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76 Li, DapengModeling wildfire evacuation as a coupled human-environmental system using triggersWildfire is a common hazard in the western U.S. that can cause significant loss of life and property. When a fire approaches a community and becomes a threat to the residents, emergency managers need to take into account both fire behavior and the expected response of the threatened population to spread modeling; GIS; reverse geocoding; traffic simulation; triggers; wildfire evacuation2016
77 Bishop, Seth ArthurSpatial access and local demand for emergency medical services in utahEmergency Medical Services form the backbone of the prehospital emergency medical care system in the United States. Prompt treatment and transport to a definitive care facility provide the greatest chance for reduced morbidity and mortality. People’s ability to use this public service can be a...2SFCA; accessibility; ambulance; emergency medical service; floating catchment area; spatial access2016
78 Qi, YiNew physical foundations for remote sensing estimation of live fuel moisture content and fire dangerWildfire is a multifaceted, global phenomenon with ecological, environmental, climatic and socioeconomic impacts. Live fuel moisture content (LFMC) is a critical fuel property for determining fire danger. Previous research has used meteorological data and remote sensing to estimate LFMC with the fuel moisture content; remote sensing2014
79 Morris, Jesse LeeHistoric and holocene forest disturbance in South-Central UtahPaleoecological reconstructions provide important information regarding climate affects on vegetation and forest disturbance return intervals. In recent decades, bark beetles (Dendroctonus spp.) have rapidly and profoundly altered subalpine forest ecosystems across interior forests in western North ...Forest disturbance; Holocene; Dendroctonus; Engelmann spruce; Fire; Lake sediments; Picea; Spruce beetle2011-08
80 Matheson, Daniel ScottEvaluating the effects of spatial resolution on hyperspectral fire detection and temperature retrievalHyperspectral remote sensing of wildfires combines principles of emitted radiation with advanced spectrometry to model wildfire area and temperature, as well as background land cover classification, at the subpixel level. Yet airborne hyperspectral sensors face problems of inconsistent spatial resol...AVIRIS; Hyperspectral; Remote sensing; Spatial scaling; Spectral mixture analysis; Wildfires2011-08
81 Jin, ZhenyuMapping and spatial-temporal modeling of Bromus tectorum invasion in Central UtahCheatgrass, or Downy Brome, is an exotic winter annual weed native to the Mediterranean region. Since its introduction to the U.S., it has become a significant weed and aggressive invader of sagebrush, pinion-juniper, and other shrub communities, where it can completely out-compete native grasses a...Cheatgrass; NDVI time-series; Remote sensing; Spatial-temporal modeling; Utah; Bromus tectorum2011-11
82 Schaaf, Abigail NUsing hyperspectral data to classify vegetation at the plant functional type-level in mountain terrain at three spatial resolutionsHyperspectral data covering the visible, near infrared, and shortwave infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum have been used to map vegetation at the plant functional type and species levels in a variety of ecosystems. Vegetation maps are basic to the study and analysis of natural resourc...Hyperspectral; Mountain terrain; Plant functional type; Spatial resolution; Spectral mixture analysis; Vegetation classification2010
83 Salter, Richard GeneTooele Valley, Utah: A regional interpretation of the changing economiesThis is a study of the physical and cultural geography of a small, well defined area - Tooele Valley, Utah. This is a regional study, attempting to show how a group of people have adapted to the limitations imposed upon their particular culture and to indicate the workable relationships they have e...Tooele Valley, Utah1953-08
84 Meng, RanStudy of two vegetation-related disturbances (beetle herbivory and wildfire) in the western united states using optical remote sensingVegetation disturbances, such as insect outbreaks and wildfires, exist in various terrestrial ecosystems across the entire world. In this dissertation, I implemented two vegetation-related disturbances studies in the western United States: (1) Mapping and spectroscopic analysis of tamarisk defoliati...Change detection; Disturbance ecology; Remote sensing classification; Spaital analysis; Statistical modeling; Vegetation recovery2015
85 Nicolosi, Emily AnnGeographies of climate change mitigation: an exploration of the climate change movementThe climate change movement shares a single grievance that it seeks to address, climate change, but within this movement there are different perspectives on, first, what solutions are most appropriate and, second, what the fundamental problem is to be addressed. Looking at these two factors through ...carbon footprint; climate change; climate change mitigation; geography; social movements; Transition Towns2015
