaOH) aqueous solutions at elevated temperature (80-85° C). These toner films were examined with a sessile-drop contact-angle measurement technique in order to establish the hydrophobicity of the toner surface. Also, X-ray p...Ink; Fibers; Deinking1996
90 Miller, Jan D.Evaluation of a PC image-based on-line coarse particle size analyzerA PC image-based, on-line coarse particle size analysis system is being developed for the control of crushing and grinding circuits. Initial results had indicated that the system is accurate when tested with irregularly shaped particles which are stationary and do not overlap with each other. Now th...Sampling; Measurements; Analysis1993
91 Miller, Jan D.Trithiocarbonates for PGM flotationSmall replacements of C12-trithiocarbonate (C12-TTC) for dithiocarbonate DTC)/dithiophosphate (DTP) in a reagent suite for the flotation of platinum group metals (PGM) have significantly improved the rejection of gangue. Coupled to this is an improvement in kinetics, grade and recovery of PGMs. In ...2006
92 Miller, Jan D.Surface chemistry of pulping and flotation for mixed office wastepaperThe effect of pulping reagents on the de-inking flotation of laser printed wastepaper was investigated with regard to the removal efficiency of toner and mineral filler particles at different pH values. These results show that caustic pulping causes the toner to be released from the fibers as larg...Pulping reagents; Deinking; Toner; Mineral fillers1997
93 Miller, Jan D.Effect of feed source in the hot water processing of Utah tar sandThe processing strategy for the effective separation of bitumen from low grade (K.10 weight percent bitumen) Utah tar sands by a hot water process differs significantly from that used for the processing of high grade (> 10 weight percent bitumen) Utah tar sands. Excellent separations (coefficient o...Tar sand; Utah; Bitumen; Hot water separation; Froth flotation1980
94 Miller, Jan D.Bench scale flotation of sedimentary phosphate rock with hydroxamic acid collectorsIt has been discovered that water insoluble alcoholic solutions of alkyl hydroxamic acids serve as selective collectors for the flotation of phosphate mineral resources. The effectiveness of the new collector chemistry has been demonstrated by the results from single stage bench scale flotation exp...Flotation; Insoluble collectors; Hydroxamic acid; Alcohol; Phosphate rock; High solids conditioning; Particle size2002
95 Miller, Jan D.Pilot-plant evaluation of a water insoluble hydroxamic acid collector for single stage flotation of Florida phosphate rockRecent laboratory results have demonstrated that selective flotation of phosphate rock can be achieved in a single stage with improved separation efficiency when compared to the standard double float process. The new reagent chemistry is based on the use of a water insoluble alcoholic solution of ...Phosphate rock; Flotation; Double float; Separation2006
96 Rajamani, RajOnline SAG mill pulse measurement and optimization semi-annual technical progress reportThe grinding efficiency of semi autogenous milling or ball milling depends on the tumbling motion of the total charge within the mill. Utilization of this tumbling motion for efficient breakage of particles depends on the conditions inside the mill. However, any kind of monitoring device to measure...2006
97 Miller, Jan D.Evaluation of a CT-based coal washability analysis system under simulated on-line conditionsThe appropriate software and hardware necessary to adapt an X-ray CTanalyzerfor the determination of coal washability was developed and successfully tested for well-characterized samples under laboratory conditions. Evaluation of the CT-based analyzer under simulated on-line conditions is also prese...Coal washability; Computer simulation; X-ray CT analysis2002
98 Miller, Jan D.;Yu, QiangSolvent refining of coal resin concentratesCertain bituminous coals of the western United States are known to contain appreciable quantities of macroscopic resinite (fossil resin). Such resinous coals are found in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, etc. Among these, the Wasatch Plateau coal field in ce...1994
99 Miller, Jan D.Methodology for detailed liberation analysis in mineral processing technologyA transformation equation can be used to describe the relationship between the one, two and three dimensional information regarding the composition of mineral particles of specified size. Linear or areal grade distributions f(gi) can be transformed to an estimate of the volumetric grade distribution...Volumetric grade; Grade; Distribution1986
100 Miller, Jan D.Noncyanide leaching of an auriferous pyrite ore from EcuadorGold leaching of an auriferous pyrite ore from the Portovelo deposit in Ecuador indicates that noncyanide leaching systems, such as thiocyanate and thiourea, are not as effective as the traditional cyanide system. For example, whereas approximately 95% of the gold can be leached from the ore with cy...Gold leaching; Refractory ores; Thiocyanate; Thiourea2000
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