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76 Kasera, Sneha K.Detecting receiver attacks in VRTI-based device free localizationVariance-based Radio Tomographic Imaging (VRTI) is an emerging technology that locates moving objects in areas surrounded by simple and inexpensive wireless sensor nodes. VRTI uses human motion induced variation in RSS and spatial correlation between link variations to locate and track people. An ar...2012-01-01
77 Pascucci, ValerioComputing morse-smale complexes with accurate geometryTopological techniques have proven highly successful in analyzing and visualizing scientific data. As a result, significant efforts have been made to compute structures like the Morse-Smale complex as robustly and efficiently as possible. However, the resulting algorithms, while topologically consis...2012-01-01
78 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshFormal methods for surviving the jungle of heterogeneous parallelismThe parallel programming community will soon be entering the ‘jungle' of heterogeneous hardware and software. Unfortunately, we are not adequately preparing future programmers (today's students) to cope with the many challenges of heterogeneous concurrency, especially in their ability to rigorousl...2012-01-01
79 Kirby, Robert Michael IIElVis: A system for the accurate and interactive visualization of high-order finite element solutionsThis paper presents the Element Visualizer (ElVis), a new, open-source scientific visualization system for use with high order finite element solutions to PDEs in three dimensions. This system is designed to minimize visualization errors of these types of fields by querying the underlying finite ele...2012-01-01
80 Pascucci, ValerioGeneralized topological simplification of scalar fields on surfacesWe present a combinatorial algorithm for the general topological simplification of scalar fields on surfaces. Given a scalar field f, our algorithm generates a simplified field g that provably admits only critical points from a constrained subset of the singularities of f, while guaranteeing a small...2012-01-01
81 Sudan, KshitijOptimizing datacenter power with memory system levers for guaranteed quality-of-serviceCo-location of applications is a proven technique to improve hardware utilization. Recent advances in virtualization have made co-location of independent applications on shared hardware a common scenario in datacenters. Colocation, while maintaining Quality-of-Service (QoS) for each application is a...2012-01-01
82 Pascucci, ValerioVisualizing network traffic to understand the performance of massively parallel simulationsThe performance of massively parallel applications is often heavily impacted by the cost of communication among compute nodes. However, determining how to best use the network is a formidable task, made challenging by the ever increasing size and complexity of modern supercomputers. This paper appli...2012-01-01
83 Hansen, Charles D.A practical workflow for making anatomical atlases for biological researchAn anatomical atlas provides a detailed map for medical and biological studies of anatomy. These atlases are important for understanding normal anatomy and the development and function of structures, and for determining the etiology of congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, for biologists, generat...2012-01-01
84 Pascucci, ValerioFlow visualization with quantified spatial and temporal errors using edge mapsRobust analysis of vector fields has been established as an important tool for deriving insights from the complex systems these fields model. Traditional analysis and visualization techniques rely primarily on computing streamlines through numerical integration. The inherent numerical errors of such...2012-01-01
85 Berzins, MartinData and range-bounded polynomials in ENO methodsEssentially Non-Oscillatory (ENO) methods and Weighted Essentially Non- Oscillatory (WENO) methods are of fundamental importance in the numerical solution of hyperbolic equations. A key property of such equations is that the solution must remain positive or lie between bounds. A modification of the ...2012-01-01
86 Berzins, MartinRadiation modeling using the Uintah heterogeneous CPU/GPU runtime systemThe Uintah Computational Framework was developed to provide an environment for solving fluid-structure interaction problems on structured adaptive grids on large-scale, long-running, data-intensive problems. Uintah uses a combination of fluid-flow solvers and particle-based methods for solids, toget...2012-01-01
87 Pascucci, ValerioExtreme-scale visual analyticsThe September/October 2004 CG&A introduced the term visual analytics (VA) to the computer science literature.1 In 2005, an international advisory panel with representatives from academia, industry, and government defined VA as "the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual in...2012-01-01