86 Ward, Danielle MarieHolocene chemostratigraphy of spring sediments in range creek canyon, utahRange Creek Canyon in southeastern Utah is the location of hundreds of well-preserved Fremont archeological sites. To determine what living conditions for the Fremont were like during their occupation of Range Creek from 200 AD and 1350 AD, elemental ratios and grain size data were used as proxies f...2016
87 Wellard, Blake H.A new ancestral diploid species of echinocereus endemic to southwestern utah and northern arizonaEchinocereus relictus B. Wellard is a newly described diploid (2n=22) species that is the presumed ancestor of the tetraploid (2n=44) E. engelmaniii. Echinocereus engelmannii subsp. engelmannii represents both diploid and tetraploid cytotypes. Diploid individuals are endemic to a narrow section of s...Cactaceae; Caryophyllales; Conservation; Diploid; Echinocereus; Morphomertics2017
88 Reynolds, Joshua DeshawnComparing urban vegetation cover with summer land surface temperature in the salt lake valleyThe climate of urban areas is influenced by the composition and configuration of different land cover types. Urban forests increase human comfort in urban areas by cooling the environment through evapotranspiration and shade. A tradeoff of urban forests in semiarid and arid climates is that they req...Land Surface Temperature; Lidar; Orthoimagery; Random Forest; Salt Lake; Urban Forest2017
89 Zhang, LingRetail internationalization and urban restructuring in china: a study of foreign hypermarkets and urban land with geographic information system and remote sensingChina’s retail sector has undertaken tremendous transformation since its opening to foreign investment in 1992. Retail transnational corporations have expanded rapidly in this emerging market. Yet relatively little is known about how they have embedded in the Chinese market and expanded spati...China; hypermarket; land use; retail internationalization; Suzhou; urban growth2016
90 Meadows, Michelle KristineHigh frequency variability in glacier meltwater patterns in the rhone watershed, switzerlandGlaciers contribute to the hydrology of many mountainous watersheds worldwide. Significant attention has been given to seasonal discharge measurements and modeling and relatively little to shorter timescale glacier discharge; thus, our understanding of high frequency variability is more limited. Thi...Glacier hydrology; Glacier meltwater; Glaciology2017
91 Headman, Alexander O.Evaluation of fire regime shifts in boreal alaska through the use of sedimentary charcoalIn the field of ecology, regime shifts are often abrupt and catastrophic occurrences with far reaching effects on global and local ecosystems which result in distinct changes in the composition and function of an ecosystem. The boreal forest provides a loPure sciences; Health and environmental sciences; Earth sciences2016
92 Heyer, Joshua PSpatial correlation analysis of niÑo3.4 sea surface temperatures with western north america hydroclimateThe El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) impacts hydroclimate variability in western North America (NA). Tropical Pacific sea-surface temperature (SST) forcing on NA hydroclimate has been explored in depth at regional-spatial scales. However, an understanEl Nino Southern Oscillation; Headwaters; Hydroclimate; Synoptic Climatology; Teleconnections; Western North America2016
93 Powell, AshleyUnderstanding the relationship between fire, climate, and population in Central Uganda from 1990-2010Fire is a form of natural disturbance that can keep ecosystems in balance, but fire in Africa is neither entirely natural nor anthropogenic due to the hundreds of thousands of years of coexistence between fire and humans. In central Uganda fires can easily reach the size of 200 km and fire is an eff...Climate; Fire; Population; Remote Sensing; Uganda2012-12
94 Fuhriman, ChristopherReimagined Territory: A New Theory of Terrorist GeographiesThis research proposes a new theoretical concept of reimagined territory for application in the study of terrorism and other forms of political violence. Geographic theories of space and place, geopolitics, and multidisciplinary terrorism studies provide the theoretical framework for this dissertati...Geography2017
95 Martineau, Eric LeeSeismic risk perception and household adjustment in Salt Lake City, UtahMillions of people in the United States are at significant risk of experiencing earthquakes. Understanding how households perceive seismic risk and prepare for an earthquake event is of increasing concern. This study examined the seismic risk perceptions and adoption of household seismic adjustments...Geography2012
96 Latham, Paris WalkerEvaluating the Effects of Snowstorm Frequency and Depth on Skier Behavior in Big Cottonwood Canyon, UtahVehicular traffic to the resorts in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah during the winter season can be heavy on weekends and mornings just after or during a storm event as fresh snow attracts a large skier population. Traffic congestion can occur given that the canyon road is one lane in each direction, wh...Geography; Recreation2017
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