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76 Mitchell, Joyce A.A decision-support system for the analysis of clinical practice patternsSeveral studies documented substantial variation in medical practice patterns, but physicians often do not have adequate information on the cumulative clinical and financial effects of their decisions. The purpose of developing an expert system for the analysis of clinical practice patterns was to a...1994-01-01
77 Mitchell, Joyce A.Bioinformatics linkage of heterogeneous clinical and genomic information in support of personalized medicineObjectives: Biomedical Informatics as a whole faces a difficult epistemological task, since there is no foundation to explain the complexities of modeling clinical medicine and the many relationships between genotype, phenotype, and environment. This paper discusses current efforts to investigate su...2007-01-01
78 Mitchell, Joyce A.Beyond relevance--characteristics of key papers for clinicians: an exploratory study in an academic settingObjective: The purpose of this study was to determine what factors beyond relevance influence a clinician's decision to choose to read one journal article over another in satisfying an information need. Design: Seventeen health care providers were interviewed and then surveyed regarding the characte...1996-01-01
79 Mitchell, Joyce A.Construction of a medical informatics thesaurusMedical Informatics needs a specific terminology that reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the field and can rapidly change as the discipline evolves. Using the four primary methods of thesaurus construction, a group at the University of Missouri- Columbia is developing a thesaurus that meets t...1994-01-01
80 Mitchell, Joyce A.50 Years of informatics research on decision support: what's nextObjectives: To reflect on the history, status, and future trends of decision support in health and biomedical informatics. To highlight the new challenges posed by the complexity and diversity of genomic and clinical domains. To examine the emerging paradigms for sup - porting cost-effective, person...2011-01-01
81 Mitchell, Joyce A.Computational Feature of Selection and Classification of RET Phenotypic SeverityAlthough many reported mutations in the RET oncogene have been directly associated with hereditary thyroid carcinoma, other mutations are labelled as uncertain gene variants because they have not been clearly associated with a clinical phenotype. The process of determining the severity of a mutation...2010-01-01
82 Mitchell, Joyce A.The creation and early implementation of a high speed fiber optic network for a university health sciences centerIn late 1989 the University of Missouri Health Sciences Center began the process of creating an extensive fiber optic network throughout its facilities, with the intent to provide networked computer access to anyone in the Center desiring such access, regardless of geographic location or organizatio...1991-01-01
83 Gardner, Reed M.Hemodynamic MonitoringBiomedical Informatics2006
84 Gardner, Reed M.Data Gathering Analysis and Display in Critical Care MedicineBiomedical Informatics1986
85 Gardner, Reed M.Evaluation of User Acceptance of a Clinical Expert SystemBiomedical Informatics1994
86 Gardner, Reed M.Fundamentals of Physiologic MonitoringBiomedical Informatics1993
87 Gardner, Reed M.The Future of Computerized Decision Support in Critical CareBiomedical Informatics1994
88 Gardner, Reed M.Digital Electronic Communications Between ICU Ventilators and Computers and PrintersBiomedical Informatics1992
89 Gardner, Reed M.Frequency of Technical Problems Encountered in the Measurement of Pulmonary Artery Wedge PressureBiomedical Informatics1984
90 Gardner, Reed M.Impact of a Clinical Information System on Hospital CostsBiomedical Informatics1986
91 Gardner, Reed M.The HELP Clinical Decision-Support SystemBiomedical Informatics1994
92 Gardner, Reed M.How to Evaluate Commercially Available SpirometersBiomedical Informatics1982
93 Pryor, T. AllanThe Arden Syntax for Medical Logic ModulesBiomedical Informatics1993
94 Pryor, T. AllanComputer System for Research and Clinical Application to MedicineBiomedical Informatics1968
95 Pryor, T. AllanComputerized Arrhythmia Management of Patients in a Coronary Care UnitBiomedical Informatics1984
96 Pryor, T. AllanComputerized Nurse ChartingBiomedical Informatics1989
97 Pryor, T. AllanComparison of Regional Wall Motion Parameters Between Angiographic and Echocardiographic ImagesBiomedical Informatics1978
98 Pryor, T. AllanComputer Analysis of Serial ElectrocardiogramsBiomedical Informatics1972
99 Pryor, T. AllanAutomated Interpretation of the Mackay-Marg Tonograph by Digital ComputerBiomedical Informatics1973
100 Pryor, T. AllanComputer Analysis of the Treadmill Exercise ECGBiomedical Informatics1976
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