88 Cohen, ElaineA triangulation-invariant method for anisotropic geodesic map computation on surface meshesThis paper addresses the problem of computing the geodesic distance map from a given set of source vertices to all other vertices on a surface mesh using an anisotropic distance metric. Formulating this problem as an equivalent control theoretic problem with Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman partial different...2012-01-01
89 Hansen, Charles D.Design of 2D time-varying vector fieldsDesign of time-varying vector fields, i.e., vector fields that can change over time, has a wide variety of important applications in computer graphics. Existing vector field design techniques do not address time-varying vector fields. In this paper, we present a framework for the design of time-vary...2012-01-01
90 Balasubramonian, RajeevUnderstanding the impact of 3D stacked layouts on ILP3D die-stacked chips can alleviate the penalties imposed by long wires within micro-processor circuits. Many recent studies have attempted to partition each microprocessor structure across three dimensions to reduce their access times. In this paper, we implement each microprocessor structure on a s...2007-01-01
91 Henderson, Thomas C.Target-directed navigation using wireless sensor networks and implicit surface interpolationAbstract-This paper extends the novel research for event localization and target-directed navigation using a deployed wireless sensor network (WSN) [4]. The goal is to have an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) navigate to a target-location by: (i) producing an artificial magnitude distribution within th...2012-01-01
92 Balasubramonian, RajeevLOT-ECC: LOcalized and tiered reliability mechanisms for commodity memory systemsMemory system reliability is a serious and growing concern in modern servers. Existing chipkill-level mem- ory protection mechanisms suffer from several draw- backs. They activate a large number of chips on ev- ery memory access - this increases energy consump- tion, and reduces performance due to t...2012-01-01
93 Balasubramonian, RajeevMessage from the general chairI am very pleased to welcome all attendees to the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS) in New Brunswick, New Jersey on April 1-3, 2012. The conference represents the hard work of several organizing committee members and contributing authors. We a...2012-01-01
94 Regehr, JohnThe problems you're having may not be the problems you think you're having: results from a latency study of windows NTThis paper is intended to catalyze discussions on two intertwined systems topics. First, it presents early results from a latency study of Windows NT that identifies some specific causes of long thread scheduling latencies, many of which delay the dispatching of runnable threads for tens of millisec...1999-01-01
95 Regehr, JohnPredictable scheduling for digital audioThis paper presents results from applying the Rialto/ NT scheduler to some real Windows 2000 application scenarios. We report on two aspects of this work. First, we studied the reliability of an audio player application and the middleware and kernel components running beneath it in order to assess i...2000-01-01
96 Regehr, JohnOperating system support for multimedia: the programming model mattersMultimedia is an increasingly important part of the mix of applications that users run on personal computers and workstations. The requirements placed on a multimedia operating system are demanding and often conflicting: untrusted, independently written soft real-time applications must be able to co...2000-01-01
97 Regehr, JohnProofs as a substrate for tool integration supporting high-confidence embedded softwareAs the size and complexity of software in safety-critical embedded systems increases, the ability of programmers to deliver these systems in a timely fashion decreases. Specific difficulties are that embedded software must interact with the physical world in real time and that it must make efficient...2005-01-01
98 Regehr, JohnAn isotach implementation for myrinetAn isotach network provides strong guarantees about message delivery order. We show that an isotach network can be implemented efficiently entirely in software, using commercial o-the-shelf hardware. This report describes that effort. Parts of this implementation could be performed much more efficie...1997-01-01
99 Regehr, JohnThe case for hierarchical schedulers with performance guarantees2000-01-01
100 Johnson, Christopher R.Biomedical visual computing: case studies and challengesAdvances in computational geometric modeling, imaging, and simulation let researchers build and test models of increasing complexity, generating unprecedented amounts of data. As recent research in biomedical applications illustrates, visualization will be critical in making this vast amount of data...2012-01-01
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